The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on CBS



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    • Lisbon: Do you have any intention of actually taking part in this case?
      Jane: It's all under control. (points to his head)
      Lisbon: Wait. You know who the killer is?
      Jane: The what? Oh, the killer. No. No, I misspoke.
      Lisbon: What's going on with you? You've been acting strange since this case started.
      Jane: Strange. Strange how?

    • Lisbon: Culpepper?

      Jane: Donny Culpepper, I remember him. He threatened to kill me.

      Lisbon: You're gonna have to narrow it down a little bit more than that.

    • Jane: Yeah, you really blew this. I thought you were a professional.

      Donny Culpepper: Don't talk down to me. If you don't get me outta here, by Monday, you're the one who's gonna have to pay for it. Trust me on that.

      Jane: Trust. Yeah, really off on the good foot with trust, are we?

    • Donny Culpepper: Monday I go before a judge. You got till then to get me outta here.

      Jane: Yeah, well, um, that could be a little problematic.

      Donny Culpepper: Otherwise I will tell everyone how you hired me to rob your boss' house.

      Jane: Well, that's just snitching. Isn't that against your... code of honor?

      Donny Culpepper: No.

    • Jane: When have I ever steered you wrong before? (Lisbon stares at him) I mean, when have I ever really steered you wrong where I've done something that didn't work out the way we wanted it to?

      Lisbon: Seriously?

      Jane: Okay, fine. Let me put it this way... When have I ever intentionally screwed things up so that we couldn't solve the case?

      Lisbon: No. Not that I know of, at least.

      Jane: Uh, that's right. Thank you. Have a little faith, Lisbon.

    • Lisbon: Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?

      Jane: I don't want to put you in danger.

      Lisbon: You're an idiot. I will fix this, but we are gonna have a serious talk after.

    • Lisbon: So, everything ends happily.

      Jane: Mm. Good.

      Lisbon: I waited for you to tell the Hassans. Come on.

      Jane: Oh, no, thanks.

      Lisbon: What do you you mean, no thanks?

      Jane: Well, you know, I don't have time for that kind of treacle. I have to rearrange my sock drawer. (Lisbon just stares) I have a serious problem I have to solve and I don't have a lot of time to solve it in.

      Lisbon: I knew something was going on with you. What is it? (pause) The absolute thruth, or a beat it outta you.

      Jane: LaRoche has something I need so I hired Culpepper to break into LaRoche's house. If I can't get the charges dropped, Culpepper is gonna tell on me.

      Lisbon: God.

      Jane: Yeah, it's not good.

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