The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on CBS

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  • Great show! I loved the characters! I actually cried a tear or two for the bereft boyfriend. Lisbon was great. It was funny to see jane get jealous of the attention the billionaire was paying Lisbon too.

    I loved this show. Walter Masher was a great character. I keep thinking we will see him again. i loved how he called Jane "Patrick" and knew he was a carnie right away. In fact he was well matched to jane, even if he wasn't the killer. It was quite obvious that he would be unlikely to kill a beautiful young woman in love, and that he would not kill in such a clumsy manner, as he said himself, so he was an unlikely killer. But he was fun. Lisbon could do worse. My favorite part of the episode when the killer confesses(its irritating that on TV everyone confesses. Who DOES that in real life? But I suppose you want a conclusion) and explains that "when its you or someone else you pick yourself every time" and Lisbon sarcastically said that she can see how a jury would sympathize with that. Funny. I honestly couldn't imagine anyone having a worse reason to kill someone then getting caught poisoning soup at work. But the episode sold it. I could see a person like that existing, and I could see them thinking in that awful selfish way.
  • Good episode.

    Fine episode tonight of The Mentalist. Nice twist ending with one of the gay guys from Desperate Housewives ending up as the killer, and some nice Patrick Jane behavior to boot.

    Maybe it's just that this show has gotten lost in the cluttered and crowded Thursday night TV lineup, or it's that there actually is a drop in quality, but the magic of The Mentalist is just not there for me this season. Call it a sophomore slump, call it what you want, but the show is just not what it once was.

    That's not to say I'm not enjoying it, as I still look forward to it every Thursday, as do millions of Americans, and this was a good episode, but it's not as good as it was during Season 1.
  • I really enjoyed this episode. Got some good Lisbon/Jane interaction and Grace/Rigsby had their first fight.

    Basic case stuff happens. Lisbon tells Rigsby and Grace that she is going to report their relationship to HR at which point one of them will be reassigned. Later Rigsby tries to reassure Grace that they will work out whatever happens and at the same time insinuates that she will have to leave and her career isn't as important as his. Later when he tries to apologize he again puts his foot in his mouth when she says the M word. He said he doesn't know how their relationship will turn out and now Grace is upset because she feels she's the one taking all the risk as Rigsby doesn't think he will be the one transferred. It's their first fight and I look forward to them making up.

    Jane backhandedly tells Lisbon she's upset with Grace and Rigsby because she's jealous of them having a life. Something he admits he can relate too as well. It's obvious that he doesn't think she is going to report them, but she's stressed over the situation non the less.

    One of the suspects is a rich client of the murder victim. I actually really enjoyed his character. He hits on Lisbon (much to Jane's amusement) and he and Jane take to each other as well. Jane performs some parlor tricks for him to try and figure out if he is the killer and ends up sending his very nice and expensive sports car over a cliff. On purpose of course to find the real killer. The rich guy doesn't really care as he is pretty bored with life and enjoyed the experience of helping catch a murderer. He and Jane's interaction is pretty humorous.

    At the end Lisbon caves and tells Rigsby and Grace that she's not going to report them and that she doesn't know a thing and to keep it out of the office. Still fighting they quickly agree that that is not a problem and go their separate ways much to Lisbon's confusion. She later meets Jane who borrowed the rich guys sport car (he has many I guess) and he invites her to dinner in style. She hops in and he speeds away with her telling him to slow down.

    I noticed on Lisbon's desk that she has two pictures of the same dog too. What's up with that?
  • RED JOHN = Walter Mashburn ?????

    I loved this episode, it's nice to see time to time a plot character who can match up to Jane's without intimidated.

    And I also liked the intriguing eerie chemistry in between Jane Walter Lisbon.

    It could be Red John a.k.a Walter Mashburn?
    Like nemesis of Holmes, Prof. Moriaty?

    That will be a very interesting story-catalyst.

    Mashburn has money and resource to make him be many places and trap people?
    How about that? Currie Graham is such a great actor who can cast shady shadow of evilness without alienating the viewers (just like Kevin Spacey), I hope to see more of him in this show.

  • It's actually depressing the way Rigsby and Van Pelt possibly went separate ways.

    I believe Rigsby should have been more sensitive to Van Pelt's feelings, she is obviously trying to make the most of her career. He had his mind made up for her, which probably explained their tension in the end when Lisbon gave them the go to have their relationship.

    The case surrounding the plot was a new adventure, and up in the avenue of 'white collar crime'; killing for the position of top salesman. It still bothers me that every guilty party comes clean in the end, admitting their guilt. I mean when in the hot chair, would the confessional be blurted out so easily. The audience needs to find out 'why', but it almost seems so easily accomplished. Still poisoning someone's beef barley soup would always be uncool no matter what motive was behind it. I mean, who eats beef barley soup - how does that taste anyway?

    I actually knew the soup had a part to play in the whole suspense of it all. That guy was too over protective of his bowl of soup, there had to be something more to that story. Jane knew all the facts as usual placing them together. I always imagined the possibility of someone like Jane guest-starring to play mind games with him, probably just as well as he does it with everyone else. What if Jane finally met his match? That kind of intellect could possibly blow out of proportion.

    Did Jane really have to intentionally ruin the car, couldn't he fake it? I guess when you have the money to back it up, a car comes off as spare change in a wallet, but that scene was painful to watch. That driving with a blindfold on was very cool though. I wonder how Simon Baker prepped for that; amazing visual effects and the wonder of a camera, either that or that Baker got some skills.

    Another end to a beautiful episode. I'm sorry this review took a little while to post, I actually started it early this week, but scheduling has been tight lately. I still have to start 24, but recently I have found a good blast of series on television, a lot more interesting stuff to get hooked on.

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