The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on CBS

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  • Season premiere is low on laughs, heavy on boredom.

    The Mentalist was one of the few bright spots of last year's TV season. And the opening scene in this episode showed just why: the show is clever, witty, engaging, entertaining and appeals to everybody. But after the scene at the mall and the opening credits things took a most unappealing turn. The story arc for the episode was hard to follow and the love/hate relationship between Patrick Jane and Theresa Lisbon needs to be worked on as there is untapped potential there.

    And the rest of the force needs to show some personality. If the show is going to survive for multiple seasons it can't be a one man show.
  • A very aggressive first episode, excellent.

    This is Jane at his worst – usually he hides his emotions behind a smile and charm. Now he's not even trying. He's giving off such aggression it's amazing people don't get a headache around him. Honestly? I like him like this, though I understand why it would cause no end of harm to a police department.

    If Jane can't work Red John, he has no reason to stay. The team has gotten lazy from working with him, he does so much of the detective work that they will be nearly incapacitated if he leaves. Most of the time, they run off the leads and deductions he makes. If he left, it would take months to readjust and their closure rate would plummet.

    Jane's 'Miles' idea is clever, the natural assumption is 'Miles' is either the killer or connected to the money - whoever starts asking around immediately becomes a suspect. Anyone innocent wouldn't care.

    I knew it was the boss – no-one would be that blasé about losing $1m… unless they knew where the money was.

    I like Cho, he doesn't mind bending the rules. Insists he hears shouting inside the house.

    A very strong first episode, sharp edged.
  • Very good start for the 2nd season!

    This first episode of the new season is great: one case solved in just 7 minutes, many reminiscences of Jane's previous life, and a plot full of twists as usual. More important, it seems very promising for the 2nd season. How often does a series decline with a new season! New material is added, as the team being discharged of the Red John case.

    Actors are great and shooting is polished as usual. Special mention to Simon Baker's performance, who is able to play the fool, get serious, investigate, maybe all this at the same time. The sky-blue French DS is well shown but other CBI cars are getting bigger.
  • New developments in the RJ case and a new character, bringing much needed tension into the show.

    The Mentalist is back and there are a few new twists in the storyline. First of all after the Season 1 finale the chief judges that the team is too emotionally involved with the Red John case and he takes them off it. A new character, Bosco, is assigned to it. In my opinion Bosco is a welcome addition to the show, which had started to get lukewarm as far as character interaction is concerned. Bosco is arrogant, harsh, rude and relentless, and comes into a full head-on collision with Jane. When Jane politely asks him to participate in the case Bosco replies "I wouldn't direct you to the toilet if your ass was on fire." It is evident from the first episode that there is an intense dislike between these two, and as Jane is personally involved in the RJ case there is no way he's going to leave things alone. There will be many future confrontations and dramatic scenes and that's a good thing. The show needs some escalating tension.

    Other than that the Jane-Lisbon merry-go-round, as well as the Rigsby-Van Pelt one pick up from where they left off last season. Rigsby is still too shy to ask Van Pelt for a date, Lisbon still likes Patrick but both of them are too involved in the job and their personal inhibitions to move forward with something more. Lisbon has gotten more strict with her subordinates due to the Chief being mistrustful towards the team and her command of it. And Jane is as inventive, arrogant and unmindful of other people's emotions as always. Also, we learn in this episode that even though Jane appears selfish and only interested in his own personal motives of revenge, it isn't really so. He decides to leave the team since he doesn't have the right to participate in the RJ case anymore, but changes his mind a few minutes later. "There isn't anything else for me to do", he tells Lisbon. The truth is that he has grown attached to the team and to his duties in CBI, and now his relations with the rest of the team can develop further. I hope that happens in this season and we will see everyone operating as a team, rather than Jane running around solving everything on his own while the others watch in awe.
  • Season 2 Opener

    CBS' serious version of Psych premiered with a bang with Patrick Jane solving a case in the first 5 minutes. The excitement and the dramatization wreck havoc for the CBI team, when they learn that the Red John case has been handed over to another unit.

    Jane is obviously pissed and decides to take upon one last case before quitting his job at the CBI. The story was a typical story like any other episode of the show. I personally find things interesting when anything remotely related to Red John's involvement pops up. Jane finally settles down on the news and decides to try other ways to be on the Red John case. Not much is revealed, and it would be really interesting to watch.
  • What happens when you take Patrick Jane off the Red John case?

    What happens when you take Patrick Jane off the Red John case, complete chaos. At least for now we have a silent fury and another episode filled with utter madness.

    The Mentalist Season Premiere opened with that exact front and he was quite ready to pack his things up and go home before it dawned on him how much his colleagues meant to him, with Lisbon being the cherry on top.

    This week's case file was the traditional million dollar rip off where Jane set a web to catch the unknowing culprit. Don't mind that it has been done several times before, but clever Jane seems to put a new spin to it which brought out the glamor in this mystery filled episode.

    The one question we should ask is what Jane would do next? He's off the case and some stuck up snob wannabe has taken his place, what was that mysterious call about in the end scene? What was he up to?

    Lisbon would need to put a tighter leash on him, because she's the only one he trusts to even put a leash and don't care what she said, I just don't like that crazy replacement guy.

    For now at least, I loved the opening act with the lover boy and the jealous husband, hilarious. Leave it to Jane to make a messy fun.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four and a Half out of Five Stars

    Grade A-
  • Jane, Lisbon, and the rest of the team are removed from the Red John case. Minelli feels Jane's judgement is clouded and that he and Lisbon are too close after Jane saved her life in "Red John's Footsteps."

    This was a great start to Season 2. The addition of Sam Bosco to head the Red John investigation portends some interesting storylines. Now Jane must work the case incognito. Bosco seems a little more than arrogant and he and Jane are sure to get in each other's way at the first sign of a Red John case. This first episode opens much the same way as the pilot episode. Jane and Lisbon are at a murder scene with the police and several witnesses or "suspects" as Jane calls them. His flair for the dramatic is in good form as he quickly identifies the killer. The suspect/killer is subsequently shot by the police as he flees the scene. Minelli is irrate over the way the case was solved and that leads him into his tirade over removing Jane and Lisbon from the RJ case. Jane wants to quit but decides to stay for one more case. Right! Although Jane promises Lisbon to play by the rules, it is evident that his vow is lip service only. The case du jour was interesting as the suspect wasn't blantantly obvious from the start. As usual, Jane does his own thing and drags the rest of the team along with him. The ending was fairly emotional when the family of the murder victim watches a video of her explaining her supposed irrational behavior. She wasn't the evil woman they thought she was.

    Everything looks to be on track for another good season. The ad nauseam factor seems to be kept in check as the writing and actors still appear fresh. I can't wait for episode 2.