The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on CBS

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  • New developments in the RJ case and a new character, bringing much needed tension into the show.

    The Mentalist is back and there are a few new twists in the storyline. First of all after the Season 1 finale the chief judges that the team is too emotionally involved with the Red John case and he takes them off it. A new character, Bosco, is assigned to it. In my opinion Bosco is a welcome addition to the show, which had started to get lukewarm as far as character interaction is concerned. Bosco is arrogant, harsh, rude and relentless, and comes into a full head-on collision with Jane. When Jane politely asks him to participate in the case Bosco replies "I wouldn't direct you to the toilet if your ass was on fire." It is evident from the first episode that there is an intense dislike between these two, and as Jane is personally involved in the RJ case there is no way he's going to leave things alone. There will be many future confrontations and dramatic scenes and that's a good thing. The show needs some escalating tension.

    Other than that the Jane-Lisbon merry-go-round, as well as the Rigsby-Van Pelt one pick up from where they left off last season. Rigsby is still too shy to ask Van Pelt for a date, Lisbon still likes Patrick but both of them are too involved in the job and their personal inhibitions to move forward with something more. Lisbon has gotten more strict with her subordinates due to the Chief being mistrustful towards the team and her command of it. And Jane is as inventive, arrogant and unmindful of other people's emotions as always. Also, we learn in this episode that even though Jane appears selfish and only interested in his own personal motives of revenge, it isn't really so. He decides to leave the team since he doesn't have the right to participate in the RJ case anymore, but changes his mind a few minutes later. "There isn't anything else for me to do", he tells Lisbon. The truth is that he has grown attached to the team and to his duties in CBI, and now his relations with the rest of the team can develop further. I hope that happens in this season and we will see everyone operating as a team, rather than Jane running around solving everything on his own while the others watch in awe.
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