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  • DID love show

    Sick Sick Sick of RED JOHN Come on writers. Great cast, do something better with them.
  • Dixie Lee Eubank

    Patrick need to grow some balls - He was so good in the other TV show he use to be in. (I can't remember the name of the show. After all, he's chasing down Red John who is a monster and the last episode he was in when the boat blew up. He ran down the blank like some sissy. Not very good writing!!!!!!
  • Starting to wear thin

    My wife and I have been watching this show from the beginning and have found it quite intriguing. I would ahve rated it at a 9 or so when it began but it seems to have lots much of its magic this season. To me, the character of Patrick Jane is becoming less appealing. He seems to be much more manipulative of other people (including his coworkers) with little or no regard for their feelings. Its becoming harder to classify him as a 'good guy' because the past several episodes have had him doing things both illegal and objectionable. Are they leading up to Patrick becoming a 'Red John II'?

    I thought the end of the last season and start of this one to be excellent with Red John finally getting killed. And then they ruined it all by intimating that he is still alive. Personally, I'm tired of the entire Red John sub plot and wish they had let it die.

    To my mind the character of Patrick Jane is in a downspiral to 'the dark side'.

    I'm not familiar with the show 'Psych' that others have compared it to but it bears a lot of similarities to the show 'Profiler' (1996-2000) which lasted 4 seasons. Will 'The Mentalist' have a better run? I'm begiining to doubt it.
  • Engaging show with a different take on solving crimes.

    I started out watching this show thinking that it was just a non-funny version of "Psych". It turns out that it is quite different, with its own brand of humor.

    Patrick Jane is a professional "psychic" who insults a notorious serial killer on television. The killer, known as Red John, gets revenge for Jane's disrespect by killing his wife and young daughter.

    Jane, devestated, quits his profession and somehow wangles a consulting job with the fictional California Bureau of Investigation, kind of a cross between California's real Bureau of Investigation & Intelligence and the FBI. He takes to his new career, like a duck to water, using his skills at reading people's verbal tells and body language to help his team solve crimes. In fact, this is the most unrealistic part of the show. Jane is so good at what he does that the only thing he really needs the other law enforcement officials for is to arrest the killer, or to save him when he (somewhat stupidly sometimes) reveals his deductions to the criminal. One is left with the impression that the officials at the CBI are incompetent, or that perhaps Jane does have psychic powers.

    Despite this logic flaw, I have grown to really enjoy this show. Shawn Spencer of "Psych" is a savant at observing crime scenes and detecting relevant evidence from a sea of data, plus it is always played for laughs. Jane has keen observational skills as well, but his forte is reading people, and while there are humorous moments in the show, the back-story keeps it from being played strictly for laughs.

    What I enjoy about Jane is his willingness to ask embarrassing questions to suspects and his total disrespect for authority or pomposity. A classic moment was when Jane thought the husband of a murdered woman was not showing proper respect in regard to the death of his wife. Jane flicked his nose and called him a "contemptible little buffoon."

    Kris Kristofferson wrote that "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose", and by that standard Jane is truly a free man. He's already lost everything of value to him, and thus he is free to do and say things that the rest of us can only dream about.
  • The Mentalist

    Awesome show, I just love Jane. He's downright hilarious at times.
  • He used to be psychic (actually he pretender to be psychic) but admitted he lied as he is very observant. He now helps police solve murders.

    Overall it could be great show if they have chosen different cast. Individually they are Ok but not together. Patrick Jane is now helping police as he is extremely observant and see things other people cannot. Lead detective, young women is just... don't know... Characterless I would say. Actually she is main reason why i don't watch this show. There is not chemistry between them at all. Other team members are OK, they are either likable or not but are in character. But overall it is just bit flat. Someone dies, police had working theory which is always wrong until Jane tells them what/how to deal with it. However he is very good and without him this show would not survive 5 episodes.
  • this show is horrible. it copied psych! it has the same basic idea and storyline, but it's not as good. not even close. it is not even funny but psych is hilarious!!! hystericallllll :d if you want a good show, watch psych! not the mentalist!


    the mentalist is completely mental. it copied psych, but it failed at its attempt to be better. psych was always better, still is and always will be. this show should be taken off or changed. it stinks! psych should sue. but they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too nice :) but they make fun of it in some episodes hahahaha.
    psycho forever!

  • The Mentalist captures everything great you want in a detective drama. Twisted crimes with a satisfying & resolute ending to most episodes. Humour is available in abundance and the characters really grow on you especially Patrick Jane.

    The Mentalist captures everything great you want in a detective drama. Twisted crimes with a satisfying & resolute ending to most episodes. Humour is available in abundance and the characters really grow on you especially Patrick Jane. The best thing about This show is that it has an underlying storyline to it as well. Its not just solving crime after crime and getting no further. Jane's past plays a significant part to the tale of progression. Every now and then we are given what I call 'story episodes'. With other shows you can watch a few episodes here and there and be none the wiser if there was any major developments. With The Mentalist you want to watch all the episodes. All in all The Mentalist gives a good mix of non relevant yet entertaining episodes & Story building episodes, enough to keep you hooked for more. If your reading this, don't procrastinate, download it or something. You'll Be happy you did!
  • A deftly modern reworking of the Sherlock Holmes crime-solving formula with nice chemistry between the main characters, humorous interaction and some nice plot twists that keep the reader guessing, all with enough cop jargon to satisfy viewers.


    This show hooked me pretty quickly. As a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, the structure really appeals to me. Patrick Jane, former pretend psychic and television personality, assists the California Bureau of Investigation in their search for the murderer of his family and any other case it is called upon to solve.

    There are a few missteps in some of the episodes, as the tendency when re-working an idea is to borrow from it at times, but all-in-all, the writers and directors have done a nice job with this show.

    Patrick Jane is a riveting central character, and his interplay with colleagues Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt is quite good. I appreciate the way they have developed a team bond with the characters, and the way they've taken time to develop each of the characters as individuals.

    This subtle balance is so well-done, that it's almost unnoticable unless it is lacking, as it was in the second-to-last episode of season 3 in which the writers and director didn't have a good feel for the characters and portrayed Jane as some kind of clown and did a huge disservice to Lisbon's strength as a character.

    I'd rate it 8.5 in terms of execution combined with potential, in that it takes a writer with some skill to maintain that subtle comraderie and depth ... and since this show is written by a number of people, there are going to be a few weak episodes.

    They're going to wish they could have a "do-over" with the premiere of season 4 though. Kind of a misstep there, but the show has returned to being fun to watch as this season goes along.

  • Some serious flaws, but endearing anyway

    Season 1 hadn't hooked me, for some reasons. 1. The show falls victim to the problem of similar character-driven police shows, like Castle or Law and Order Criminal Intent, that is, you've got one interesting character, here Jane, and the other ones are not nearly as well-rounded. But that has been corrected, a little, during season 2, especially Lisbon is beginning to emerge. ( But I still think they could - should ? - have killed Van Pelt or Rigsby, and kept Boscoe, he was a nice frenemy for Jane ). Anyway, the other characters are often left behind : even when Jane ends up in JAIL, HE solves the case and the writers fail to take the occasion to make the others exist ! 2. The Red John storyline is supposed to close at the show's end, so until then it has to stall. So far (I'm midway through season 2 ), it has only given one good episode in my opinion ( "His red right hand" ). Let's hope we'll at least have an identity before the last episode, and not something out of the blue like he's a split-personality of Jane, which wouldn't make sense. Anyway, I enjoy the show because Jane is a unique character, childish at times, provocative at times, and well portrayed by Simon Baker. I like the way he speaks inconvenients truths, manipulates people, someimes snaps at them ... So I guess it's a nice show anyway, even if not one of the best !
  • the perfect combination! Hot guys and an intensive drama !!!! loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it!

    el show tiene muchos casos en la cual patric resuelve con solo usar la vista.cuando el pone mucha atencion en las reacciones de la gente y cosas que son obvias se da cuenta quen fue. el no tiene reglas que seguir ya que la persona que es culpable lo deja saber de muchas maneras. tambien esta red jones quien le mato a la mujer y a la nina por dejarle una leccion a james. por eso entro a la policia para ayudarlo a encontra a red jones. a lo que resuelve los casos tambien se encuentra con mas pruebas de red jone.
  • 'The Mentalist' improves on the pitfalls of its sub-genre.

    The crime show is an age-old television genre. It has seen iterations ranging from the standard police department ("Dragnet") to police department plus the legal system ("Hill Street Blues," "Law and Order," "NYPD Blue"), from specialized FBI branches ("X-Files," "Without a Trace," "Criminal Minds") to forensic specialists ("CSI," "Bones"). But the newest trend in crime TV is the crime-fighting unit + eccentric consultant genre, and it is in this latter category that "The Mentalist" falls.

    While many crime-consultant shows sacrifice the dignity of the regular detectives to exalt the consultant, "The Mentalist" manages to exhibit Jane's observational prowess without making the rest of the CBI appear utterly inept. This is to the show's credit; the detectives with whom Patrick Jane works come across as intelligent, three-dimensional people. The same cannot be said for contemporary shows like "Monk," "Psych," and "Castle." Though these shows have their own merits (to varying degrees) and are certainly enjoyable, they each make local law enforcement appear useless without the amazing powers of the specialized consultant. Of course, "The Mentalist" doesn't show the CBI solving cases without Jane, but the CBI agents bring a lot more to the table than the police departments in the three aforementioned shows. Furthermore, the supporting cast adds much interest to the show, which cannot be said for "Castle," a show whose regular viewers would be hard-pressed to remember then name of a single detective on the force other than Beckett, Castle's nemesis/muse/love interest.

    So, while "The Mentalist" is one more in a long-line of crime dramas on television, it continues in the tradition of the best crime dramas, not the worst.
  • They took it off Tuesdays, My only night off They did the Unit, too. Now it's been canceled.I love Mentalist.Simon Baker is perfecto. It was last "years hottest new show"

    Not your ordinary case,eh? But what case is?
    Where's Jane going now?
    Patrick Jane has been assigned to the CBI. He's not a cop, doesn't carry a gun, can't fight. But can he solve cases! "Let him go, there's a reason he's here"
    "Ok,but stay with him" Jane will figure it out, call out the perps for the scum they are, then in the end he will show humanity and mercy for the victims, lift them up you know,bring estranged relatives together.
    Then there's the subplot that carries through the entire series--Red John who murdered Jane's wife and daughter (it happened before the series started)At first there were very few details,we learned a little at a time. Red John is still out there and Patrick Jane wants his justice!
    I haven't seen any of season 2 yet...
  • Future mentalist in training

    I love this how so clever, and i love Simon Baker so gorgeus and from Aus land like me, hope it ends up with like four or five series.
    The Mentalist
    This crime drama centers on Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), a well-known former television psychic who, after being exposed as a fraud, uses his very real abilities as a mentalist to help the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. As a mentalist, Jane uses his highly developed skills of observation, deduction and manipulation to aid the Serious Crimes unit. He's charismatic, if a bit odd - an edgy, modern Sherlock Holmes whose controversial methods often cross the line, but, ultimately prove him right.
    Hope it last for even longer
  • The Mentalist is the best show currently airing on broadcast television.

    A mentalist is a master manipulator of thought and behavior. The mentalist is Patrick Jane (Simon Baker in an acclaimed performance), a celebrity psychic whose wife and child are viciously murdered by an elusive serial killer called Red John. Devastated, Patrick admits his paranormal act is fake, renounces his earlier life and uses his astonishing skills of observation and analysis - talents that made him appear psychically gifted - to bring killers to justice. At crime scenes across California, Patrick now helps an elite team of detectives break their toughest cases. But no matter how many criminals he catches, Patrick never forgets his central goal: Find Red John. And bring him down. Patrick's superior is the no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon who openly resists having Patrick in her unit and frequently alternates between reluctantly acknowledging his usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries. Lisbon's team includes Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt, who all think Patrick's a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases. Sometimes light-hearted and funny, sometimes serious and dramatic. All in all, The Mentalist is the best show currently airing on broadcast television.
  • The Mentalist reminds me of a lot of Columbo

    The Mentalist reminds me of a lot of Columbo.

    When I first sat down to watch The Mentalist, I thought that it was an ok show but I really wasn't impressed with it. I compare most Detective / Mystery shows to Columbo and most of those shows fall short.

    The main reason why I wasn't impressed with The Mentalist was because I thought that character Jane was created as a cheap Columbo knock off, but I was wrong.

    There are a lot of similarities between Columbo and Jane but there are also a lot of differences. The Mentalist is more upbeat and takes away some of the darkness to a typical murder mystery.

    The Mentalist is a really good show, though not as thought provoking as Columbo but still a good show.
  • pretty sweet show :D

    well i just started watching the mentalist this season...but i watched s1 too...anyway lately i have been watching a lot of cop shows and a lot of them are kinda the same...but this one stands out somehow..probably cuz it takes place in sacramento and i live there but also i think jane brings something special to the show..hes got a unique personality but i love the whole team..they got really good chemistry together so maybe thats why the show is so interesting...and i love the way jane plays mind games with the suspects you just never see it coming anyway great show hope it sticks around for a while
  • New character coming in as Lisbon's and Jayne's boss.

    We are very unhappy with the new character acting as Lisbon's and Jayne's boss, Hightower? We did not feel that the show needed to make a statement with hiring a female, African American. We were loving the show prior to this but now it seems there is being too much time being put on this new character, who is being so over-stated and taking away from the actual episode. Honestly, we can't even remember who their old boss was... We enjoyed watching the team work together and not being so focused on this new, over-powered, egotistical, now marraige-troubled woman. It's getting way too scattered.
  • The best tv show ever :)

    The tv series takes place in Sacramento, California, where the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation), are constantly called in to investigate recent deaths. Patrick Jane, (Simon Baker) is an independent consultant for the CBI, solving murders with his sharp skills and knowledge. Though considered a psychic, Jane refuses to acknowledge that such a thing exists. Jane was once a con-man who used his "powers" as a psychic to tell the future. This resulted in personal tradegy, where Jane loses his wife and child. Though this happened 9 years previously, Janes strives to uncover the murderer of his family, who likes to call himself "Red John." He spreads fear with his methods and manipulates people. "He doesn't have friends. He has tools." His signature is a smiley face drawn in the victim's blood. This is always the first thing humans see if they walk in a room where a murder has taken place by Red John.
    Each episode's title has something to do with the colour red, which gives hints to what the episode is about. It's very different from other bogues crime shows, which is hard to find. For example, in Bones, it takes ages to find out who the victim is, and the killer is normally really obvious. In Monk, it takes ages to prove that the killer did it, when the have an alibi etc. SVU and other shows are just really dark and depressing.
    The Mentalist is different because it has light and dark bits in it, and the actors aren't famous enough to be superficial. The Mentalist is the best because the killer is always a surprise and it keeps you guessing to the end.
  • Red All Over Episode #43 Original air date: April 29, 2010 Jane and the CBI investigate the Visualize Self-Realization Center, a cult-like religious group that maybe connected to the murder of a major media corporation's CEO.

    Marvellous Episode if I must say. Very twisty in some ways. Patrick Jane, along with Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt, get the job down with some unorthodox techniques, but Justice is down. Patrick is still looking into Red John, n i think in the next episode he'll find out who he is!! I personally think that Red John is Patrick's Dad, but i could be wrong. Remember, Patrick n his father never got along, n even when Patrick left his father always used to carry a flick-out knife. Some people may think I'm wrong, but thats my opinion... end
  • Love

    I have always loved this show i look forward to watching it when it comes onto tv. I love how Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane he plays him well. I think that he cares aout the team, It's hard for him though after what red john did to his wife and daugther It would be hard for any person to go through. I think that the writers need for him to find happiness for atleast a little while.

    In the past when he does the undercover ops with Van Pelt they have great chemistry when they have their secnes together so I think they should put her as a potenial love interest for Jane.

    But that is just my theroy if you agree great if not then write your own opinon.
  • Great show and nice choice of characters. the main story is very attractive though the viewer is fed with so little of during the series.

    I personally loved show. the character's personalty is so appealing and much of the dialog and interactions with other characters are great.

    my brother watched one or two episodes with me from season two. he highlighted one thing i wasn't thinking of, it how much the show is similar to scooby doo. for the fact that the theme of every episode is revolving around a crime investigation and at the end of each episode they unveil the killer as in scooby doo ending.

    i personalty loved the character and the main story in general. i recommended it t all my friends and family.
  • this show is 1/3 psych 1/3 house and 1/3 profiler. psych : a guy with amazing powers of observation solving crime house : a fixated misanthropic genius solving puzzles profiler: a cop whose family was murdered by a serial killer

    This show isn't horrible. But it is extremely heavy handed. the pilot introduces this genius (like Shawn in Psych) who notices things others don't. and uses this ability to solve crime. The opening scene is the main character essentially causing a woman to shoot her husband for murdering his daughter. He doesn't seem to care. He's kind of a like House in that way.

    Then there is a killer (a copycat killer) who murders in the style of the serial killer who killed the guys family. and he still lives in the house where he found his murdered wife and child and he hasn't even removed the smiley face painted in blood that is the called card of 'red john' the infamous killer.

    meh. i'll stick to psych and house. this is too gruesome. but if you like CSI and house you will probably like this.
  • A man with "great powers of observation" who used to be a fake psychic now fights crime (no he doesn't have tights and a cape... yet)

    Yes you have seen or heard about the premise before (most recently in Psych) but don't worry there is nothing that you haven't seen elsewhere before so you should like the show if you enjoy deja vu feelings.

    The acting in the pilot is below average. Simon Baker alters between charming puppy and sad puppy during the whole show with the charisma of a dead oyster. Robin Tunney really is miscast as the b!tchy FBI agent voted most likely to fall for the unlikely hero before season ends. The rest of the cast is utterly forgettable like their characters. The only bright spot were guests Zeljko Ivanek and Gail O'Grady but their level of acting seemed somewhat misplaced when faced with the staring apathy of leading man Baker.

    The direction was nothing special, surprisingly enough with a name like David Nutter on board.

    The writing is downright laughable. The main character alternates between arrogance and empathy every two minutes while he uses his "special powers" of well... noticing things that look pretty obvious to anyone who's looking and making logical leaps that would make Colombo cringe and that's saying a lot! The dialog is boring and flat and the ending makes you wonder why you stuck with it for so long!

    DOn't waste your time!
  • Lost me

    I found this show interesting at first. It was sort of a less comical version of Psyche, and I liked the puzzle solving approach and the Sherlock Holmes like deductions. And the lead was quirky and interesting.

    After seeing the first episode I didn't watch it for a while. I liked it, but there was something else on that night I liked more. But later I caught some more episodes. Oddly enough, the Psyche approach seemed to have seemed to have been tossed out, making the show more of a standard cop/detective thing.

    But I still liked the lead, and I kept watching until this episode where some hypnotist has this army of the hypnotized do their bidding.

    It wasn't that I made a conscious decision to stop watching the show at this point, but I have a long history of giving up on a show when it does something really moronic. A super hypnotist would make sense in an episode of Batman or Superman, but in The Mentalist it struck me as being utterly ludicrous. The show simply turned out to be stupider than I thought it was, and I've never watched it sense.
  • Patrick Jane is The Mentalist. He uses psychology and mental tricks to solve crimes. A mysterious serial killer named Red John is his nemesis. Red John has killed Jane's family, and he won't rest until he gets him. Meanwhile he helps the CBI solve crimes.

    Simon Baker has created a unique and intriguing character: Patrick Jane, The Mentalist. He drinks tea, works for the CBI (I don't think it exists, but I am guessing that it's supposed to be like the FBI, but for California), and is haunted by the death of his family. He wants to get the man who did it, a very clever serial killer who calls himself Red John. Red John leaves his trademark, a happy face painted in blood, after every murder. He gets closer and closer, but Red John always manages to get away--and he seems intent on killing anyone who gets close to Patrick Jane. This show has become very popular, due mostly to a bravura performance by Simon Baker, and a supportive cast that knows when to stay out of his way. Cho is kind of aloof and cold, but he can be counted on to come through in a pinch. Another guy is the brash rookie who is not so secretly in love with a young woman, also a brash rookie with red hair. Jane's immediate boss might have a thing for him, but he won't let anyone get close to him. Her boss is a pragmatic black woman who knows that Patrick Jane can be difficult, but he gets results. Above her is a corrupt cop, who may have commited some crimes of his own. I like it when Patrick Jane gets tough and fights back, in his own peculiar way, like the time he told the corrupt cops henchman not to touch him, or else . . . He has put a dead mouse in the pocket of his jacket, and he'll never be able to get rid of the smell. A kind of psychological warfare that proves very effective. I like it when he stands up to those in authority and outsmarts them. I am assuming that this narrative arc will end in his boss being exposed for the fraud and criminal that he is.

    An upcoming show will have Patrick Jane back in the carnival where he used to work, solving a crime among the carnies who know him all too well. That should be good. The Mentalist is pretty popular, and it is easy to see why. It is entertainment, but not just mindless entertainment. There are some exhilarating mental gymnastics that must be performed while watching The Mentalist. The Mentalist is a case of a talented performer happening on just the right vehicle to display his talent. No wonder it's a hit.
  • Though much darker, the show is essentially a ripoff of Psych, which has been around for much longer. Different in it's own way, I would be much more inclined to watch if the underlying premise didn't involve the main character being a psychic.

    While all in all, a decent pilot, I felt that the show was way too close to Psych, while not comedic, in the manner that the main character was so observant that people believed that he was psychic. All that is missing is the strained angry relationship with the parents who raised him to be so observant (oh wait...). And a female senior detective who will probably end up with him? In all honesty, I would love this show if the premise was something besides him "being so observant" that everyone thinks he's psychic. Because James Roday pulls that off to the highest degree, and I feel that the writers could have come up with a much more original idea.
  • nice show, one of the best i think. but it does get pretty boring sometimes.

    The Mentalist told the story of Patrick Jane, a psychic who work for the California Bureau of Investigation. He used to be famous as a psychic, until he mocked a famous serial killer goes by the name Red John,and ended up getting his wife and daughter killed by Red John. As a result of the murder, Jane had a mental breakdown and hospitalized. After he was released, he tried to keep it a secret and decided to approach the CBI, offered his help of solving crimes. The CBI agreed and he eventually, become a consultant. As time goes, he's getting closer to his co-workers. The smart, witty and sarcastic senior agent Teressa Lisbon, the rookie of the team agent Grace Van Pelt, her love interest agent Wayne Rigsby and the straightforward agent Kimball Cho.
  • Where is the current 5.9 score coming from? I don't get it. This shows presents good characters and good actors. You might not like it but it far from being garbage like many users apparently try to portrait it as by voting 0's and 1's.

    It's hard to review a show when it's still not out yet. Only the pilot is known so far. But from that I can already see some interesting characters developing with great interactions and the actors pull it off very well. The formula might be the only thing that brings the show down as it feels like it's just a repeat of the concept. Still it's too early to tell if the writers were able to give it some twists to make it fresh and new.
    It might turn out to be a catching show, we never know, but so far from the pilot I feel like watching some more, without a doubt.
  • Decent but unorigional

    I watch this show occasionally but really only because my father likes it. nothing against the show but it just seems like a less humorous version of the USA network show Psych. Also i dont understand why they have Simon Baker faking the american accent when he is not very good at it. you can hear his native Austrialin accent come through any time he says a word with an "ou" (like hour). in fact i think the only actors on TV who can successfull pull of the american accent are Hugh Laurie and the man from Brothers and Sisters (i cant remember his name as i dont watch that show that often)
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