The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on CBS

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  • Surprising ending

    I got the killer already. Yet I'm wondering how Patrick can get out fully, I love Lisbon!!
  • kind of preparation for the season finale

    for the first time, we see Patrick not fully involved with the case, but still solving it, without any hard work while others investigated every possible aspect. It's a little bit insulting in some ways, that Patrick is solving the cases so easily and smoothly, while others are doing the classical police work, but this is what makes this show special, that's what we love about the mentalist. This week's case wasn't so complicated, but kind of interesting. Patrick came to realize that the money people were after was hidden as a treasure in open sight.

    Beside the case, Patrick hired a felon to break in to LaRoche's house to steal the suspect list, but LaRoche caught the guy and Patrick was trying to sneak out the suspect. He managed to do that with Lindsay's help (question marks there)

    All in all, an enjoyable episode.
  • redacted

    "Redacted" was a bit of an episode that went a little all over the place, but the end was good as we had Theresa Lisbon finally show a little angry side by striking the suspect and we got an idea of how the season finale might play out since there is now a list of possible people who are working with Red John.

    The Mentalist is one of the few shows out there with an arc going on for three years and still going strong. When the finale comes it will probably not wrap things up, just build more anticipation, but that is fine with me.

    This was a decent enough episode just by looking at the procedural aspect though. Have to like when Jane takes advantage of people as he did with the prison workers tonight.
  • Redacted...

    As far as confusing television goes, this week's The Mentalist takes the crown. "Redacted" began with a break in at LaRoche's house that Patrick is for some reason involved in. This being The Mentalist you know deep down that there is some valid reason for what is going on, but up until the end of the episode, there really was no indication as to what it was; hence, the confusion.

    As for the substantive part of the episode, the CBI team is called in to investigate the murder of a man believed to be a peace loving minimalist in a workshop that he owned. After a little investigation, the team returns to the scene of the crime to discover that two of the witnesses that they have come across are in a standoff at gun point. Interviewing them, they discover that their victim was in fact a mercenary for many years and he possessed something desired by many parties.

    Unable to charge the gun wielders, the investigation remains stagnant until the victim's phone rings and the team sets up a meet with a potential suspect. After they capture the man, we learn that everyone involved in the case is searching for $2 million that the victim had taken from a wealthy Iraqi family in his mercenary days. Patrick being Patrick, he sets up a scheme to discover who the killer really is and when the dust settles, we find out that the victim's girlfriend murdered him when she found out about the money and tried to take it from him.

    In amongst the workings of the case we see Patrick's repeated failed attempts to free the man that he paid to break into his boss' house, however, are still given no indication as to what is going on. When we finally discover his motives - trying to retrieve the suspect list in the murder of a witness connected to Red John - the whole situation becomes a lot clearer. My problem with this however is that the mystery surrounding why Patrick is involved is moot. By now, any time Patrick seems to be up to no good, he obviously isn't, so hiding the cause of the break in from us as the viewer is almost redundant. If it were some big reveal that Patrick was actually evil or an alien then maybe it would work, but to deliver only exactly what you would expect, seemed just a bit pointless and served only to confuse me as a viewer as to its necessity.

    "Redacted" wasn't a bad episode of The Mentalist, in fact, bad episodes of The Mentalist are few and far between, but the situations that made the show endearing in season one are now those that make the show feel like it's losing a bit of its edge. The murder investigation was fairly average in terms of mystery and there was no real threat or consequence to the episode, so, if you don't mind mediocre television then this will have been right up your alley. However, The Mentalist is capable of more and the writers really need to find new and interesting ways to keep the viewers guessing if they don't want to become just another mindless police procedural.
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