The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 23

Red Sky In The Morning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2010 on CBS

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  • Tyger Tyger burning bright in the forest of the night what immortal hand or eye can frame thy fearful symmetery

    An amazing Red John episode with lots of questions to be answered for like how Red John knew that Kristina Frye said roll tide to the waiter at the beginning and why Kristina would go on TV about Red John if she knows how he will react unless she knows him or she is Red John.Another question to be answered is how Red John got Kristina out of her house and most importantly what does Red Johns message to Jane mean.All these unanswered questions make the show even better and make you want to continue watching.
  • season finale

    Another season of The Mentalist is now in the books. The season finale was pretty good, but this did not satisfy the needs of fans seeking some answers in the Red John mystery, to be quite honest. Isn't it a little convenient that he never shows up until May every year?

    The Mentalist needs to take a lesson from Law and Order: SVU and NCIS. While a feel that the Simon Baker drama is better than those two shows, the latter knows how to create compelling cases about a single topic (dead marines) and SVU does it for rapes. The Mentalist has an endless possibility of cases as the only prerequisite is that the CBI investigates them, and yet they can't come up with as many good storylines as those other two shows can.

    The Red John stuff is always good, but the cases need some work.
  • Much better season finale than the first!


    The first season finale... albeit entertaining and exciting (and a little confusing)... left me feeling a little disappointed once the credits rolled. This one, however, was much more satisfying.


    What I Loved:

    1. The Patrick/Kristina Date - I like them as a couple. I didn't see it ever happening when she made her first appearance on the show, but now I definitely do. I love their chemistry... their back-and-forth. I have a feeling nothing more will come of this, but that's all right. It was nice while it lasted. Besides, we all know Jane and Lisbon are endgame.

    2. Red John - Any episode with Red John in it turns out to be a classic. I understand why they don't have him on the show very much... they're afraid he'll get old and people will grow tired of his mystery... but I think that only featuring him once or twice a season is a crime. When Nip/Tuck ran it's "Carver" storyline, every Carver episode was amazing... and there were a bunch of them. If only this show worked that way with Red John...

    3. Kristina disappeared. Even though her house was surrounded by cops, Red John still managed to get to her. Which is precisely why I think that Red John is someone affiliated with the CBI. I just started the third season, so I'm still clueless to who he is. But I have my suspicions.

    4. Liz from "Gilmore Girls" was the professor. That made me chuckle. Love her. I like how almost every episode of "The Mentalist" has someone who's famous from another show on it.

    5. The Red John/Patrick scene. It was creepy! And made up for the semi-ridiculous "film student" storyline that kind of copied off the Scream franchise... only not managing to do it as well as Kevin Williamson does it (KW's a genius for sure, as far as I'm concerned).

    What I Didn't Like:

    1. Like I mentioned previously, the film student storyline. I liked the Red John copycat story (although it would have been much better if it was actually Red John himself), but the culprits and motive were disappointing.

    2. Red John's voice. What was with that? lol. It didn't follow what we know about Red John's voice so far... When he called Patrick in the season one mid-season finale, he had a deep voice. And didn't the blind lady in the first season finale said it was smooth and soothing? Or something like that? IDK, that's just what I remember...

  • I absolutely love this show!

    When I first watched this show, I thought, not another CSI show. Then, as I watched I just couldn't get enough. Jane is such a great character to watch. I could almost compare him to House. He annoys his boss and co-workers like crazy, but always comes up with the right answers. The only thing I want, is to learn more about Cho. He seems like an interesting character that needs to be known. Rigsby and Van-Pelt are somewhat boring to me. It is Jane and Cho that really interest me.

    Anyway, love the show and can't wait for the new season!
  • Another Superb season finale. More of Red John in Season 3 please.

    I'm gonna review Season 2. It's been a great season but far to many episodes between Red John confrontations.

    Well yeah,if there's to much about Red John there won't be any thrill when he appears but 2 episodes is not what I would have wanted. 3 would had been great,with a 2-episode finale that sticks together. About Red John theories of who he might be I think maybe a police man. He got Kristina out of the house,killed/poisoned his "right hand"(Rebecca),had knownledge of the ongoing case with Red John copycats.

    Looking forward to Season 3,but please not more then 4 Seasons.
  • Scratching my head??? What happened???

    First of all, thought Jane's acting was superb in this episode. He cast off his usual light and amusing self and became quite serious and tortured. The so-called romantic interest between he and Kristina has like negative wattage. She is one of the worst dressers I've ever seen on a T.V. show and also has quite an ungainly walk. Jane is adorable and quite charming and can only imagine that many georgous women would fall over themselves to hook up with him. Could...GASP..Kristina be Red John? That is really hard to get my head around...but began to wonder by the end of this show. Look forward to next season to see what develops.
  • for me is one of the best episodes i've ever seen,

    if kristina is red john, would be something weird i kinda think of split personality but anyways.i expect the 3rd season ASAP. this episode explains how patrick, being so calm about everything, is human and can be blinded by feelings, so i hope lisbon hurries and fall for each other quickly b4 red john gets away, patricky was overwhelmed by his feeling of revenge and anger that he couldn't see the enemy at the gates,excellent return of red john, but kinda miss it when nobody told what happened with wesley and if he could see red john or not, but for me one of the bests episodes,can't wait for the next season

    Holy crap, that was INTENSE!

    Superbe episode showing that Jane isn't all charm and flippant remarks... Showing fear and respect for what could happen. There is a twist of course with the squeeky Red John voice (dare one write his name...!) Could it be Kristina with a K ?

    Hope to see more of van Pelt and Rigsby. They showed such intense love, it seems strange that they can now turn it off and just focus on work. Don't want to loose either one from the show though.

    Lisbon is just as fragile as Jane, they understand each other so well...

    Can't wait for the next season!
  • I don't know what to think.

    It was kind of weird. I felt like I must have been missing something; like when someone keeps interrupting your viewing, you lose focus and you have difficulty getting it back.

    This finale was not a cliffhanger in the classic sense. And it did not close a story line, nor did it introduce a new one. I felt sort ...lost...or the story line did. One or the other.

    I do suspect that, despite what the review caption says, 'Kristina Frye' is not IN danger. I suspect she IS the danger. That might be an interesting twist for next season. Here they were, all this time, so close...

    Even Hightower contributed to the surreal atmosphere. I mean, what intoxicating substance was released into CBI airspace to make know...human?!

    I don't know. It was okay I guess, but mostly, it just felt like any other Thursday night...
  • This is what a Finale should be like!

    The reason I loved the Finale so much was not because of it's story, but Simon Bakers acting in this episode, according to me, was just phenomenal. Up to the point where they got to the "2 days later" part, I loved it; I think the last 2 minutes of it was a little choppy; they hyped up the episode and the climax of it came like 3 minutes before the episode ended and then just fell. I wanted to see what happened to Kristina; the ending was still awesome, when he lays on bed thinking about what Red John says, but I just wanted more =) Regardless, a lot happened in the episode and I loved every minute of it...Simon Baker deserves a lot of credit for his acting skills; when he storms in and tells Kristina he's there to protect--powerful scene.

    Impatiently awaiting next season!
  • A frustrating slog that likely leads to nowhere useful.

    Sigh. Another red john episode where there are lots of supposed clues, but on the other hand, are the writers really committing to red john being anyone in particular? I feel that as long as they are treating red john as this metaplot that has to stretch across the entire series from beginning to end that there is very little point in pursuing whatever clues are thrown our way in laborious episodes like this. Because we have no way of knowing whether there really "is" a defined Red John yet or whether the writers have still got "determine who red john is" on their to-do list. And while many clues hinted Kristina may be involved with Red John - Just like last season there were lots of clues about Minelli perhaps being Red John - what does any of it matter if they are dragging this on until the series finale? My solution: I am going to skip all Red John eps from hereon in.
  • ho hum.....

    Well, The only good thing about this episode was Simon Baker's acting...from his realizing he was having feelings for Kristina and left the table...remembering his wife and the end reacting to Red John whispering to him! Excellant!
    As for Red John, well, Kristina could be Red John, duel personality. Every time we've seen "him" it's a small figure. I hope she's NOT. The only thing that stops me from thinking she's Red John, is becauaes the secretary that killed Bosco talked to Jane about Red John and she kept saying "He"
    I was so interested in the Red John thing when the show first started....they should have wrapped up that storyline long ago if this is all they can give us. Another epsisode that basially dragged out and really went no where, except for the little "clue" at the end. and why was Jane smiling at the end while thinking of the clue and NOT worried anymore about where Kristina was? Hmmm maybe he's thinking that she might be Red John. Just hope they wrap it up EARLY in the next season.
  • I would like to have experienced closure on the aspect of Red John. Two seasons and now seems it will continue into three. This could be a bit much.

    I liked the acting of Simon Baker coming to the forefront for a change. However, the fact of "Jane" confronting a serial killer single handed and unarmed takes a lot of imagination. This aspect left much to be desired. I expected closure in season 2 concerning Red John. Apparently, this will continue into season 3. Jane's ability to continue in a more powerful acting role should be the main ingredient for the upcoming season. If the Red John fiasco is allowed to drag through season 3, it could have an adverse effect on the show's popularity. The supporting cast is good but forgotten basically in this episode.

    I look forward to next season especially if new avenues of acting evolve concerning "Jane" and the supporting cast. Lets get closure on "Red John" and move on.
  • A poor Mentalist is still a great show

    Perhaps I watch too much tv but I knew (spoilers ahead)

    it would be Red John that saved Jane from the moment he went into the hotel. And I thought it would turn out to be Kristina from the moment Van Pelt answered Kristina's phone. They may turn it around so it's not her but it seems clear at this point. Either it's her or Red John listens in on all of Jane's dates else how could he know about 'Roll Tide'? Too bad since I like the actress and character and hope they'll find some way to keep them together for some added chemistry. Not necessarily romantic - verbal sparring would be enough.

    It's possible that if it is Kristina and she has multiple personalities that one is a man - Red John. A disguised voice might fool someone who couldn't see 'him' and his associates think of the Red John persona as a man so they'd refer to him as such.
  • How can Kristina be Red John?

    In a previous episode there were a blind lady who wrote red John a letter. Jane went into her house and she told him who that person was, waht she played him in the piano, etc.
    She told she was sad because he stopped visiting her suddenly and never returned.
    The policeman the Jane killed to save Teresa hinted that Red John was a friend of his father.
    Also, red John was somehow involved or knew other killers - remember the episode that red John killed that guy that was released from prison because of Jane's investigation? Red John Killed him because he could somehow tell who he was.
    Kristina can't be Red John.
  • Bruno Heller delivers the goods.

    In keeping with the tone of last season's finale, Red John is seemingly uncatchable. With symbolism copiously applied, Herman Melville would be pleased that Heller is patiently developing plot and characters by keeping Red John "a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." The six hundred or so pages of Moby Dick are wrought with universal themes; Ahab's revengeful obsession is but one. This same allegorical nature of The Mentalist is its sustaining power. Without that, it's just another cop show. Progress was made in revealing the overall physical stature of Red John. His presence in last night's episode was more than the subliminal glimpse given in "Red John's Footsteps," last season's finale. Keep in mind that Rosalind Harker, although blind, gave a rather detailed description of his physical characteristics in that episode. This was based on her admission of an intimate relationship with a Roy Tagliaferro, a.k.a. Red John.

    Interesting developments include Jane's panic attack in the restaurant's men's room. His nervous fidgeting with his wedding band indicates an unwillingness to let go of the past. He appears to realize that any romantic involvement is pointless until Red John is caught. Hightower's character has been toned down to very tolerable. Time will tell if that trend continues. William Blake's poem, "The Tiger," is not without significance. Contrast that with Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier from last season's finale and Heller may be taunting the viewer with a vital clue or just a cunning misdirect.

    Overall, it was a great episode and should provide enough momentum to carry through to Season 3.
  • Either gave away too much, or purposely misleading us about who Red John might be.

    Unlike another reviewer, I didn't guess who Red John "might" be until this episode, but I think they either over-played it in this episode, or will spin us around again later on.

    The convenient timing of events, along with the faked voice conflicted with the strength of being able to upright the chair with Jane in it IMO, at least for the age/gender of the possible Red John they hinted at.

    I did enjoy seeing Jane loosing it, since he's always so "in control". And I went a little schaudenfraude when that annoying "artistic" killer was crying and whining after "Red John" shot her.
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