The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • A girl has amnesia after her friend is killed.

    Another great installment of The Mentalist tonight. Not only are the episodes getting better but the already strong ratings are climbing as well. The show is becoming a hit, something I could not have predicted based on the commercials hyping its debut.

    The great thing about this show is all the red herrings they throw at us. Like tonight we had a suspect built up only for him to not be remotely involved at all. This is very realistic and helps to give the show a unique feel as opposed to other law dramas.

    And of course Patrick Jane was great as usual. From the hand-raising gag to taking the iPod there were numerous gems here tonight.
  • One more pearl added to the repository!

    One more great episode to show why the series is different from other series in TV. Simon Baker always comes with smiles convincing us that he can sense each and every move of the person with whom he is talking. Its a liitle twist this time wherein Lisbon gets in appproachable distance with the culprit while SB works on uncovering the truth. Normally he plays on the suspects minds and uncover truth, but this one is kind of different. The end is great and I can only dream of such thoughts in tense situations in which Lisbon have to escape.

    I agree completely with 'lulakat' that I also have this fantasy about SB and Lisbon getting together someday cause both need someone for each other.
  • Ok show, but this episode was a total rip off of Twin Peaks.

    Good girl from small, eccentric town goes missing and is not as perfect as everyone things she is. She shares a love interest with her best friend. She was killed by a creepy guy who tortured her friend in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Remind you of anything? This was a less wacky, hour long version of Twin Peaks. I believe they even audaciously named her "Kara Palmer" (compare to Twin Peaks: "Laura Palmer"). It was an ok show, but Jane is no Agent Cooper. I believe CBS produced Twin Peaks, so I guess it's their show to rip off.
  • Very enjoyable episode.

    I liked this episode, Jane was extremely good with Nicole. Firm yet still gentle, guiding her through her blocked memories.

    That poor dog! His integrity impugned and the whole time the girl is under the car! Felt for the sheriff, that's just humiliating!

    A very enjoyable episode. Everything was pointing at Nicole, if the sheriff had his way she would have ended up charged with Kara's murder. Though the killer was pretty nuts so he would have slipped up again, sexual predators start with rape and build usual – he started with murder then tried rape. Chances are though that he would probably not have been tied to Kara's murder.
  • Red John, Red Hair And Silver Tape, Red Tide, Ladies In Red, Redwood. What's with all the red?

    When I first read the summary for this episode I couldn't wait. This episode wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be, but, it was still amazing. I love the scene were Patrick steals Nicole from the hospital. I also love how Nicole got so caught up in remembering the past she thought it was real. The writing in this episode in this episode was superb and as usual the cast were all amazing. This episode is ONE of the best episode yet. Here's hoping the show just keeps getting better. The Mentalist is the biggest new hit of the season.
  • Well I'm really excited about this show it might turn out just right...

    I really enjoy watching this show...PJ is a great character and i think that you can't get enough of mysterious guys like that on screen. I liked this episode, especially the flashback sequence..that's what's keeping me interested in this does PJ really handle his past despite the fact that he always smiles...there's something in there I hope they'll show more of this side of his mind. And I kinda have this fantasy about him and Lisbon getting together someday...they're both disturbed people maybe they could find peace together??!!
    I'm glad we didn't get another Rigsby/Van pelt storyline this time cos' I'm not really fond of it..doesn't strike me as a working couple..but I might be wrong since we don't really know much on those characters yet.