The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 17

Red, White and Blue

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Red, White and Blue.

    In this episode the CBI work with Pete Coen to try and get his memory back after he witnessed the death of an army medic but the problem is he has trouble remembering things I was surprised that Jane had nothing to say about what happened in the previous episode and that he has done nothing about it In the end Jane used Pete as an advantage to lure the real killer out and like most of the time it works.
  • Red White And Blue

    A bit of a dull episode here. Not really much suspense by the premise, not really much intrigue going on with whether or not the memories would be recovered, just not an episode that showcased why The Mentalist can be different from the rest of the programs in this genre.
  • I grew up in a military family...

    My family is all military. My father and mother have both served in war, my father recently reaching Colonel and my brother just joined. I know for a fact that sexual harassment goes on in the military all the time. It's a boys club. When my mother joined, that was true, and it still is. My father honestly thinks that there is no reason for women to be in. I think they were very accurate here in portraying it the way they did. Women are considered inferior in the military all the time. Good for them for doing it right.
  • Great Episode

    Completely disagree with comments below. Military sexual harassment and PTSD is a real problem in today's society and needs to be dealt with positively as this episode does. Jane is true to himself with his catching the Kansas City score and noting the faint spot on the victims hand which he acknowledged would glow under ultraviolet light. There were multiple suspects and the writer cleverly interplayed them from setting up the doctor with his devious cologne and admission that he had disagreements with Lucy but surprising us with his guilt for the murder at the end. Cho came through as the winner with his salute. Thank heaven there can be an episode without Red john and good riddance to Lorelei.
  • Terrible!

    Just a terrible episode all around. Whenever you mix military into anything, it goes to hell. Except for Mental Gear Solid. This episode portrayed sexual harassment in the military, and how females are seen to be more compliant. As well as hierarchical issues that prevent an empathetic understanding of one's situation. I haven't been this bored since Dexter seasons 5 and 6. I felt like this was more of a dramatization of military life, rather than anything Mentalist related. Simon Baker was barely in the episode! The writers took a day off, probably. I'll even accuse the writers of cheesiness because they had Simon's character say a pushed 'thank you!' to vets. UGH