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  • Bored

    Just watched RED LISTED, and have to confess that, after all these years, I'm totally bored with the Red John storyline bored with the incompetence and arrogance of the FBI, the CBI, the CIA, and whatever organization is out there NOT doing there jobs! Every last one of them, Jane and Lisbon included, are really getting on my nerves and will now wait until I read something on this site to let me know it's all over. Absolutely nothing believable and I hope it turns out that Jane himself is Red John!!
  • it's a family thing

    bret stiles killed rj. patridge was rj. and stiles son.
  • I think I know

    Let me be the first to say. Lisbon is connected to Red John!!!!
  • CBI - Charming But Indefinite (Red John)

    I enjoy the Mentalist becos I like the chemistry of the whole CBI team and Simon Baker brings a certain cool factor to the whole show. I can understand if one kills your entire family, one would naturally be obsessed with pursuing the killer/s. Will the Mentalist end with the capture or demise of Red John eventually or will the Mentalist go on with a newer more ruthless nemesis? I try not to be Mental about how the series would progress or end but just take it for what it's designed to do, entertain. I used to ask myself, if given a choice to pick ONLY one of the following shows to watch, which would it be? Person Of Interest, White Collar, The Blacklist, Hawaii Five-O, Geez, gotta ask Red John before he turns blue.
  • Too far into a stretch

    I love the Mentalist. I think Simon Baker plays an excellent role, very smart, sarcastic, friendly, sensitive, and with one specific purpose, to find out and kill Red John. Now this is the part that's to my opinion doesn't live up to the show. Red John is a mystery and always been a step ahead of the CBI crew. However he has talked to Patrick on the phone a few times in the past and also based on the description of the little girl in one of the episodes who shows Patrick a smiley face on her hand the CBI crew should be able to narrow down and pick Red John out of the six reminder suspects. A good twist would be that none of them is the real Red John, or this is just another accomplice of him. However I think the show would've starting to get a little bit lame. Patrick James in season three, episode 24 killed a man who's supposedly was Red John. That man sounds more like the guy on the phone who speaks with James from time to time.
  • Sick of Red John!

    I really like the show but I find myself avoiding storylines that even mention Red John. Get rid of this character because I want to watch The Mentalist again. The writers must have ADD!!
  • Cruel Mentalist

    Patrick Jane sadly lost his wife and daughter to a vicious beast. My heart goes out to his wife and daughter, not to "Jane". Although he is a brilliant analyst/mentalist he is just as much or more a sociopathic, ill meaning "Ass". Jane will disengage at will from assisting in solving murders, missing persons, assaults, or ANY other cases when the whim suits him. He is grossly callous towards co-workers, victims and their families and everyone else regardless of the circumstances. "Red this" "Red that". The whole world can go to "Hell in a Hand basket" when "Red John" comes up. Once again, he is a "Sociopath", a con man that mercilessly devoured ANYONE for sport.

    This is the best show on TV. Simon Baker is riviting and the stories are much superior to other crime shows. As far as Red John goes, I love the continuing suspense of wondering who he is. I think that it would ruin the show if we found out his identity, unless we replaced him with another mystery man or woman. I think Red John is LaRoche but it would be a real kick in the head if it were the inscrutable Cho.

    Let me first start off saying how much my brother, sister, mom, dad, grandfather, and I love this show. We watch reruns On Demand every night. The Mentalist has something different about it that other shows don't have. The cases are better, the way they solve the crimes, and the whole aspect of the show i think is great. I have been watching the Mentalist for two years now and I have seen almost every episode. One night when there was no new Mentalist On Demand my family and I decided to watch CSI. The show was good but we all agreed it wasn't like The Mentalist. We also love Red John and we sometimes get into screaming matches who we think he is lol. What I don't get is if you don't like the Red John story line than don't watch the ones with Red John in it. Don't throw out the show completely. Red John is ending this season and the whole series might be done so please don't have a great show end on a bad line because you don't like Red John. My friends and I WANT SEVEN SEASONS SO KEEP THE SHOW ALIVE. Last, but not least I love Simon Baker. He is so talented and an amazing actor and i would be sad if i didn't see him on tv.
  • The Red John Obsession

    I used to really like this show - until Patrick Jane's obsession with Red John went on and nauseum and got old a long time ago. If it's true that . will finally be revealed this season, I might watch it again. It is also a turn off to me that Jane is allowed to do pretty much anything he wants to. Oh, Lisbon and others chastise him and sometimes threaten him, but he (and viewers) know it's not sincere. That makes Lisbon look like a wimp and that's too bad, because I like her. Her hands are tied. I will watch hoping for improvements. Overall I really like the cast.
  • Red John - The only weak point in a nine star show

    Red John is the ONLY thing that doesn't quite work in this series. This super-villain is just too much in every aspect and doesn't seem very plausible which in my opinion clashes with the rest of the show.

    But besides that I think the cast is well picked, the scripts are well written and the whole show has a twisted sense of humour that goes through it. Even though the other characters are interesting and well acted/written it's clear from episode one that Simon Baker with his presence and charming smile really carries the show, and I doubt it could be any other way since everything is based on his mentalist skills. Hey even the title suggests it.

    When compared to some other similar shows out there (criminal dramas with a twist) I think the writers really manage to come up with (murder) mysteries that are interesting. My other favourite show right now, Castle, seldom manage to do that and have to rely heavily on the characters. When it comes to The Mentalist I think most of the episodes could hold their own in an ordinary cop drama. But that's just a testament to the skills of the writing staff behind the show. Just too bad they spiralled out of control with Red John.
  • Red John, Red Herring

    I think that Red John is something of a red herring. A character that perhaps should have been disposed of in the first couple of seasons but has somehow developed a life of its own. The writers seemingly have developed a character that has the viewing public's expectation of finality. As each season draws to a closed we are lead to believe each succeeding season will reveal the answer. In that way the writers are guaranteed a season renewal. It is a literary device that leads the viewer to make the false assumption that it has substance. I give it a 6.5 for that reason.
  • Red John - enough!

    I like the Mentalist but am so very tired of the Red John storyline - it started out to be intriguing but has become so very stupid and impossible - when I see that an episode is going to be about Red John, I don't watch it. I think the Red John story keeps going on because the writers haven't figured out a way to wrap it up.

  • A bit weak...

    I am a bit hard to please I suppose. I find the show generally boring even though it is a good try at making a Columbo type show again. I think the fact that people over 40 have been relegated to the sidelines where 90 percent of prime time drama/cop shows are concerned bugs me a bit since it is years that give people knowledge-generally. I find these types of shows also generally lack imagination and are basically all the same.
  • Solve Red John Elementary crossover show.

    Getting tired of the Red John mystery too. Can we just solve it. Lets have a two part Elementary/Mentalist crossover, since Jane can't solve it, I'm sure Holmes and Watson can come in to help Jane solve it. C'mon this would be great to do. Holmes and Watson can be on vacation in the Napa Valley and stumble across a Red John murder and join up with the CBI gang to solve it.
  • diarmuidism

    I love this show. I feel anybody who puts it down lacks imagination and patience. I can not wait too see who Red John is. But the fact is, as soon as we do this show will be dead. So as much as I want to know, I am not looking forward to that day. I have never been so into a character as much as I am into Patrick Jane. This show has been going for 5 years and I have watched all 116 episodes in about a year. That,s over two a week. This show is the reason y TV does not pick up dust.
  • Really, another season?

    OK, this has turned into "Murder she wrote", dammit! It's just not exciting any longer. We've just been watching this last season to see if they find Red John and it's gotten to a point where we no longer care to watch it. I'll just have to find out who Red John is without watching more of it. I remember we said during season 4, hope they don't plan a season 5. But what do you know, here comes season 6. B'bye!
  • As if anyone cares.

    I would guess red john is the creepy cult church leader who Jane has crossed swords with a few times. He is a leader of a large organisation of mentally brainwashed subservient worshippers, which ties in with the fanaticism of red john's followers. He is also rich and powerful enough to use bribery and coercion when necessary to cover his tracks. Perhaps the recent episode of the barn murders where red john's sign was painted on the outside wall was a clue, as the farm concerned was owned by his church.
  • Had enough of Red John, we won't be returning.

    We used to love the series, but with the Red John saga, we've decided enough is enough. Sometimes I wonder if CBS is testing to see how much crap the viewing audience is willing to put up with. This dragging it on & on & on... it didn't work on CSI with the Dr. Langston/Nate Haskell saga and it's not working here. You'd think they'd learn from past mistakes.....
  • Hangup on Red John

    OH for the love of Pete. ENOUGH OF RED JOHN ALREADY! And Jane get it on with Lisbon, you know you both want too for Gods sake. I really don't think I can stand another season of Red John, good grief.
  • Get help.

    If you let the BAU team from Criminal Minds in on this they can prolly solve Jane's problem quicker.

    Alex Blake can just squint and look smart but act stupid as she usually does. I'm sure everyone will manage to put up with her as they usually do.
  • Red John

    My family are loyal fans of the I don't give a crap about who red john is-----just tell us and move on to more interesting mysteries to solve already please :)
  • Get on with it.

    Lorelei died before Kirklands men broke in the Janes "office". So how could he know about the suspect list? And how do you kill an untold childhood memory?

    Anyway Jane is left with no new leads on getting Red John. I'm frustrated!!!! Hope season six will be the last season. You can't keep leading people on for much longer.
  • Still dealing with Red Seriously?

    I loved the show during its first two/three seasons, but then things got so repetitive and boring I pretty much stopped watching. And the characters aren't developing.
  • Mentalist

    Love the show! Why doesn't Patrick find love again?
  • Somebody save THE MENTALIST!!!

    This was a GREAT show and it still has the potential but for some mysterious reason they decided to hide Van Pelt behind a desk (instead of putting her pregnancy into the plot, dah) and turn Cho, Rigsby and Lisbon into totally one dimensional characters with no lines or effect into the stories. If Patrick actually had something going MAYBE it would still be OK but he hasn't! He is just TRYING (and trying and to remember while we are tired of waiting (and waiting and Such a shame really.
  • Any show

    Have recommended this show to others AND they refuse to watch it cause the WOMAN in charge, Teresa looks like an idiot and then after watching I realized you have definately made her to look like a fool ... WTF.... Great to have Patrick play his role but not to be used to make Teresa look stupid???!!!

  • Good show

    good show
  • Seeing Red

    Enough of the Red John - over the cooler dishing the lame storyline.

    Losing viewers. Be original
  • It's time to move on with the Red John storyline.

    I believe that the Red John story has had a good run for its money and now it would be a good time to put an end to this so that we can go on with our lives as well as the cast. I am sure that the writers can come up with another villain or something else of interest if not it will serve no purpose to squeeze this story till it dies a natural death along with the program. You all are kicking a dead horse here so let's move onwards and upwards. When people feel that the story line is getting old they move one. There are many excellent new programs that can tempt them so beware. Unless, of course, you plan to end the program on this note which would be a shame as it is a very good program. Producers of TV programs have done so many absurd things in the past that I wouldn't put it past them to shoot themselves in the foot.
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