The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • As Jane is reading the book about the future of the fax machine, he comments that the author is the "Nostradamus of office equipment." Michel de Notredame (1503-66) a.k.a. Nostradamus was a French physician and astrologer. He prophesied extensively of future world events.

  • Quotes

    • (Bosco has been given the Red John case.)

      Jane: What do you know about the case?

      Bosco: Not much. He's a serial killer, 15 victims, including your wife and child. I can imagine your pain. Maybe that pain is clouding your judgment.

      Jane: Well... (He leaves the room.)

      Lisbon: And me, Sam? What's clouding my judgment?

      Bosco: Good question. You tell me.

    • (Talking about the aftermath of Jane solving a case)

      Minelli: A dead suspect, quarter-million dollars worth of damages, formal complains of misconduct from the SPD and the Modesto city council!

      Lisbon: Those damages were way padded.

    • Minelli: (to Jane) Ever since the Tanner incident, you've been runnin' way too hot. I fear a terminal screw up is coming.

      Lisbon: That's not gonna happen. I can handle him.

      Minelli: Can you? Maybe since he saved your life, you're going easy on him. Maybe you feel compelled to cut him some slack.

      Lisbon: No, sir. That is absolutely not the case.

    • Jane: Candice, take my advice. Forgive your mother. Maybe the headaches will stop.

      Candice: I love my mother.

      Jane: Oh, I'm wrong. Ignore my advice.

    • (Jane's meeting with Bosco)

      Jane: Well, I'm not gonna lie. I'm not happy I'm off the Red John case. You might be right. Here's the thing Sam, if I may. I know this case. I can be a very good resource for you if we could just come to some kind of understanding.

      Bosco: You want me to keep you up-to-date on the case?

      Jane: Yeah... sure.

      Bosco: Tell you about fresh leads and so?

      Jane: Yeah, let's just keep an open line of communication.

      Bosco: Let me communicate this to you. You're a party entertainer. A clown. Fresh leads? I wouldn't tell you where the bathroom is if your ass was on fire.

      Jane: (laughs)

      Bosco: Do we have a good understanding now?

      Jane: I understand you. It may take you some time to understand me.

      Bosco: You're filled with equal parts of self-loathing and self-love. You're addicted to control, you're terrified of confinement. Your wife wanted you to quit psychic trade. She begged you to stop. But you were making too much money, you were having too much fun, you can still hear her pleading with you. How am I doing?

      Jane: You read the interviews in my case file. You can read. Very impressive.

      Bosco: Look, Patrick. I'm sorry for being so blunt with you. You're not a detective. You're a victim. (leaves)

    • Cho: Yeah, the door was open.

      Rigsby: Uh, no, it wasn't.

      Jane: AHA! Of course.

      Cho: What?

      Jane: Rigsby, you're right. You shouldn't be here. Let us take this. You go find the nearest library.

      Rigsby: Why?

      Jane: Your punishment for being a wuss is I'm not gonna tell you.

      Rigsby: Oh, come on.

      Jane: Nope, I'm not gonna tell you.

    • Jane: You're glad Bosco has the Red John case, aren't you?

      Lisbon: Bosco is a good agent. He's as good as they come. It might not be such a bad thing that we're off the case for a while. We got too close.

      Jane: Is that what your shrink tells you?

      Lisbon: Everybody tells me that.

      Jane: But your shrink did tell you that, didn't he?

    • Lisbon: Who's Miles Thorsen?

      Jane: No one in particular.

      Lisbon: This is what I'm talking about.

      Jane: Oh. No, me too. You want no fuss, no mess, right? I am casting a wide, invisible net, the killer won't even know he's in it until it's too late.

      Lisbon: Miles Thorsen is an invisible net?

      Jane: Yes, he is.

    • Lisbon: No secrets, Jane. No lies, no tricks, no surprises. The truth.

      Jane: Since when is that the rule?

      Lisbon: Since I said so.

      Jane: Or else what?

      Lisbon: You're off the unit.

      Jane: That's not leverage. This is my last case, remember. The only reason I'm still here is because I'm worried about how you guys would cope without me.

      Lisbon: Oh, really? So we're lost without you, are we?

      Jane: Well, yeah. Let's be honest here. (Lisbon slams the car door shut right in front of Jane and gets in with Rigsby and Van Pelt)

      Lisbon: Let's go!

    • Lisbon: You're leaving?

      Jane: Well, frankly if I can't use this job to seek some kind of personal revenge then, uh, there's not a whole lot here for me. I don't make anything better. I can't bring dead people back to life. What good do we do? We drive around California visiting unhappy people.

      Van Pelt: We're fighting evil and injustice.

      Jane: And how's that going? Any progress lately?

      Cho: We put bad guys away where they can't hurt people. That's good enough.

      Jane: Nah. I was doing more good as a psychic. I was giving people hope at least. False hope, but hope anyway.

      Lisbon: You're right. Best you leave. That way you can go back to being a full-time fraud and we can continue our useless jobs in peace.

    • Jane: Can I please continue working with you?

      Lisbon: I thought you were quitting.

      Jane: You know I didn't mean that.

      Lisbon: So the job is worthwhile, is it?

      Jane: Uh, it's not that. I mean, it' not that at all. It's just... I have nothing else to do.

      Lisbon: No jokes. From now, there have to be boundaries.

      Jane: Agreed.

      Lisbon: I need to know that you can do your work and be effective without creating a mess that I have to clean up.

      Jane: No mess, I swear.

      Lisbon: On that basis, you can remain with the unit.

      Jane: Thank you. (He hugs her)

    • Lisbon: How did it go with Bosco?

      Jane: Good. It was, uh, it was very good. We had a frank exchange of views.

      Lisbon: So he's gonna keep us in the loop?

      Jane: No.

      Lisbon: No?

      Jane: Wouldn't direct me to the bathroom if my ass was on fire.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jane: If you sit down by the river bank and wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by. This particular saying is attributed to Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War.

      No, it's not by Sun Tzu. It's from a misinterpretation of Confucius' words.

    • Jane: If you sit down by the river bank and wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by.

      This particular saying is attributed to Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War.

    • In the opening scene, the police captain refers to Jane as "Carnac", while he is examining the murder victim. This is an allusion to "Carnac, The Magnificent", which was a comedic role played by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Carnac was a psychic who wore an unusually large turban and could ascertain the contents of sealed envelopes.