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  • Why it's the same script every week

    "By rkpayto, May 12, 2014

    How do they get away with the exact same script every week? Jane tricks the bad guy into confessing, what a surprise!"

    It's a cop show/procedural. The show is called 'The Mentalist'.

    How else *would* an episode end? This is the basic premise of the show. The show has a good fan base because people want to know *how* Jane does what he does.

  • How they Get Away With It (Every Week)

    rkpayto wrote: "How do they get away with the exact same script every week? Jane tricks the bad guy into confessing, what a surprise!"


    They "get away with it" because people like the characters.

    I still think it's a really good show. What I think it needs is new (really good) story arc.
  • every week

    How do they get away with the exact same script every week? Jane tricks the bad guy into confessing, what a surprise!
  • Renewal

    I've just read on the BBC news website that this great show has been renewed for another season. Great news.

    12th May 2014
  • Hitting its stride

    There has been some big changes on The Mentalist this season. It has taken a little while to re-establish itself again in terms of the new characters and new location, but I think it's definitely found its groove and I've been really enjoying it. It will be such a pity if this series gets cancelled just when it's found a new lease on life, creatively speaking.

    I always enjoyed the Red John storyline and wasn't one of those crying for it to be resolved because Patrick Jane's character was inexplicably tied to his pursuit of RJ. I felt wanting RJ caught was a bit like wanting 'The Fugitive' cleared and no longer on the run. My fears were confirmed initially as the series seemed to be a little lost for a while but this second half of the season has been excellent. *Sigh, I guess if they're going to cancel it, I really hope Jane and Lisbon get together in the last episode.
  • Love the mentalist

    I love this show please keep it going hope u guys are reading this and how can the fans keep this show going
  • Please renew the show

    I love this show, and i love simon baker, i am waiting for this show for every week. Don't take it away from my life, I have told all my friend to watch this and the way to solve case were interesting in some episodes.
  • Renew the series - change nights

    The Mentalist and The Good Wife are my favorite shows, but I miss their shows the most, due to the common delays airing the shows due to sports and specials frequently aired on Sundays. Both shows had a better viewer rating when they were on different nights, other than Sunday. I keep seeing that the Mentalist is on the cusp of cancellation. Renew and change to another night, Please.
  • Go back to CBI

    The team needs to go back to the CBI. The new FBI thing is a failure; dull, boring and Jane is not showcased as he was at CBI. So, resurrect the original team and take them back to California with Lisbon in command and Jane as consultant.
  • silver wings

    I loved it. I think the show just keeps getting better. I want more JISBON. SIMON BAKER is the sexest and most talented actor on tv.
  • Blinking Red Light Episode Script Review

    I felt the story line was very good. Though the casting of the characters such as "Panzer" and "Hibock" didn't work for me, they were not believable. Hibock was not threatening enough, you needed to cast someone who was more rugged looking, someone who looked like he belonged in jail. "Panzer" on the other hand gave no hint of violent nature even when directly confronted at the "Karen Cross Show". "Panzer" should have had a duel personality which I don't believe was prevalent enough in his character; the person you would want to cast for this part would be someone who has passive aggressive personality. Someone who looks calm most of the time but, you know if you said the wrong thing he would blow up, you would be able to see this just by looking in his eyes at the right time.

    The ending was brilliant, I liked the part about Patrick walking over to "Panzer's" body, which he doesn't even look at causing the audience to wonder why, and then showing "Red John's" insignia on the wall was a shock; but, Patrick said it Red John wasn't dead.
  • Post Red John.

    I just want it known, I love, love, love life after Red John. In my opinion that storyline was dragging down the series after season 3. I was happy with and how it finally ended, and I'm incredibly happy with the current plotlines and overall story. Just wanted it to be said to counter-act some of the more pessimistic/whiny reviews.
  • Countdown to cancellation...

    The title is a bit salacious but its not coming from me. zap2it has the mentalist on track for a likely cancellation. I came here to see why great TV shows come to an abrupt death after resolving the only overarching plot that fueled the show for nearly its entire lifespan.

    After watching several episodes from previous seasons, taking aside the gems, the quality of the show remains very much consistent in the delivery of episodes that fit its logline.

    However two key elements have changed. They moved from a two narrative structure to a single main plot per episode and the lack of tension created by Red John. The simplified narrative makes sense as there is no longer the lingering threat of Red John. However, two plots only adds to obfuscate the viewing experience. Viewers are fooled into thinking there is more variety and more complexity. Its a simple and effective mechanism and its employed by just about every mainstream television show. However, its not a indicator that the show's writing level has dropped. It has dropped into a less than dynamic and consistent groove following the 3rd season. The stories picked up a bit of focus leading up the conclusion of the Red John saga. But remain relatively episodic in nature.

    The real effect is the lack of perceived drive from the Patrick Jane character cause the vacancy of Red John. Additionally viewers are no longer afforded the consistent palpable tension from watching each episode wondering if the plot is related to the Red John murders or simply an episodic one off. This creates the perception that each new episode is boring and somewhat pointless. However, the more serious nature of earlier season has been replaced by brighter and more fanciful plots like last weeks heist episode. An episode that plays out as more fanservice than serial storyline.

    I didn't perceive last week's episode wasn't any less creative than most Mentalist episodes only less relevant. It's pretty hard to run out of ideas for the Jane to tackle when each episode revolves around the premise that he'll play everyone like a bassoon. Although its seems inevitable that the writers have been exercising far less restraint when writing episodes since Red John. The serious nature of the show has been removed both the stories and dialog; and has been susceptible to bouts of loose comedic puns, fourth wall breakage, and other absences of discipline and self indulgence.

    The new mentalist isn't bad. Its just not compelling much watch TV. But it certainly hasn't become unwatchable. In comparison with other programming airing on CBS, its become another staple of similar quality to the NCIS and CSI franchises. The writers could spice up the writing with additional subplots and a new overarching storyline but the real impact on its central character is gone and its doubtful any more plotlines will change this. If Jane does make a romanic connection of Lisbon its certainly possible a new storyline could take advantage of their new dynamic in a nefarious way to recapture some previous level of of lost tension.
  • The heist

    Well this episode was like watching a really bad episode of Leverage. Two things have become apparent to me since the demise of Red John.

    1. The Show runners have no idea what they want to do or go with the show, the show lacks energy and seems tired and old even with the new cast members.

    2. Without a big bad and big picture story arc the series feels very flat and aimless. As for the new cast members don't know why they bothered replacing VP/ RIgsby, Abbott and Fischer offer nothing new they are just pawns in the little games Jane plays each week.

    We got a mildly entertaining heist case of the week but it all just seemed a bit silly and after 6 seasons of a possible Jane/Lisbon hook up we are suddenly faced with a possible love triangle? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to "spice" things up. I've been a loyal fan/viewer since the pilot so I'll stick by the show to the end but I fear the end may be very near because it sure seems like the people running the show are out of ideas.
  • Half a Show

    We'd love to watch the Mentalist but never get to see the entire show because some sports show runs over and the The Good Wife runs over. AUGGGGH. Frustrated Melbourne Florida
  • I think my review was flagged and deleted

    Really not going to waste my time on this site if this is the case. Maybe too many fanboyz here who cannot see that many of the plots here are defective and totally unreal.
  • Nothing Clever about this episode.

    WTH? Who wrote this tripe? Van Pelt first screams to let her capture know that's she's trapped and desperate, when in fact, she should have kept her freaking mouth shut. Then she wanders around outside the cabin she just broke out of and sort of wanders around like Snow White and asks some woman in a Cherokee for a lift? What? She's not the least suspicious of, like, everything??? If not, why not??? This is ridiculous. Then her husband, Rigsby, is shot, like, I don't know, ten times, but somehow manages to overpower the killer's sister and kill him before everyone is rescued [on cue] by a police helicopter. What happened to the killer's attorney? What about everyone breaking the law and just getting away with it, because, ya know, it all turned out great in the end. Nothing, and I mean, nothing about this episode worked. Pathetic. Really. Even Jane was an idiot for a change, which is not good when he's the star.
  • White as the Driven Snow

    This episode jumped so many sharks I lost count. The FBI are now condoning kidnap and torture and offering jobs to the perp's? So the lawyer is just going to disappear? They have drones now to launch when ever or where ever at the drop of a hat? Wayne is apparently superman and can take a shotgun blast and pistol shot to the chest at <15 feet no problem. He then requires no surgery at all or blood or anything.

    This show tried to suggest a revamp with Dunbar as the hard ass by the rules FBI guy with his female minder agent. And yet a few ep's in and they're as complicit as Patrick et al. I'd say this show started on the edge of credulity but has turned into a 12 year olds level of balls.
  • How can someone so brilliant be so stupid?


    I enjoyed the episode -- right up until the time they drove up to the sister's cabin. Then, rapid fire mistakes.

    First, calling out to warn the sister. Stupid. Much better to keep Hibacher in the car, silenced. Then, sneak in front and back.

    Second, bringing the brother in unbound. Stupid.

    Third, how could you not see the warning by van Pelt? And even w/o the warning how could you let your guard down, knowing the sister is there, somewhere. Stupid.

    They had this thing planned in advance. They could have brought an extra gun. Cuffs. Duct tape to gag him. Maybe even tear gas cannisters, though that one might have been hard to get on such short notice. Once they were at the cabin, they could have put him in the trunk.

    And, prior to that, Grace made plenty of mistakes. When she saw the cold, she could have probably made a blanket out of the mattress, to take with her.

    And, how stupid is that to be calling out when you know you've been kidnapped. And, how could she not suspect that a car driving in the middle of nowhere would likely be her abuctor.

    Those stupid, rookie mistakes just about ruined a perfectly good episode.
  • The Mentalist this Season is Drifting -

    The Mentalist used to be my FAVORITE show. I like all the characters, the casting, and the plots.

    The problem now is that the show is drifting. There are several implied 'Promises' from the writers that are being kept.

    Mainly, over the years, they hinted at a romance brewing between Lisbon and Jane. Its ok if that happens, or if they try and it fails but by not addressing it, the show becomes inconsistent. And FAR less interesting.

    Secondly, Cho is supposed to manage the team, I thought? But he does not seem like a manager at all. its not being handled well.

    Next, this is the FBI and in theory they would have important cases, and probably multiple cases they are working on - that could be done by the writers in many ways. Instead, each week, some random person is killed and Jane does his wizardry... the model is broken. its needs more complexity. Jane is not really challenged, either. The most recent show is slightly more interesting but overall they need multiple, concurrent cases and more complexity overall.

    Its possible that the writers or main producer have been with it so long they can't see it clearly now. They are locked into the Red John plotline and have nothing creative to say beyond that?

    Basically, what I am saying is that the show is UNECESSARILY drifting - the writers can do a better job. The problem is not the lack of Red John; its the lack of consistency and lack of creativity.

    Have you seen a new show, it had a short first season and is renewed, called The Bridge? Now that is gritty, well-defined, consistent... its a very good show. There is so much more that could be done with The Mentalist.


  • when are we getting rid of Grace Van Pelt?

    Pls get rid of her and save the mentalist!!!
  • Time to stop...

    Now the Red John stuff has finished it's time to bid goodbye to The Mentalist. The murders are little more than 'Murder She Wrote' fodder and the actors are just going through the motions.

    Treading water until the inevitable cancellation. Time to end it before it's too much of an embarrassment.

    This is indeed the best tv show that is out there at the moment! I really can't imagine my life without it, really i have been watching the mentalist for years now and there is nothing that can replace most original tv show ever, best acting i've seen the Jane is the most entertaining guy that i've ever seen, we can't loose the mentalist!!!
  • Most clever decision in your whole life - SAVE THE MENTALIST

    TM is a series which is on a way higher level than other serious. It is so unique that even a bad remake will not appear within the next decade! It is a modern style, humourous, displaying amazing actors series with a huuuge fanbase! Please do not disappoint us. It is series whihc we look forward to every week, even though it has a bad time slot!

    That is the most we can do - say our opinion - and WE want The Mentalist to be renewed!
  • Save The Mentalist

    This is one of the best shows on television. It's in a bad time slot. I have to record it since I have to get up early and go to work on Monday mornings.
  • This series cannot die

    It will be extremely wrong to deny viewers of this series another season or Four, it is so well appreciated by the fanbase, and very entertaining to watch, please do not let it disappear.
  • Lets get some reviews here

    Hey can we get some reviews here for the menatlist please?

  • The world will be a better place with 1 more season

    maybe two. Okey someone has to explain to CBS that tv will never be the same without "Jane" and his intelligence. His craftiness, intellect, observation tricks, mind games, and elaborate traps make this show irrepplaceable. It boosts people's IQ! :) Something will always be missing without it...
  • #saveoneshow

    Please go to eonline and vote for the mentalist! It's down to beauty and the best and the mentalist. The mentalist needs another season.

    we almost made it through the hiatus!!! Now we have to make it through the PIKE thing and pray for a 7th season...
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