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  • Best show ever !!!

    I disagree about how long the show has run i could never get tired of patrick jane. I wish they would keep the show going longer. Invent a new serial killer, i love everyone in the show u guys can do no wrong ;)
  • I love this show

    I like this show
  • Unnecessary long

    I always hate it when a show stretched it's story longer than it should've been and that is The Mentalist's problem. After they revealed Red John's identity (which kind of surprise me) they didn't stop there, they decided to make it longer. On top of that they discarded half of the main cast which i find it dumb because the newer casts aren't interesting enough. The second half of season six shows that the writer don't know how to continue the story without Red John and it become worse in season seven when they made the main story is about Jane and Lisbon.

    In conclusion I think it would've been a great show if it only had around 5 seasons.

    "The Mentalist" was the best crime drama over the last decade (since the first 2 seasons of Law and Order: Criminal Intent). Nevertheless, no series finale could otherwise live up to what every fan wanted in the final episode: PATRIC JANE CONFRONTS "RED JOHN" UTTERLY HUMILIATES HIM FOR KILLING HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER, THEN, FACE TO FACE, KILLS "RED JOHN" (in self-defense to preserve the protagonist image of Jane). Season 6 should have been the last season. I have season 1 on DVD and occasionally watch the televised reruns. Thanks Bruno Heller.
  • The best. Thank you Bruno Heller.

    This series was by far the best tv show I have ever seen. It tops any other series such as prison break, breaking bad etc. which were aswell brilliant tv series. Firstly, the character Patrick Jane played by simon baker who is now my favourite ever actor, was absolutely brilliant nobody ever could fit the role better. Simon Baker is probably the most underrated actor on this planet, its ridiculous. Secondly, the red john storyline is gripping. It started at the very beginning and took 6 seasons to finally reveal who it was. Tbf, for everyone saying that the red john reveal was bad, the amount of anticipation to find out who it was must of been really hard for them to satisfy all the viewers wants, personally I thought it was good but I can understand why some people disliked it. While your watching the mentalist through you just simply cannot wait for one of them red john episodes that come up. Not only are the episodes without red john good but the ones with him are even better. Its just brilliant. I love the actors, I love the storyline, I love the anticipation and I love patrick jane (simon baker)(Im not gay btw).

    However, there are some slight criticisms that I could possibly make. The seventh series was good but not great. I can see why some people lost interest because there was no red john but you would have to witness a miracle if the series was still good after that. The mentalist ran its time, it was just time to end it or else it would of been spoilt. Literally the only criticism I have.

    I honestly wish I could go back in time and watch it over again. I dont think I will watch anything as good in my life again. I would strongly advise anyone reading this who havent already seen it to watch it. Please. Plus, I would like to see more of simon baker in other things.

    Thank you Bruno Heller.
  • Why Why Why

    Why did you end this show.

    We loved watching the mentalist. Simon Baker was awesome.

    I hope you have the DVD Set of all shows coming.

    What a shame this show was cancelled
  • Romance doesn't work

    I never saw any real chemistry between Jane and Lisbon as romantic couple - it just doesn't work for me. She has a boyfriend, new job and moving away and suddenly Jane professes his love and she drops everything. I've had a boyfriend like that - once he won you back, he lost interest. It called game playing. Quite disappointed - it's become a so-so from what it once was.
  • Disappointed Fan

    I remember being such a big fan of the first few seasons. I can barely watch the last season without grimacing at the poor story lines. How did this show deteriorate so much over the seasons? Sad!
  • like where do they get these ideas from?

    watching mentalist is liking getting jealous of the writers like where do you get these ideas from?

    literally must watch. ... for the trouble makers

    hahaha .
  • I have a question!!

    I'll get to the question at the end. Hey guys so I just finished the "red john" episode. This show is amazing. It's crazy how they held off until middle of season 6 to bring a close to him. I have a question for those who have seen the entire series. Does Lisbon, Jane and the team ever get their CBI jobs back and become a team again? I hate the vibe of the show right now with everyone split up and having to answer to the FBI
  • Going to miss this great show

    Just watched the series finale, and couldn't be more satisfied. The show came full circle from where it began, it started with a serial killer and it ended with a serial killer. It started with Patrick Jane losing his wife and child and ended with him having a new wife, and a child on the way.

    I have loved this show from the Pilot, and am going to miss it terribly. There were a few bumps along the way, I thought the Red John reveal could have been handled better. Also the Kim Fischer character the second half of season 6 didn't fit in at all. But for the most part this show has very rarely left me disappointed. I really liked the way they handled the Jane and Lisbon relationship, it felt very natural and organic. Simon Baker and Robin Tunney have had great chemistry since the beginning, and I'm very glad Jane and Lisbon got their happy ending.
  • Open letter to Bruno Heller

    I stared at a blank page with just a heading for over an hour, not knowing how to start, not knowing if I should curse you or pity you. There are no words to describe the frustration I feel after 7 years of dedication to your show, I don't believe Webster even has a word that have to say, I stopped watching this clownish festival you called a reboot mid-way through the last season, I just couldn't handle it anymore; the finale? I haven't seen it and will not, what I've read around the web was more than enough.

    Honestly, as an executive producer, do you deem yourself illegible to play with people's minds like that? Have you any idea of the level of damage 5 years of clues have done to the followers of your show? I'm not talking about your facebook fansite cheering for Jisbon (we will revisit that later), have you even a clue how much information websites like and contain? 20000+ theories combined that prove this show had an amazing potential, something no other show ever had or can have. The initial idea was brilliant, at the end of

    Season 3 I gave you a hats-off for being a genius; and even though I agree with most that 'Strawberries & Cream' is the best RedJohn ending ever I was wishing for more, back then I was hoping it wasn't him and kept wanting more.

    Then, irrationally, began the pour-down of clues on the audience; clues

    coming in left and right with such focus on them they left everyone in awe, scratching their brains and revisiting previous episodes endlessly to make the right connections. You might say it's our fault for focusing so much, I'll just answer that it wouldn't have been the case if you wouldn't have focused the camera so much on all those clues. I will not bother myself mentioning all the clues, you know them one by one, that culminated in 06x08.

    'Red John' was so badly handled I simply dropped my jaw throughout the entire episode, from the lousy scripts all the actors were following to the pigeon trick (is that seriously fitting for such a story?). Nothing made sense and a tear in the universe wouldn't have fixed my jaw back in place at that moment.

    Despite the ending to probably the greatest ark ever designed, and the lack of connection to all the carefully crafted clues you have given us; most fans including myself made up our own endings and resigned ourselves that you're just a producer with a lousy submissive personality who had to give in to Roth and his network. We decided to put all the red herrings, the Black Association and RedJohn behind us and waited for your we didn't know is the level of lowliness you would reach, as if it was made on purpose to systematically shatter your fan-base and replace it with mindless sheep (yes, sheep).

    The supposed reboot started with mentions of the BA to never again be used again (please do bold, underline, emphasize the word 'never'), then you have enjoyed sending us cryptic messages via Baker's script and some red colors here and there (again, carefully placed and specifically camera focused). WHY Bruno?Here's what I really think of your reboot and 'encore' season:

    - All the reasons for admitting Jane into the FBI were never mentioned again.

    - Marcus Pike (again using a cryptic screen name) had a huge potential yet was a total flop.

    - The entire reboot was focused on a romance between Jane and Lisbon, this was clear from the beginning, yet I never imagined it would be that pathetic.

    - What kind of a romance is that where Lisbon says 'I love you' and Jane looks away with a silly smile on his face instead of kissing her; are we witnessing real life here or a TV show? The chemistry between those two was clearly close to zero and it was as obvious as a slap on the face.

    - Obvious? Maybe not for your sheep, you know those fans cheering the awesome(?) love story on facebook daily.

    - Lazarus.. epic fail. Again, huge potential to give a closure, I'm baffled and speechless at your those fans who filled up your pockets throughout those years deserved something else

    Bruno, I do hope someday you realize that; and I can tell you that no fans are ever going to follow you again, not to Gotham and not anywhere else (yet apparently you care only about the sheep so please keep do apologize to the 'sheep' reading this, if anyone feels offended kindly understand this show had something you probably won't ever see and was destroyed by money hungry megalomaniacs.

    This is an honest rant Bruno, coming from an ex-fan who has literally wasted days and weeks following your show. I personally hope you choke on all the money you made tricking people.
  • Red John's Character

    How about a season or two about red john? I was thinking like some episodes on young rj and some about him in action like recruiting, plannings and stuff like that. We can also see how he was always a step ahead of Jane. Maybe do some episodes and answer the questions the fans are asking.
  • The end of Mentalist :(

    I don't want this series to end :( Jane's character is really fun :) Can't we see them getting old? Like a boyhood concept :D
  • unanswered questions 1

    How did RJ get the list?

    Jane inquires into and about EVERYTHING, and gives us all the sordid details --- but when it comes to THEE cliffhanger of Season Five AKA -- "THE LIST" -- Jane suddenly doesn't want to know -- and no one else on the team wants to know?

    Heller just didn't know how to explain it -- because HE didn't know either!!
  • no clever title

    The show has become very formulaic. Sad, too, that they had to go the boring romance of main characters. Whenever I show is clever and heads for the territory I cringe.
  • Its over

    sorry too see that its finished but the end was done very well
  • Pretty Good

    I've always liked this show. It's changed a lot as it progress through its life on TV. But I think that overall, it is a pretty good show to watch. The main character is quite interesting to watch. The whole angle of being a mentalist is pretty cool. We get characters who also help support the show in various ways. It's fun to watch it as it goes along. It might not have done everything you would have wanted it to do, but I still think that it was pretty good in the end.

    I dont know is it just me, am i crazy or what but somethin is wrooong heree!

    Season 7 was good but the ... i'm not completely satisfied.

    Remember Kristina Frye?? What about her?? And that scene when Jane was killing Mcallister, he whispered about some psychic, how he needed to tell him about, and then Jane interrupted!! I was certain that this about red john was not over, because the story about psychic Kristina had no ending, so clearly Mcallister was talking about her, i mean i dont know!!

    I need closure! Through the seasons every detail was cleared except this one! :(((
  • How did CBI personnel become FBI personnel

    I must have missed some Mentalist Episodes. How did CBI personnel become FBI personnel? What episode did that occur in?
  • for you hell-er

    Hi BRUNO . I have an idea for a new crime drama serie.

    a serial killer who is murdering 5 people in different places simultaneously. you can make 100 seasons of it and because this is you who is writing one day ( after your pockets gone full) , you can say he was a magician and you don't want to explain anything else and then turn it in to a ..... soap opera. and then pay a bunch of internet whores to sent happy thoughts on it and pay media for liking it

    I look for to it.
  • Much better this season

    I had gotten quite tired of this show the last couple of seasons and basically watched enough to know how Red John ended and what happened next. That's it.

    It's fun again. The Mentalist used to be a fun show despite the subject matter and Red John. A long the way it forgot that. And these days, most shows survive off the characters and characterization, not by plot. Plot wears out very quickly when it the characters are ignored. Things are hanging together better now and the plot doesn't seem to rely on them being stupid any more.

    So I like it much better. However, I do think it's time to end, while being on a better note than they would have if it had ended last year.
  • Don't let this show end

    This is the best crime show you or any of the other networks have. Why is it going off the air? Is that because only bad shows survive?
  • happening here people??

    Great episode, good acting, true out the whole season 7. but i am shocked the killed Vega. I mean I really see no reason???!!!

    I dont like this bit at all.
  • Red John Returns?

    Three episodes to go. The Red John closure was so lame that I have wondered it the show would go out in a bang and Red John would resurface.

    Basically Patrick had not killed Red John, rather one of his minion. Then the show could explore other story-lines while Red John lay low.

    Now that the show is coming to closure we can have the 'reveal' of the real Red John with resolution in the grand finale.

    Now that would be a way for The Mentalist to go out on top.

  • Jane now written as just a selfish SOB.

    Jane makes himself a hostage so Lisbon won't go into the house. Says he couldn't face it to lose his love again. And if he'd died it wouldn't have hurt him. Selfish jerk. It would have hurt her! She'd have had to live with the fact that he got killed so she wouldn't. It was bad enough when they did the cheap thing and put these two together. Now they are destroying the integrity of the guy we liked. Good thing it's going off the air.

    Feb. 4th, 2015: tonight on the Mentalist they killed off an actress who I had hoped would replace Tunney - Theresa think her name is is always pouting and gloomy and is a terrible actress; there is absolutely no chemistry between her and Patrick They should ease Teresa Lisbon out of the show and bring in someone who can act and who has a personality!!! The show is getting boring!
  • Still loving it

    While a lot have changed in the chemistry of the show, no more arch-nemesis of Jane and several main characters has been replaced in the new office. I still really nejoy watching this show. then again, the list of shows I love is tremendously long :) Things has changed, but it's still The Mentalist.
  • the mentalist sucks!!!!!

    I used to love watching the show. But honestly now its boring its not the same they ended the redjohn storyline too quickly. I don't know but the whole show started with red john and Jane and should end with redjohn and jane. I mean the show is fine but redjohn was the reason I would wait a whole week just to watch the show waiting to see what jane would do...
  • A great criminal show needs great villain

    Yes, a great show needs a great villain, and a greater good guy. Once the great villain was Red John, and the greater good guy was Patrick Jane. Now everything is a big mediocre BS.
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