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  • Want more

    I love this show. I want all the fans to come back and get used to the FBI. I really love the dialogue between Jane and Lisbon. It makes watching it fun and interesting. I also like it when they give Cho more lines, which they are starting to do. i wouldn't mind for Rigsby and Van Pelt to come back but they probably aren't. I know for sure that they will be in more episodes before the season is over. And no, i seriously doubt they would kill them off, Bruno Heller isn't that cruel.

    I can tell this show will only going to get better. I was so sick of RJ and now i'm ready to see what life has in store for Jane now that chapter is closed in his life.
  • i miss interesting cases and The original team

    i'm very dissapoint lately, i like red jhon story, its was ok to finish that storyline,. i love also to see the original cast, solving crimes in each episode,, with or without RJ, but the new characters ,the hight profile crimes that Pj is with the FBI are boring. Wish the original team get together again solving crimes, i really enjoed the police cases, there were very interesting .... and do for me
  • Best binge watching ever

    Im up to season three and loving this show. So great to see wit in a sleuthing show!
  • go jisbon!!!!!

    is it normal that i still desperately hope for Jisbon ?
  • Next episode 6x13

    Next episode will air on the 9th of March

    How should I even SURVIVE!?
  • Next episode

    Does anyone know when the next episode is airing?
  • Best Show On TV Including The Premium Cable Network Shows

    I was a bit skeptical at first, as to how the show was going to flow after Jane finished off Red John.

    But the three new episodes did not disappoint. The show still has it's magical mix of drama, wit, cunning and charm.

    I believe the new principal characters fit perfectly and will develop more and more as the show goes on. Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon and Cho's interaction with them and each other is priceless
  • Loving it

    I just absolutely love this show!! Hope it never ends!
  • his is going to catch her !!

    I guess in upcoming episodes, Jane well cooperate with FBI to catch "Erica Flynn", so what do u think?

  • Awesome

    I just love this show
  • Very disappointed

    Sorry to see the way they are going with the show. Never actually explained the mall shooting episode in the next season opener, now they are coping another shows concept. "White Collar" has been using this concept of having the character work with the FBI or be put back in prison for rest of his sentence for last 4 years. Sorry to see show go this way.
  • Surprising twist

    I enjoyed 6x09 more than I expected. Good writing right there. Just when everything seemed to be over, they changed everything in a horrifying yet incredibly entertaining way. This show managed to leave my jaw dropped once again :)
  • Better and better

    Look like a big change in script coming? Jane working for FBI and Lisbon his assistant ?
  • Still a great show

    The identity of Red John was really disappointing. Sheriff McAllister diid not fit the character. The old, unattractive, small town sheriff being the charismatic, powerful serial killer who could get hundreds, if not thousands, of men and women to follow him and kill on his behalf is laughable. Ray Heffner or Walter Mashburn (anyone remember the attractive millionaire?) would have have been more fitting candidates. But the Red John saga must come to an end. There cannot be another Red John. Jane has already killed two Red Johns (shot one, strangled one). If he kills another one (perhaps butcher him with a knife), Jane becomes a serial killer. "Criminal Minds" would profile him as a sadistic psychopath with no remorse, and we'll see another "Dexter" emerging. We cannot have that. The reason millions of others and I watch this show is because we love Jane. He's charismatic, smart, funny, kind (remember all his casino winnings he donated to charity?) and totally likable. So, let's forget the bad decisions made by Chis Long and Bruno Heller (Simon Baker made it up with his stellar acting when he strangled Red John) and move on with the show. On the whole this is a great show and I want to see many more seasons of it.

  • Disappointing end to it

    The much wanted episode - not so exciting!
  • Red John Petition

    If you are unhappy with the outcome of 5 years of the mentalist sign the petition. 254/419/054/we-want-to-see-the-real-red-john-episode/
  • Finally

    I am so glad Jayne finally caught red john it was just dragging on. I loved the way Jayne killed him dying by Jaynes hand. What's up with Vanpelt and Rigsby? I know they are leaving the show but I though on a good note please do not write them out with a divorce or separation. Overall still my favourite show!
  • Episode reflections...

    I wanted him to kill Red John, so I'm glad they let him do it his way--those kinds of worthless, inbred scum don't deserve a 'fair trial' no matter what the law says, and I'm very happy that Jane was the one to personally send it to hell. Nice touch on the strangulation, too, by the way, because anybody can simply shoot the bad guy--I love that they allowed Jane to do it the personal way, so the garbage he killed could see his face when it died, and that let it know that IT was the one that lost 'the importantly, it then knew, with its dying breath, that Jane had indeed 'won'. I like it when the evil heathens loose, but love it when they are forced to KNOW that they lost before they die. And at least the writers allowed us to see it fear for its life. Everyone knows the most brutal killers are usually total cowards, and always beg for mercy before doing the world a favor and dying themselves, so it was great to see Red John fear for its life. Great casting, by the way, with Xander Berkley--I love this actor, and hated seeing him play the evil thing we all wanted dead, but he's such a good actor, he played Red John's arrogance, ego, and cowardice perfectly!
  • it ws "ok"

    only good part tonight was when Jane asked Mcallister the two questions then strangled him!!! LOVED can really ACT!!!! Just without saying a word!!!!

    The BAD part was that Red John was NOT NOT NOT that tall. He had a build like Partiridge. That was a huge disspointment. The writers had Mcalllister use a phony voice like " I win you lose' and that was all that they addressed the voice part. But the BODY TYPE IS WRONG!

    Glad it's over though. I am NOT NOT NOT looking forward to seeing jANE MOVE ON after seeing the previews next week like he's in Mexico or something. The producer also said from her on The Mentailist will be more on the "lighter" side. Rigsby and Van Pelt will no longer be there and they are bring in two new afraid the show is doomed. One of the BEST BEST parts of the show are the interactions with Rigsby and CHO!. I'll still watch but am no longer looking forward to Sunday night and my "favorite show"
  • McAllister

    so it's McAllister... I'm a bit disappointed but the season is not over so who knows what will happen next
  • RED john is ri8 below.

    its "bret partridge"!!!!
  • Two surprising suspects

    I think next Sunday when they end the Red John storyline it will be between two surprising suspects. Either Partridge, after faking his death and replacing the body with a low level member of the Association, or it will be Kirkland's twin brother. Kirkland explained his obsession with the Red John case as an act of revenge for the death of his what if his brother WAS Red John all these years? That will explain why Kirkland was both on the trail of the killer but also a killer himself. Red John could just pose as his brother and walk around unmolested in crime scenes and government offices.
  • The good news - Red John is almost gone

    The bad news - the existence of a widespread police conspiracy shows every chance of reappearing. I hope this doesn't drag the show into the dirt.
  • Fire and Brimstone

    Very good episode. We are finally getting to the final reveal of Red John. I really think it is Bertram. What better way to hide then to be the head hancho. I always liked the Red John story. Has it gone to far, maybe a little. But i always liked it paired with the case by case episodes. Can't wait see what's next.
  • Enough Red John. Move on

    It is absurd the money I pay for satellite TV just to watch 4 shows a week - The Mentalist, Project Runway - yes I'm a PR junkie, The Big Bang Theory and 60 Minutes or Dateline. When I knew the football game on Sunday was running late, I set my DVR to record the following 2 shows, just to be sure I wouldn't miss The Mentalist. Patrick Jane's unique ability to break a case and his charismatic smile keeps me tuning in every week. But enough with Red John. Hope the writers have Jane kill off RJ in his effort to avenge his wife and daughter, so he can finally move on - let's see him date, and solve more crimes with his 'psychic' powers. Yes, I know, "there is no such thing as a psychic". Keep The Mentalist going CBS. There is so much yet waiting to happen. Any CBS had it right the first season - Tuesday nights was perfect.
  • Red John ... Red John ... Red John Ad Nauseum

    Everyone enjoys a good continuing story, but this one has gone way over board. They've plugged major brains into a reputed serial killer and Jayne has made the whole thing his life's obsession. Hopefully the last episode will have cleared this up once and for all so the writers can get on with something ELSE. To be sure the resulting explosion following a gun shot was a neat ending, just so long as it brings the Red John fiasco to just that, an ending.
  • Save The Mentalist!

    After the terrible debacle of last nights S06E06 being replaced with a rerun, I fear that this wonderful show is headed for cancellation. Apparently it hit an all time low for ratings. Did CBS really not see that happening by first pushing back the time because of a football game and second replacing what had been hyped up all week as the most exciting episode yet with a rerun? Not to mention the colossal mistake of moving it to Sunday.

    This is the best show on . and I find that it's the only reason I turn my . on anymore. I don't hate the Red John episodes, I've always thought they were exciting, but the Red John episodes aren't why I keep coming back. I'm okay with the end of the Red John story line. It's Jane, and Jane and Lisbon, and the team that keep me coming back to the show every week.

    I, for one, would feel cheated if the show was canceled after this season. I want to see the show after Red John. I want to see what happens to Jane. I want him to have new bad guys to fight, I want to see more clever ways he has of bringing them down, I want to see more of his endearing humor and I'd love to see him date? Meh... That's be interesting/weird/interesting... I'm going to go with yes, I want to see him date.

    There are so many things they could explore with this show and I have been waiting for the Red John story line to end so it can. Don't cancel it please!

    I'll be keeping my eyes peeled all year and if it looks like it's going to be canceled, maybe we should all pull a Jericho, or Roswell, and have all the fans send in packets of tea to show that we want more; that we don't want it to end.

    Besides, it seems to me that fans would be happy to keep watching/start watching again if they'd just boot Red John. Which is happening this year. Don't let Red John's capture be the end of the show. It's not about him, it's about Jane, and his story continues after Red John dies, right? I'm crossing my fingers anyway.

    I love this show!
  • IDKnow

    1) Episode strong points - Good Johnatan Creek style room mystery.

    I think that psychologist mistaken / misspeled Acrophobia for Arachnophobia. So its not fear of hight but fear of spiders so thats means Ray Haffner is Red John. He fits in many ways ar Roy/Ray Age etc as red John.

    However i will still say Red John is Patrick i dont care how stupid it sounds - cause Red John thing now is stupid and i want it to end soon. And to have back old good Mentalist
  • Red John needs to die

    I need to stop watching the Mentalist, formerly a favorite show. The Red John scenarios have outlasted long ago their interest and need to die a quick death
  • What?

    OK. The story has elevated from silly to illogical. The homeland security guy is torturing people following a fake list in order to get to RJ! But this same guy did deliberately silence a key witness, a member of RJ cult, who personally knew RJ and could identify him! I am not even talking about that this kirkland character, who is supposed to be an experienced and intelligent agent, could so easily take peadophiles or drug dealers for RJ - a guy who is deeply disturbed but at the same time so well in manipulating people, organizations including even the law enforcment-. Please, just drop this RJ character and give us some good old Patrick Jane mystery solving cases. I feel only sadder and sadder each time I watch a new episode ...
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