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  • Love the Show But the RED JOHN angle is becoming Tiresome

    I loved the show from the first episode , I love the characters and enjoy the stories, but the Red John story was interesting whne it started and now the sun shines because Red John allows it ! Gimme a break. its sloppy writing and no longer fun, just plain ole tiresome. Yeah I still give the show a high mark but gimme a break with the Red John angle lets move on am not even interested oin knowing who he is or what happens to him.
  • LOVE the show!

    I absolutely love Patrick Jane. I think he's just hilarious. And there's something about Cho, that makes him a favorable character for me.
  • Red John

    Enjoy the mentalist for the exception of Red John, at 1st it was fine, the writers seem to get lazy and beat a topic to the death of the show.
  • Review and wishes

    The Mentalist has incredible writers which keep you in suspence each and every week. The actors work so well together. The character Patrick Jane keeps the intrigue exciting and clever. I am however concerned that the night of the premere is on a Sunday night. There is nothing else much on Thursdays and I stay home just to watch it. Sunday nights it will be in great competition with many other shows that I watch. I voter to move it back to Thursday nights.
  • Any and All The Mentalist

    I enjoy the episodes whether they include "Red John" or not. The cast works great together and I enjoy the "tricks" that "Patrick Jane" uses to manipulate people to tell the truth. With or With out Red John the show would be a hit with me!
  • The Mentalist

    The Mentalist is My favourite show because how each of the character's are good in their own way,how well each episode is written and most importantly the Red John storyline which makes you think because all the characters have their reasons for being Red John which makes it even more interesting.... I personally think that Red John is Bret Stiles the cult leader.
  • Red John?

    The Mentalist is really one of my favorite shows, I watch it all the time with my 14yo daughter who shares the same intrest in the show with me. While talking one day, she was wondering who, like some other fans of the show, Red John was. I may have overanalyzed the show a little bit too much, but I am fairly certain I know who he really is. One thing that sparked my mind while talking to my daughter was the fact of how long this show has gone and how much longer it can go before others figure out who Red John is.
  • losing patience.........cant wait anymore..........

    freaking awesome show.......patrick jane-what an awesome doubt, script is been written smartly........keep going.....

    only fear i have is that, this show may lose its popularity once the audience know who is actually RED JOHN...........well thats what the biggest suspense which drives me crazy..................
  • Great Job All

    I just love this show , it is one of my favorite shows , if they catch him what would Jane think about then? ox
  • Great tv show

    This is a great tv show with a great cast , I watch alot of tv shows , it's in my list of top 10 tv shows. By the way i think we have seen red john in season 1 , he played in just 1 episode.
  • change of time slots

    okay once again an idiotic programmer decided to know or think he knows better than the rest of us. moving the mentalist to sundays at 10pm which of course is the kiss of death because no one watches tv on sunday because they have to go to work the next day. point in case csi miami. why oh why when you have an entertaining show you have to kill it by putting in this time slot? I like this show so do others so what do the morons at cbs do kill it by changing the time slot and day. as usually cbs has their head up their asses as usual.
  • no loyalty

    I can't believe that after 1. the first season sucked, bad acting,etc, 2nd season was better each season getting better the last was actually really good the redjohn climax. Now the network is putting it in the dead and dying slot. Why are the networks limiting shows to 5 years, greed probably they all get paid way too much. But if a show is successful and fans like it it's so screwed up.
  • Love this Show but,....

    I indeed think it's time they show red John's face. Even if they don't really catch him.It's been four seasons already, and not one slight chance of Jane meeting him.

    Plus Jane and Lisbon are playing cat and mouse. Common Jane sleep with her already. we know you both want that. the sparks are flying high.
  • Tired of Red John

    I enjoy The Mentalist for the light hearted way in which Patrick solves crimes. However, the recent seasons are no longer as light-hearted and have become darker. The producers/writers have over-emphasized on Red John. For me, the attraction of the show is the humour and the creative ways in which Patrick solves the crimes, and not the mystery surrounding Red John. In fact, I only enjoy those episodes without Red John.
  • Not my kind of show

    Lots of work put into the show, but I just didn't enjoy it. The acting is okay, but it's exaggerated violence for me.
  • A Star among Astroids

    So few really unique shows on network television, The Mentalist is one of them. Of course it is another "Cop Show" (really, aren't there enough already?) but Patrick's personality is enough to keep me coming back week after week. An now of course Red John has reappeared on the scene. Did you really think he was dead?
  • 4x23 WOOOOW!

    I was hoping for a RJ episode!! WOW

    I feel so sorry for Jane, every single time. the scene at the beginning with the cart, cemetary and later the restaurant and when he burned the files really killed me! :'( so sad... and when he told them that he had givin up on finding RJ!

    he needs to find him soon! and I think this episode was a start to that. to the new him. like in the 1st or 2nd season he would have never put a crime man into a cofin just that he will confess.. but now either he's just sick of the whole chasing game with RJ or he just wants his revenge!

    and after I saw the promo I knew Jane is going to take harsh methods to get his way! like getting fired was his first step to that direction! I knew at the end of this episode that he wants to go solo on finding him and after seeing the promo I think he wants to join RJ to get closer.

  • Like the show

    Very enjoyable show. I'm happy that, for the most part, the show presents hypnosis in a positive, realistic way.

    Also, the growing relationship between Jane and Lisbon is very refreshing in that it seems like they will become better friends and not lovers. Thank you for that!
  • I disliked this show for the first two or even three seasons. But now that they actually have enough good adversaries for Jane its become enjoyable!

    In the first few seasons Jane easily buldozed all sorts of people with cheap little tricks and it just seemed slightly absurd that no one saw through his rather obvious cons. The only exception was of course Red John, and I enjoyed their interaction. But now that he generally goes up against worthier people the show has become fun to watch. Styles is of course the best of the lot. But there are others! Good direction!!!!!
  • Best Show Ever

    This is absolutely my favorite show. I think the character of Patrick Jane is very intriguing and I really want to know who Red John is. I'll follow it until the very end.
  • Very Different

    I love this show because I can't get enough of Patrick Jane. He has a funny personality that everyone can get drawn too. Five years ago he lost his family to red john, Jane has been searching for him for years to get revenge. He solves a lot of his cases using his abilities as an excellent observer to details, people behaviors. This show is very unique and most of the times some funny action pack episode. Half of the cases are pretty easy to solve if you pay attention to detail, this show is made for hard cases. It's more watching a story unfold, and the series is wrapped around Jane's development. This show is a much watch in my book just because its different from other investigation series.
  • Agents Lisbon & Van Pelt

    The show is OK, but I only watch it because of Robin Tunney (agent Lisbon) and Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt)... that red head is awesome!!!!
  • DID love show

    Sick Sick Sick of RED JOHN Come on writers. Great cast, do something better with them.
  • Dixie Lee Eubank

    Patrick need to grow some balls - He was so good in the other TV show he use to be in. (I can't remember the name of the show. After all, he's chasing down Red John who is a monster and the last episode he was in when the boat blew up. He ran down the blank like some sissy. Not very good writing!!!!!!
  • Starting to wear thin

    My wife and I have been watching this show from the beginning and have found it quite intriguing. I would ahve rated it at a 9 or so when it began but it seems to have lots much of its magic this season. To me, the character of Patrick Jane is becoming less appealing. He seems to be much more manipulative of other people (including his coworkers) with little or no regard for their feelings. Its becoming harder to classify him as a 'good guy' because the past several episodes have had him doing things both illegal and objectionable. Are they leading up to Patrick becoming a 'Red John II'?

    I thought the end of the last season and start of this one to be excellent with Red John finally getting killed. And then they ruined it all by intimating that he is still alive. Personally, I'm tired of the entire Red John sub plot and wish they had let it die.

    To my mind the character of Patrick Jane is in a downspiral to 'the dark side'.

    I'm not familiar with the show 'Psych' that others have compared it to but it bears a lot of similarities to the show 'Profiler' (1996-2000) which lasted 4 seasons. Will 'The Mentalist' have a better run? I'm begiining to doubt it.
  • Engaging show with a different take on solving crimes.

    I started out watching this show thinking that it was just a non-funny version of "Psych". It turns out that it is quite different, with its own brand of humor.

    Patrick Jane is a professional "psychic" who insults a notorious serial killer on television. The killer, known as Red John, gets revenge for Jane's disrespect by killing his wife and young daughter.

    Jane, devestated, quits his profession and somehow wangles a consulting job with the fictional California Bureau of Investigation, kind of a cross between California's real Bureau of Investigation & Intelligence and the FBI. He takes to his new career, like a duck to water, using his skills at reading people's verbal tells and body language to help his team solve crimes. In fact, this is the most unrealistic part of the show. Jane is so good at what he does that the only thing he really needs the other law enforcement officials for is to arrest the killer, or to save him when he (somewhat stupidly sometimes) reveals his deductions to the criminal. One is left with the impression that the officials at the CBI are incompetent, or that perhaps Jane does have psychic powers.

    Despite this logic flaw, I have grown to really enjoy this show. Shawn Spencer of "Psych" is a savant at observing crime scenes and detecting relevant evidence from a sea of data, plus it is always played for laughs. Jane has keen observational skills as well, but his forte is reading people, and while there are humorous moments in the show, the back-story keeps it from being played strictly for laughs.

    What I enjoy about Jane is his willingness to ask embarrassing questions to suspects and his total disrespect for authority or pomposity. A classic moment was when Jane thought the husband of a murdered woman was not showing proper respect in regard to the death of his wife. Jane flicked his nose and called him a "contemptible little buffoon."

    Kris Kristofferson wrote that "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose", and by that standard Jane is truly a free man. He's already lost everything of value to him, and thus he is free to do and say things that the rest of us can only dream about.
  • The Mentalist

    Awesome show, I just love Jane. He's downright hilarious at times.
  • He used to be psychic (actually he pretender to be psychic) but admitted he lied as he is very observant. He now helps police solve murders.

    Overall it could be great show if they have chosen different cast. Individually they are Ok but not together. Patrick Jane is now helping police as he is extremely observant and see things other people cannot. Lead detective, young women is just... don't know... Characterless I would say. Actually she is main reason why i don't watch this show. There is not chemistry between them at all. Other team members are OK, they are either likable or not but are in character. But overall it is just bit flat. Someone dies, police had working theory which is always wrong until Jane tells them what/how to deal with it. However he is very good and without him this show would not survive 5 episodes.
  • this show is horrible. it copied psych! it has the same basic idea and storyline, but it's not as good. not even close. it is not even funny but psych is hilarious!!! hystericallllll :d if you want a good show, watch psych! not the mentalist!


    the mentalist is completely mental. it copied psych, but it failed at its attempt to be better. psych was always better, still is and always will be. this show should be taken off or changed. it stinks! psych should sue. but they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too nice :) but they make fun of it in some episodes hahahaha.
    psycho forever!

  • The Mentalist captures everything great you want in a detective drama. Twisted crimes with a satisfying & resolute ending to most episodes. Humour is available in abundance and the characters really grow on you especially Patrick Jane.

    The Mentalist captures everything great you want in a detective drama. Twisted crimes with a satisfying & resolute ending to most episodes. Humour is available in abundance and the characters really grow on you especially Patrick Jane. The best thing about This show is that it has an underlying storyline to it as well. Its not just solving crime after crime and getting no further. Jane's past plays a significant part to the tale of progression. Every now and then we are given what I call 'story episodes'. With other shows you can watch a few episodes here and there and be none the wiser if there was any major developments. With The Mentalist you want to watch all the episodes. All in all The Mentalist gives a good mix of non relevant yet entertaining episodes & Story building episodes, enough to keep you hooked for more. If your reading this, don't procrastinate, download it or something. You'll Be happy you did!
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