The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a department store murder. The CBI are called to help out. Patrick Jane is there to help and is still up to his old antics. He gathers a room full of witnesses or suspects. He uses their reactions to identify the killer and murder weapon used.

At the office, Patrick and Detective Lisbon get called out for Patrick's nontraditional crime solving Minelli ends up giving the Red John case to Sam Bosco. Patrick is shaken up by this and rethinks things. He realizes he needs to earn back the trust of his boss. Patrick apologizes to Lisbon and the team. Lisbon, reluctantly, lets Patrick back onto the team, making him promise to be good. Patrick gives Lisbon a hug, which throws her off guard.

The murder case they investigate involves a dead woman found in a hotel room. The CBI team, with the help of Patrick, discovers that she was a mother who has stolen a million dollars from her company. Afterwards, she went into hiding. She left her family confused and angry. She has a son that is just recovering from cancer. Patrick investigates more by getting Cho to drive him to an empty house for sale. Patrick checks the mail and finds out that the occupant's name is Miles Thorsen.

The team interviews many people involved in the murdered woman's life, including her family, her yoga instructor (who she was having an affair with) and people from her work. The victim's apartment was trashed. Patrick asks them whether they know a Miles Thorsen.

Patrick asks Bosco to be kept in the loop for anything concerning the Red John case. Bosco does not give him any information. Patrick convinces Cho and Rigsby to wait in Miles Thorsen's empty house to wait for him to show up. He thinks that Thorsen is the suspect. Patrick looks through a box of the victim's things. He finds a library book about the history of a fax machine, which he is perplexed by. Rigsby becomes annoyed by Patrick, who sends him to the library to wait for his call.

Eventually, the victim's boss shows up to the house. Patrick says he knew it was her all along. The boss was the one that had stolen the money from her company, and the victim found out. The boss made a deal with her to pay for her son's cancer treatment and a monthly salary not to tell anyone about the incident. Proof of the crime, along with a DVD of the victim explaining everything, was hidden in the library book.

The CBI team shows the victim's family the DVD so they finally get the truth about what happened. Patrick makes a phone call to administration pretending to be Bosco and asks to change the in-house pass code for the Red John case.