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  • In a nut shell, 'The Mentalist' is a crime drama telling about Patrick Jane, a former fake psycic with a troubled past who helps the police catch criminals using his uncanny observation skills.

    This show is officially my favorite. I just love everything about it! Patrick Jane is such an amazing character, and Simon Baker does a wonderful job potraying him. I love the perfect blend of humor and drama that this show has. While there are many crime dramas out there, The Mentalist is a bit more original than some of the other ones out there like CSI. Every Tuesday I egerly tune in promptly to see what else they have in store for me. I even watch the reruns on the rare occasions that they're on, which I don't usually like to do. The Mentalist is definitly a keeper that I'd like to see more seasons of.
  • What an innovative new show. Every episode leaves me wanting more...

    Each episode, from the beginning, has left me wanting more. I enjoy getting to know the characters more with each passing plot. I enjoy the tense romance(s) between several of the main characters. Also, I really enjoy the underlying "Red John" plot. The relationship between Jane and Lisbon is just tasty enough to be real, but has an underlying sexual current that can be felt during several of the pivotal moments during the show. All of the characters have good chemistry and the show flows well. I find myself intrigued by both the coming character development and the cases to be solved. Overall, it's my new CSI, which has fallen completely out of my favor with it's new additions/deletions.
  • A great show and one of the best new series this year.

    The show follows the exploits of Patrick Jane a 'mentalist' who used to make a good living as a psychic. The problem is he wasn't really a psychic he was a fake! And when he taunted a serial killer who he was helping the police to catch his whole family were killed.

    As such Jane quit his life as a psychic and now works as a consultant for the California beauau of Investigation using his powers of observation, misdirection and persuasion to catch criminals all the while on the look out for the man who took his family from him.

    This show is somewhat like psych except that it is far more serious and in many ways far more compelling to watch. The plotlines are clever, the script is spot on and the acting is great. I just hope that this show runs and runs so we canget the most out of it.
  • My new favorite show, and though I have many, this one is soo good!

    Let me start off by admitting these facts first, I'm a sucker for criminal dramas. I'm a fan of smart detectives. I enjoy playing "Who dunnit?" in front of my tv. And this show gives me the combined pleasure of all three. What more could I ask?

    Though sometimes highly pretictable, the show has interesting cases each episode, has an ongoing vendetta for the main character and a theme for episode names. So far doin' it all right. But as the season(s) progress they'll eventually have to create some situations for the supporting characters who are currently not being developed much. It's not a problem yet since it's so early in the series, but will grow if ignored, imo. Patrick James is the back bone of the show, the star, without question. And Simon Baker is very enjoyable, charming as this not psychic but mentalist character. I'm liking him very much so far, he has this Sherlock Holmes feeling, overly smart, quirky and with questionable morals.

    Teresa Lisbon (been waiting for the obvious Mother Teresa jokes ever since the pilot!) is a character with potential, I personally love Robin Tunney, and her pouting skills. She's so cute, trying to control Jane but clearly failing. But they can dig more into her past and family. There's some drama material there.

    Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt are enjoyable, they get quite moderate screentime with good lines but I think they need to be givn some kind of background. Especially Cho. All in all I'm hooked with this show and will stick around to se where it goes.
  • this show is amazing. it definitely deserved that award for best new show on the people's choice awards.

    i really like this show. i have been watching since it started, bc it intrigued me. i tried to get my family to watch it but since the first episode was slow to get into, they didn't like it. their loss. its sooo good. the characters have each others back and are partners. lisbon and jane are soo perfect as partners.. and i sense some romantic chemistry between them as well. i like all the characters.. the storylines are good.. i mean this probably the only show on tv where you would be following along with the episode and think you know what is going on and then wham! you were wrong and then you are at the edge of your seat confused as heck but earning for more. its amazing. great show. :)
  • The Mentalist a manipulator of thoughts and behaivor.

    What a New Year's kick-off!! Again The Mentalist proves it's one of the best written and acted show on the field. I absolutely love Patrick Jane besides being charming, he is the hottest actor out there, he makes you feel the character and keep you interested all the way. I mean it's the fastest 40 minutes on earth when I'm watching it.
    I guess the show evolves around Red John, but we do need him to catch him, please!! We can't seem to get enough of Jane on each episode and I just hope it keeps going the same way because even though we got a lot of crime-thriller shows this one is unique and original and truly manipulates you to keep watching it and wanting more on each episode. My thumps up for this new show and its writers, off the edge!
  • The Mentalist is a crime-procedural show that features Simon Baker as the charming, handsome Patrick Jane. Jane is a consultant for the CBI so he helps out Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and her team to figure out the killer.

    I admit The Mentalist seems like a rip-off of Psych but The Mentalist is incredibly entertaining. I've never watched Psych before so I don't get outraged the minute The Mentalist comes on.

    The Mentalist is entertaining and it's one of my favorite shows. The characters are incredibly amusing, especially Lisbon, Jane and Cho. The plots can be a little bit cliche but seeing Jane using his quirky ways to figure out who the killer is makes the episode all worth it.

    Lisbon and Cho could smile a little bit more. Jane could tone down his flirting with women suspected to be involved in crimes. Rigsby and Van Pelt could get their act together.

    All in all, The Mentalist is one of my personal favorites. Watch it then decide whether you like it or not. Don't let these reviews have such a huge impact on your decision to watch this hit show.
  • I almost missed it :)

    Om i have to say that, ay first, i heard comments from some of my friends that makes me take the choice as "DONT watch it" Why? Because my friends told me that it was like Psych but without the comedy and i said "OK then its a waste of time" but when i watch the first episode i said "OMG iots good"
    then i watch it since it started
    Simon Baker its an awsome actor no question and the show seems to go "Uphill" fast really nice Tv show and imagine that for one second probably i missed it because of my friends comments
    Really Good Tv Show
  • A very good show....with some flaws. Simon Baker will keep you coming back for more.

    Marks (Scale 1-10):
    Originality - 9
    Lead Actor Simon Baker: 10
    Supporting Cast: 5
    Backstory: 8 (Jane's family / Redjohn)
    Continuing Storyline: 7
    Writing for Lead: 9
    Writing for Supporting Cast: 4

    My Overall Rating - 8.2

    Why you should watch this show:

    Because Simon Baker is phenomenal as former "psychic" con-man Patrick Jane, turned law enforcement consultant, and brings a great new twist to the tv detective genre. While the art of reading behavior is nothing new for law enforcement (real or television), you love the Baker/Jane because he's very low key, his confidence and intelligence doesn't spill over into arrogance, and there's no pursuit of personal glory in doing what he does. Much like Damian Lewis in Life, the unassuming front conceals a much greater truth, and you can't help but love this character. There is depth in the character - which ranges from confidant con-man, to comedic side-show, to tortured soul whose family was murdered by the serial killer Redjohn, which is the basis for his working with the CBI.

    What Keeps This Show from Greatness:

    First off, the premise that the supporting cast are special agents with the CBI: California Bureau of Investigation. For starters - there's no name recognition. And California Bureau of Investigation is a mouthful to unload. If you go strictly by the acronym, nobody would know who they were. While there are more than enough FBI based shows on at the moment, CBI lacks credibility and weakens the presence of the supporting cast. Remember, Baker/Jane is merely a consultant, not an agent, and I think this hurts not only the premise for the show, but the believability of the supporting cast. Besides the whole CBI thing, the cast playing the agents could use some training in the handling of weapons and police procedure. This would probably go a long way to bolstering their lacking credibility.

    Which brings me to.....the supporting cast (or lack thereof.) While I'm sure that they were going for an unassuming background ensemble that makes Baker stand out, the supporting cast is completely one dimensional.

    Tim Kang / Agent Cho - not really believable as a human being, much less a special agent. He tries to be the tough guy among the four agents, but comes off like a robot playing a human. If this show doesn't make it, he might be great as a T-888 on Terminator. However, when they do let him be a regular guy, he's great. They just don't do it enough.

    Owain Yeoman / Agent Rigsby - great in the role as the young, inexperienced agent who isn't the sharpest knife in the set, but awful when required to be the confident tough guy. He's not bad though when he's just being himself, or the shy guy who likes Agent Van Pelt. The writers don't give him much to work with.

    Amanda Righetti / Agent Van Pelt - she does very well as the young, somewhat naive agent who stands on principle. Surprisingly, Van Pelt is the most developed character of the supporting cast.

    Robin Tunney / Agent Lisbon - a wonderful actor, but as Agent Lisbon, the character is very one dimensional. You do see just how good she could be in this role when she and Baker connect, but much like the others, there aren't enough of those moments where we see the character behind the lacking agent persona.


    Great show with an under-developed, poorly written supporting cast. Baker is wonderful, and the show succeeds on that alone.
  • An arsonist seeks revenge on business partners who plotted against one of their own who wouldn't share his new-found wealth.

    Best show I've seen this season. Who knew? Oh my gosh! Yah, yah, Simon Baker is adorable but this show has so much heart and what appears to be spontaneity that it just works. Tonight's show was just goofy enough, but the kid who played Tommy WOW! It's not so predictable that it becomes corny (CSI's). I've always been a Simon Baker fan, but I watched out of curiosity and have been hooked ever since. It forces us to look at ourselves and answer those questions we don't want to know about ourselves. Would I seek revenge? Is it o.k. for someone else? The lead actress may not be that hot, but at least it's realistic, finally.
  • Simon Baker is, in a word, superb as The Mentalist, but the plots leave something to be desired. Still, the show is a solid structure that allows for an effectively entertaining character piece.

    To be perfectly clear, I enjoy this show; I watch it when I can and DVR it when I can't. The reason is simple: Simon Baker (as Patrick Jane) has fleshed out an original character with a complex spectrum of emotion. His character is softly mysterious with an air of amusement as event unfold around him. His poker face bests the police, the suspects, and the killer; you never know what Jane knows until he reveals it, often in a showy style that suits his own smiling outward demeanor. But at the same time, there is much tension and toning to this man.

    Other than the Mentalist himself, though, the show doesn't shine. The supporting cast, well, simply supports him, and the plots themselves don't compel the audience. Much like the show "House", the audience is intrigued by the character more than any story development, but, again, much like "House", Patrick Jane himself is enough to keep the audience tuned in.
  • Nice leading man but some of the rest of the cast are dull.

    The Mentalist is a show that I still have a number of reservations about. The character of Patrick Jane is really well played by Simon Baker but the rest of the regulars are not particularly interesting and never seem to gel as a team. Most of the episodes have decent storylines and I like the 'red' links between them. There are still plenty of questions to be answered so I will still keep watching but I would like more interaction between Simon Baker and the rest of the regular cast. This is probably one of the better crime dramas of the 2008-9 season but I am not sure whether it will continue beyond this season.
  • I love this show! I only took off one point for predictability. Other than that; it's cute, it's funny, it's interesting, and it's fun! My fiance' and I never miss it. Well done and keep it coming.

    There is something I'm particularly interested in...Mr. Mentalist's past. How did he develop such amazing techniques? I, also, wish the other characters would show more emotion. Such as, more jealousy of him, or more surprise when he figures stuff out. They aren't animated enough. I am not really interested in him and the woman cop (I can't think of her name right now) getting together romantically. I think it would take away from the real purpose of the show. That is not to say that I do not want to see him with someone, just not her. She does not feel warm enough. Other than that, I love the show! I love the clever comedy as well!
  • The show's good, but I'm surprised it's the big hit of the season.

    I like this show, but again I am surprised it's the big hit of the season. My best guess is the NCIS lead in. I like the lead character, I love how he sees clues no one else can see. It's the spin off House wanted to make with the PI they have right now. What's missing is the supporting cast. The other characters need to be stronger or at least contribute to the outcome. You can tell the boss is a take off on Cuddy from House, but there's no appreciable conflict because he's always right. When the supporting cast is stronger I truly believe this show will be great!
  • best show ever

    i think that the mentalist is a fantastic program and its so interesting plus its great to see a aussie actor hittin back simon baker does it so well and whether hes pshycic or not we love him well i do!
    the mentalist is so kool and it messes with your mind but in a good way now im running out of things to say lol oh my god that is 100 words this has 2 go for ever ay lol lol lol lol olo
    how many words is that? not 100 thats for damn sure haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha
  • Best new tv show!

    The Mentalist has become my new favorite tv show after 5 minutes i've watched it. Simon Baker is fantastic and amazingly charming.
    This is like 1/2 House 1/2 Dexter, but he's even more of a genious. On the other hand, Robin Tunney can't act at all. They should really consider removing her from this show. She doesn't have feelings and she doesn't react to anything that happens to her. It could be annoying after a while. But meh, i'm enthusiastic about The Mentalist so far. I'm waiting for the episodes in the samy way i used to wait for Lost's during the first season.
    Recommended to everybody.
  • The best thing on TV right now !!!!

    Simon Baker acts as a person who pays utmost attention to minute things thereby helping the CBI to solve murder mysteries. There are many crime thriller that are going around on the TV right now, but this one is the leader of the pack. It does not have a tough guy image that normally comes with crime investigators rather has a person who had a horrible personal experinece with one of the Pscyho paths he dealt with. He is charming, nice and he makes as feel he really can do stuufs like that (Which is not the case in many so-called pschcic series as it is very unconvincing). He is the apt guy to do the role and it is all personified.

    The series is getting bigger and bigger every week and some of the parts are great to watch.
  • I love a surprise, be it a character or a show or both.

    "The Mentalist" gave me the surprise of this season. I watched it expecting to dislike it, and not only did I like it, I committed to watching it weekly on the strength of Simon Baker and his "Patrick Jane" alone.
    Initially, he WAS the show, but he was strong enough and interesting enough in the character he wove to bring me back. Since episode 4, all the cast members have started to "introduce" themselves and the introductions have been successful.
    If I have a criticism, and even this is being resolved satisfactorily, it is (was) with Robin Tunney's that she HAD no character! The "tough, strong, silent female" should not mean "the great stone wall". Female characters in TV tend to be represented by the brainless bimbo with, or by the wholly intellectual but utterly unfeeling harridan. This show was in danger of slotting its female lead (Tunney) into the latter category, but the writers/creators/network seem to have recognized that and made the necessary corrections via a very smooth episode-by-episode glimpse into "the woman behind the job".
    Kudos to CBS...they are finally doing something right!
  • This show has potential.

    This show first caught my eye in previews with a Handsome curly blonde haired Patrick Jane. Not to mention his keen sense of intuitiveness, this show is sure to capture some viewers. The cast of CBI is a little awkward, with a little fine tuning- this show could be much better. Teresa Lisbon for starters brings nothing to the show aside from her authority and a mannish personality. When I watch her connection with the other cast members, I don't see anything. She is holding it back. The show would be much better without her dragging it down. The episode plots alone are excellent and Jane really brings his A game. Simon Baker, I'm sure you will have a fulfilling career.
  • The Mentalist vs Psych

    The only thing these two shows have in common is the idea of someone pretending to be psychic. Everything else is very different. As much as I enjopy watching Psych, it does get pretty silly. The Mentalist has more depth to the characters and plots. Simon Baker was great in The Guardian, but he is much more fun in The Mentalist, even considering his character's tragic past. Shawn, in Psych, goes into fits while trying to show his psychic abilities (and convey the evidence he has gathered through his amazing observational talents). Patrick Jane, in The Mentalist, makes calm statements that invariably prove to be true. His quiet, intense, yet slightly amused demeanor is fascinating to watch, at least for this viewer.
  • "Hey, I used to pretend to be a psychic and rip people off, now I catch criminals."

    Save for one fact, I love this show: Simon Brown is SO typically Aussie looking that when an American accent comes out of his mouth, I can't help but twitch. Every time, I'm sitting there and he talks and *guh?* oh yeah, he's playing an American. Whew. Then I relax and it's a minute later and he talks again... Anyways, that's just a personal problem; the show itself is so fantastic! I mean, I'd love it anyways, just based on the premise. It's blatantly "Psych" only not a comedy, adn since I love the premise of "Psych" but can't stand comedy, this is pretty much perfect. Also, I really like educating the True Believers out there who think psychics are real. Shows like Psych and Mentalist are a fantastic way to train your suckers to see how the fakes do it, so they don't get fleeced as quite much by the vultures who prey on grief and naivety. Right, that's my soapbox done; on to the show. The acting is good, the plots are what you expect; the characterization is nice. All in all, I want it on DVD. Or iTuens. Whichever.
  • "Hey, I used to pretend to be a psychic and rip people off, now I catch criminals."

    Save for one fact, I love this show: Simon Brown is SO typically Aussie looking that when an American accent comes out of his mouth, I can't help but twitch. Every time, I'm sitting there and he talks and *guh?* oh yeah, he's playing an American. Whew. Then I relax and it's a minute later and he talks again... Anyways, that's just a personal problem; the show itself is so fantastic! I mean, I'd love it anyways, just based on the premise. It's blatantly "Psych" only not a comedy, adn since I love the premise of "Psych" but can't stand comedy, this is pretty much perfect. Also, I really like educating the True Believers out there who think psychics are real. Shows like Psych and Mentalist are a fantastic way to train your suckers to see how the fakes do it, so they don't get fleeced as quite much by the vultures who prey on grief and naivety. Right, that's my soapbox done; on to the show. The acting is good, the plots are what you expect; the characterization is nice. All in all, I want it on DVD. Or iTuens. Whichever.
  • I like the show The Mentalist and hope that more and more people will come to see that this is good. I have not seen Psych so I cannot say that it is or isn't like The Mentalist but I do hope that people will like this show as much as I do!

    I keep hearing over and over again that it is just like Psych, but I cannot say otherwise because I haven't seen it, but personally, I think it is very good. I like the comic feel yet seriousness about it.
    Patrick Jane is a very good actor for the part, and I have tuned in obediently for that past two episodes and will for the upcoming episodes as well.
    All of my most favorite TV shows (eg. Black Donnelly's-Moonlight) usually get cancelled or put on hiatus. I pray that this will not end up like them and that more and more people will tune in!
  • It is a darker cousin of Psych, no doubt, but it goes more into the emotional darker world.

    Yes well. I say it needs fine tuning mostly in the script. When Jane deducts certain assumptions, it's never explained like on Psych they have the visual effect so you know what he's talking about. In the pilot, how did he know the dead guy was gay I understand the Kimball Cho character is for comedic effect, but he needs to lose the tough guy crap. It's just annoying. There's potential for some really funny and sarcastic bantering between the 3 under characters (Rigsby, Cho, and Pelt), but really it should stay intelligent between Lisbon and Jane. There's obviously some tension there, mostly sexual. Of course in season 1 they should not get together, but really he has a dark past, and they had a chance in the pilot where she could really be his boss, but yet a friend and be sympathetic. Kinda tired of the women being in the lead roll and then written that they need to be tough as nails. Women can lead and still have emotions too.
  • Not exactly original, but still good.

    This isn't an original idea, psych is the obviuous exapmle but it don't think that should really matter. Is anything really original anymore? how mant remakes are there? or British imports? the good thing about the mentalist is that the have developed it past a simple serious version of pysch. the characters are well developed and the actors are good. A good thing is that it doesn't involve the FBI or CIA or the PD foe once. The CBI is different enough that hopefully it will introduce some new ideas. Overall, the mentalist, has started well and hopefully with the introduction of the series bad guy,it will continue to do so
  • Great to have him back :)This show is awesome :))

    I give the show a perfect ten,I was just about ready to give up on TV because of all the silly realaty shows,this show is suspenseful an somewhat a comedy his looks at times are really funny an makes me lauph at the wierdess times in the show, which is unusual for me. I think they choose The perfect person for this show ,also it has a great cast, myself an even my mom enjoys it,its great to see him back and I hope this time he stays!! if you havent tuned in for this show try it once it really is awesome.
  • This show is off to an interesting start, has great potential...

    I like the characters, I like the fact that the show has a running theme... and one main villian that has yet to be seen. This show has some good subplots and some meat on the bone. I like it... and will tune in to see where it goes from here. It has a nice time slot and I think it makes a really good 1-2 punch with NCIS. They compliment each other very nicely... and I'm curious to see where they go with this show. I am a big fan of Simon Baker, and the rest of the cast is pretty cool as well too... so this one has a good chance of being the first big hit of the season. Let's see if they can keep up this momentum!
  • Not Psych and as much as I like Psych, I'm glad this show has a much more serious side.

    It's a guilty pleasure because Simon Baker is so charming and charismatic and the way he plays Patrick Jane echoes that. I've found the first two episodes interesting to watch because the characters are interesting to watch. I've also enjoyed the plot lines with their little twists at the end all set up by the very first scene in the Pilot where Patrick Jane is inadvertently on hand to unmask the perpetrator with the heavy guns rushing in at the last minute. Although that might get old as the series progresses so I do hope that future episodes might not end up with Jane in peril waiting for the cavalry to ride in.
  • Many have said it is Psych all over again, but I believe the reference goes back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, instead.

    There has been a lot of comparison between this show and Psych, but I disagree. This to me looks startlingly like the great Sherlock Holmes. That man was also thought to be supernatural. Yet he always said that there was nothing special about being observant. Yet, in the case of Sherlock Holmes and Patrick Jane, there is something very special about the result. The Mentalist shows the viewers exactly how much can be solved just by paying attention. It also forces the viewers to stretch their own mental boundaries. We spend so much time thinking about science being the only way to solve a crime, it's very difficult to understand how one man can solve a lot more just by paying attention.

    A great show! I can't wait for it to continue.
  • Similiar story line, different twist.

    Patrick Jane is a complex man. He does not seem to live by the rules of society like most people. A former fake psychic, Patrick now works with the police to help solve crimes. He claims to merely use good observation skills while lending his assistance. Patrick Jane does not portray himself as a warm man. In the opening scene he enters the victims' home, and helps himself to a ham and cheese sandwich. Sure, he is doing his job, but, who does that? He is unconventional, and seems more concerned about putting all of the pieces together like a puzzle, then he is with feelings of the victims involved. There is a certain detachment of emotion about him. He is guarded.

    He is also a man haunted by events in his past. He clearly feels a need to punish himself for things that were ultimately outside of his control. The pilot has done a fine job of building the character and background of Patrick Jane. The viewer is compelled to shake a head at his actions in one scene, only to pity him in the next.

    The show itself was somewhat predictable. At several different points in the episode I found myself knowing what was to come. I found that disappointing. In such a competative world, a new series needs try to be original. However, in spite of that, there are many other good features. I found the murder cases, and characters involved in them to be realistic and believable. The acting and chemistry between all of the characters was very good. The\re is a lot of room for growth. Also, a few guest stars like the above mentioned Gail O'Grady can't hurt either.

    The Mentalist has been scheduled for the same night and airtime of the new series Fringe. Both shows will appeal to the same auidence. It may come down to which show finds the larger number of viewers.
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