The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 3

Red Tide

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • The psychology really does work.

    This whole episode was based excessively on psychology and trickery, and that is amazing. Really. Rose is definitely very clever - but not as clever as Jane. I applaud the writers for coming up with something so brilliant, I really enjoyed this episode.

    I tried the animal thing with my friends today in Math class. I think I scared the wits out of my Math teacher, who probably thinks I'm not very smart, but ended up reading his mind a couple of times today.

    Anyways, I know my friends pretty well, but was curious to try it out. They all answered, and their reasoning behind each choice matched their subconscious mind perfectly. It really does work.
  • Lackluster by comparison

    Red Tide felt like it was lacking some of the usual mystery and pizazz of the previous episodes of The Mentalist. I absolutely LOVE Simon Baker, but even he was on my nerves in this episode. It all felt contrived; there were so few clues as to who was truly guilty that the ending was almost a shock, though none of the other endings have been. I also thought it felt scattered. There was too much going on in one short episode. It felt like everyone was going in different directions and the viewer was caught in the middle. If The Mentalist is to survive harsh critics, it needs to fix a few things: 1. get rid of Robin Tunney - she tries to play tough but comes off weak or catty 2. come up with more outrageous story lines 3. don't neglect Patrick Jane's history.
  • Very interesting episode.

    Liked Patrick's questions to the initial witnesses – it's bizarre but genius: your instinctive answers to colour and animal indicate your unconscious impressions of someone. The choice of rabbit equals who Chris was – gentle, sweet, helpless. It's a nice play on psychology – the hawk and the rabbit. Rose really was smart – make the entire group participate and it creates a pact of silence.

    I liked Lisbon reaching out to Chris' father – the two remaining kids have lost their mother and sister, the father should do everything he can.

    Patrick's sandcastle was awesome. Loved the look on the little girl's face!

    Very interesting episode – nicely complex with psychology thrown in.
  • A dead girl is found in the ocean.

    The Mentalist is really starting to come into its own. Sure, we're only 3 episodes in and the program is formulaic by CBS standards, but it is still a well-written show.

    Patrick Jane is one of the most compelling characters on television. Like a chess master he is always one step ahead of his adversaries, and coincidentally is literally well-versed in the game. The scene with him building a spectacular sandcastle was hilarious on so many levels.

    At points the episode dragged, but as a whole it had me glued to my screen hoping to solve the mystery along with the CBI unit. I was guessing from start to finish and the end came as somewhat of a surprise. It's not necessary to constantly have a plethora of plot twists (like Law and Order often does) but an occasional tricking of the viewer is always a good thing.

    It's easy to see why The Mentalist has become the highest-rated new show.
  • The show's gettin better.

    I really do think that! The first episode was, lets be honest, a little bit annoying. A guy whose fakes psychic abilities, and then becomes police consultant??!! Come on! That can't be serious.
    But then, next episode's got little bit better and better, so I started to think, that it still might be worth to watch.
    This episode - Red Tide - was the best episode since. Well written, interesting and whit a lot of laugh (the scene on the beach, while building a castle; the opening scene - looking for the keys, tha was funny:D ). Have to admit - I'm ipressed by the development of the show. Still have some doubts, but mainly, thanks to this episode, I'm willing to give it a second chance :)
  • When the body of a 15-year-old girl is found washed up on a beach in Santa Marta, the CBI are called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Jane saets a trap to get a group of surfers to turn on each other and ultimately reveal who the killer really is.

    This episode is another fine example of why I watch this series. I love the scene in the beginning were Jane uses his mentalist abilities to find where Van Pelt hid the van keys, "Who's got shotgun?". My all time favorite moment was when they played the little game at the end, and everyone was turning on each other. I suspected Danny was the killer since the hypnosis scene, but, I never suspected all of them. The cast were all amazing as always and the writing was marvelous. You could ask for a better episode. Ok, I am giving this episode to much credit. Yes, the cast was amazing. Yes, the writing was great, but,this episode is my second least favorite, so far, followed by the Pilot.
  • After the body of a 15-year-old girl named Christine Tanner washes up on shore, Jane sets a trap to get a group of surfers to turn on each other and ultimately reveal who the killer really is.

    This episode proves exactly whay I watch this series. They just keep getting better and better. The writing on this episode is superb. And The opening scene with Patrick Jane trying to use his mentalist abilities to find were Van Pelt hid the keys to the van made me laugh out loud ( I didn't want to use LOL because you would think I was a 16-year-old girl, and so I could extend my review to make it a 100 word minimum, which is exactly what I'm doing by writing this ). Overall this episode is another great installment. So, THERE!