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  • Sick of Red John too

    I hate the Red John stuff, this would be a better show without it. This used to be my favorite show!
  • End Red John Already !!

    So sick of this Red John story. Enough already. Seriously why do they keep dragging this on for so many seasons? There is a better show past this stupid Red John storyline. Every time they say "red john" now I cringe. Other shows have been able to move past the initial set ups and make the dynamics work, like Castle, which is better than ever now with them as a couple. Simon Baker is so charming and can be funny, but this whole dark, heavy story needs to go. This show is best when it is clever and shows off his scam artist skills and charm.
  • The best TV show.

    The Mentalist is a "TOUCH OF GENIUS", full of ideas and concepts that make the mind think. Many in depth psychological aspects of the show are brilliant. The mythology of the show is unlike any other drama onTV, one that involves and grips the viewer. Its characters are painstakingly drawn out and full of personality and complexity, that one thinks they are real. The acting of Simon Baker is astonishing, he brings so much depth and layers to the Patrick Jane's character. "Flawless cast, awesome cases and interesting plot", I love it all. I am truly addicted to the show, and can hardly wait for the next episode! And I am not alone!

    The Mentalist is a Global Hit TV Show and not like any other show that has ever been produced. The main character, Patrick Jane aka Simon Baker has become an international Star, an incredible phenomenon of our times for 50-60 million people watching the show around the world. In France Simon Baker is considered a "God" like figure. People in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan watch the show!!! It is truly the most brilliant and the greatest TV show that has ever been created. "The Whole World is Watching, and They Love It", look at the IMDb Message Board. "This show connects with all People and Cultures around the Globe, and could be an 'archetype' for the future of TV on Planet Earth".

  • Ta ta Lorelei

    Loved this ep! So glad to get back to RJ and to a regular time slot. The Red John storyline is the soul of this show so I wish people would stop cranking about it. Patrick Jane is a great character - not Sherlock Holmes and not Shawn Spencer. I will miss Lorelei but am sure someone else will come along to take her place. Perhaps a member of Visualize?
  • Mentalist and sexual sadism

    We're done with The Mentalist. We have liked the characters, most of the plots, etc. But tonight we turned on the latest (recorded) new episode and were soon assaulted visually with truly nasty stuff -- ugly beatings, electrocutions, etc. -- that played like sexual sadism. First, it simply wasn't pleasant. Second, there were kids in the room. It felt like the show has turned a corner, and we aren't going with it. You've lost us.
  • Thank Goodness!!

    Thank goodness we're finally getting back to the driving force behind Patrick Jane, and thank goodness that all the people bitching about it, apparently are in the minority, judging by the overall rating of Sunday's episode.

    For the life of me, I can't figure out how anyone can complain about this last episode. It had intensity, it revealed a bit more about the RJ mystery, there were some great exchanges with Jane and Lisbon, and possibly, some new "suspects" have been brought into the mix.

    Just like Jane said, it has always been mainly about Redjohn. The "crime of the week" formula is what has been draining the show of its life. There's a compelling backstory that needs to be consistently developed, while Jane is solving crimes. It's this inconsistency that makes RJ feel like an intrusion whenever an episode tries to deal with him. Whereas, if the writers were a bit more adept at developing RJ, weekly, it wouldn't bother people so much. My hunch is that they've been afraid that RJ would be history too quickly, if they did that. Perhaps they feel that if RJ is dealt with, the show itself will be over, since Jane is defined by his obsession with revenge. I could be wrong.

    In any event, I think The Mentalist could take a lesson from shows like White Collar and Burn Notice, which do a very good job at keeping a main "backstory" feeling alive and fresh by developing various aspects of it, season to season, but always revealing another piece of the puzzle, each and every week. I hope The Mentalist will learn to do this, too, because it's frustrating to have to wait weeks to get another piece of the RJ puzzle! Here's hoping for more skillful plot development (ala White Collar and Burn Notice) in the seasons to come.

  • so over red john plot!

    this story line is getting SO BORING. hopefully the writers of this show read these reviews. we are all over him. story line is so WEAK. get on with the show for heaven's sake. im not watching anymore - i thought we were safe for the last few episodes - but oh no, here we go yet again - more red john - bruno heller enough already!!! im an aussie so naturally am a huge fan of simon baker - simon talk to the writers for heavens sake and let's get back to how good the show used to be!! because its garbage now. i agree with JohnHolmes about switching channels.

    put us out of our misery please
  • Red John

    If they don't kill off Red John in the next episode, I'm changing the channel. Just really frustrated, Red John this and Red John that. Get rid of him already. BTW, Cho Rocks!!!
  • The show ...

    ... was darn good but time to put red john to bed. Turn the page, close the book and move one. Disappointed in the new episode as it's more of the old theme. Get some new writers.
  • The Mentalist

    This has been a brilliant show from the beginning and now Jane is getting closer than ever to Red John and as season 5 is going on I'm starting to get the feeling this could be the season we find out who he is I think Red John is either Bret Stiles or Gale Bertram but this show is so good so the writers could make it anyone.
  • Great show as always

    Always enjoyed the show. You guys always do such a great job.
  • The Mentalist

    Best show on TV!! 5 years and still can't get enough of it!! But Sunday night, sometimes at 10, sometimes 11? Hopefully CBS will fix the problem for the next season!!

    Red have my ideas, but they're probably not even close. I'm sure he's someone who we least expect!!!

    I love watching Simon Baker and I'm a devoted Robin Tunney fan. They're just great together.

    And to the writers: More Lisbon!!! I adore her!!!
  • More than one nemesis!

    A second mastermind from a cult church dealing with good and evil other than Red John would start to pump up interest.

    I love this show and the actors in it,. One of the main characters may have to die in order to introduce new characters and plot twists and pump the viewership up in the 5th season.

    Something is conflicted in Red John. Acts like a complete murderous maniac, yet has followers, power and influence, money, and not the best reason in the world to kill Jane's family, beside being one step ahead of the main character, who is based on Sherlock Holmes.

    Is Red John more than one person - one evil doer? And why? I am waiting this 5th season for some big, big changes to occur in The Mentalist, but after 4 seasons of hard teasing, there has got to be an equally big payoff soon.

    It's been 5 seasons and we only know that Jane shook hand with Red John and he didn't know it. I do love this show, but it could be so much more if they started to speed up the entire process. The near omnipotence of the Red John character has to start showing some failures, if only because it makes no sense for this show to keep up this angle as it is. Red John is to Jane what Joker is to Batman or Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes. Eventually, somehow, we need to get to Red John in a very tangible way.
  • This is me a phenomenon

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  • Simon Baker saves this show

    It's worth watching if only for his great acting in every episode. Bruno Heller, Simon Baker and Robin Tunney all deserve to be working on a better show than this. The Mentalist is better than a reality show, but still it could be a lot better.
  • Simon Baker is the man

    I don't really like detective shows, but Simon Baker plays great in the show. It's all about him. This detective show I watch only because of him.
  • great show

    I started watching this show a few seasons in, and I'm really enjoying catching up on all the episodes!! I love Simon Baker for this role, he does a wonderful job.

    Just how long do we have to put up with the endless hunt for Red John. Seriously its no fun anymore and fortunately the remote is near at hand. Just the mention of Red John and I change channels.
  • Van Pregnant

    Van Pelt is so prego desk or no desk the last show confirmed it. She had to stand in one scene it her seen dimensions were definitely the one of a lady in waiting. As far as the show goes it is kind of slowwing a bit, but it still keeps my attension. And RedJohn is definitely looking more washed out like PinkJohn. Another sub plot would be nice with Cho and the Swat lady trading punches with the bad guys and trading spit with each other.
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CBS cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.
  • Time to get rid of Red John

    I love this show, but I can't stand the Red John part anymore. Time to sniff him out and kill him. Then move on. Or just forget about him and solve other cases.
  • Grace Van Pelt pregnant?

    Grace Van Pelt is being hidden behind desks etc. i don't remember them saying she had injuries and is held to desk duty. So she must be pregnant in real life. No wonder they cooled it with Wayne for a bit. Did she get impregnated by Craig O'Laughlin??? Would be an interesting story line. They cooled it with the Wayne Rigsby return to friends. . And his story with his sons mom , has kinda fallen apart.
  • Losing interest...

    I loved this show when it first started but this prolonged drag-out of the Red John storyline is boring me to tears. Literally making me fall asleep. Everytime Patrick goes about finding Lorelai, I'm disinterested. Please finalize this storyline and refresh the series or give it it's end. It's no longer enjoyable unless they start going outside the box (like the episode where they flashbacked to where Patrick first joined the team). Just show us Red John and be done with it!
  • Enough with Red John

    Such a meshugga....a side trip with no upside. Red John, the outside overseer, not a back story a feeble attempt for gravitas. Also, bratty and ill mannered are not signs of self assurety but of petulance and febrile thought process. How does this further the concept of Mentalist, the characters of the team, or anything else? Writers are tired, have changed or some 24 year hotshot is trying to stamp his brand on a proven show. Don't blow and several million viewers.
  • Red John Sucks!

    I am getting so sick and tired of Red John! Enough already! I only kept watching this season because I thought Red John was supposed to be caught. Maybe some of the fans like it, but they are in the minority, I'm sure. The only ones I do watch now is one that doesn't have anything about him in it. Most of my friends have quit entirely. I keep hoping the writers will finally realize that the ongoing hunt for Red John is utterly boring, and move on to the good shows I know they are capable of.
  • Pointless

    First off I really enjoy the show. Out of all the characters though the one I like the least is Teresa Lisbon she just isn't that great of a character, sure her emotions for Jane and what she would do for him can be interesting, besides that though there isn't much else too her. After years of working with Patrick she still challenges him on his ideas and still thinks he is wrong when he says someone isn't the killer even though every time he has been proven right and his plans worked (only exception being to Red John). What really proves that she is useless is the episode when Cho is put in charge he does a much better job than what Lisbon has ever done being the team leader. Also every other character is more interesting Cho is a quiet smart who gets straight to the point but when needs be can be a total badass, Rigsby his father is a criminal outlaw, he has a son, him and Van Pelt had a relationship and he brings some lighthardness to the group, Van Pelt shot and killed her fiance who was working with Red John, she has then proceeded to take down two more killers, She has issues that have made her harder and now leans more towards hard justice. Teresa is suppose to be a main character yet more often I feel she is just in the way of everyone else.
  • Red Jone is himself Patrick Jane TWO persons in one

    it was so obvious ...... the writer shouldn't reveal those hints that easily
  • Same Old

    As told by one of the fans Patrick solves all CBI crimes but cannot solve the Red John case.It makes no sense then and makes the show boring!Try something different guys!!
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