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  • A clever title goes here!

    Mentalist--I have been watching from the beginning , Lately I find it ridiculous at times when Patrick Jane behaves like a spoiled child and cocky . The Red John business has been dragging on for too long and it's becoming an aversion. Needs to solve Red John before it's too late !
  • Getting Old

    It seems the CBI can't solve a murder without Patrick Jane. This is really getting old. It's amazing how Jane can solve every murder that the CBI investigates, but he can't figure out who Red John is. At least the Red John episodes are more interesting to watch than the same old "Patrick Jane solved the murder all by himself again" episodes.
  • More Show, less substance

    Entering its 5th Season, 'The Mentalist' starts and progresses through its plots much like before. The main antagonist 'Red John' is a device employed almost entirely at the beginning/end of series, and the main cast's division of lines/story is much unchanged. Jane & Rigsby serve the meat of the plot; Lisbon is Jane's chaperone with seldom a profound insight (and more often a stupid one); Van Pelt and Cho rotate in on occasion obligingly performing non-key scenes which make for mostly forgettable moments.

    What led me to enjoy this show so much in the first season were many things increasingly dropped from the show itself. Cho is nearly entirely absent throughout, his initial kinship with Jane completely a thing of the past; Van Pelt's interaction with Jane is - beyond the occasional joke - of no substance or of lasting interest. In addition, the Rigsby/Cho partnership which served as a main investigation arm/comic relief is now reduced to mostly window dressing for the all-talented Jane to swoop in to save the day and let the other actors fade into the background.

    On the other hand, the novel structures the new season has employed has been a welcome departure (Ep 4 w/ flashbacks; Ep 5 w/ an origin story), as well as the occasional inclusions of 'mentalism' (two eps reference 'cold/hot-reading; one has Jane analyzing a victim's attire). Overall, however, the show's simplicity and departure from its original strengths keeps me from seriously recommending this.
  • Pretty sure its Sam Weiss in the limo aka RJ

    Or atleast an enhanced version to make him appear younger than he currently is.
  • bullshit

    this series is starting to piss me off. Episodes with nothing to do with red john are outright dreadful. it feels like a long con. we swallow crap episodes with the promise that there will be a red john episode and then there isn't. Last episode was awful. And yes I find simon charming, but after 5 years its wearing off. They've already lost a chunk of their audience and today they lost me. I'm not watching another episode unless I'm sure it's red john related. enough bullshit

  • Simon, such a DOLL! I could watch you in any show!

    Love watching Simon Baker. His smile lights up a room! But to the directors and actors of The Mentalist and Criminal Minds and NCIS, Lompoc Federal Penitentiary is pronounced -- I will spell it phonetically: Laumpoke, long "O", not "Laugpawk!" I was raised 30 miles from Lompoc and believe me, W.C. Fields did NOT say it correctly! It is "Lompocke," long "O" on the end. Makes the little tiny hairs stand on end when I hear Lawnpauk! So say it all together, Lompoc, "Lompoke!" Thanks for great shows. Why is the Mentalist on so late????????
  • Red John is no longer a believable character

    The archvillain Red John has the ability to infiltrate all levels of government security, and inspires COMPLETE faithfulness in his followers the likes of which hasn't been seen since Jonestown.

    Honestly, the writers are probably continuing to put off his capture because they haven't figured out a plausible way to explain WHY this character manages to do these two things. Its an implausible character and its starting to make it difficult to watch the show.

    Finish the show, finish it well, or just cancel the show and hide your heads forever.
  • Boring boring boring

    This show gets more boring by the minute ...
  • 1 of my favorite shows on CBS...

    If anybody remembers Simon Baker on the Guardian, that was should a dark and depressing show...OMG,The Mentalist did Baker a 360 from that! I love the cast. Thanks for renewing for a 5th season, 'cause I've been trying to catch all the old episodes on TNT.
  • Red John....SERIOUSLY?

    There are reviews going back over 2yrs on RJ. Twice we thought he was done with and still with the RJ mystery! I loved the show because of the smart thinking of Jane and the cast's interactions....I actually stopped watching for long can you drag out one storyline! Enough of the RJ story all ready! Also, Cho was better suited to his dry wit with Patrick in the early days...always getting in they seem to have little or no interaction, almost seem like they don't like each other....go back to the early days when it was interesting and fun! This episode was good and I hope his daughter addressing the RJ issue is a hint that you are going to wrap it up finally!
  • love the show but.......

    i absolutely adore this show! i think the Red John this is getting old, long, and tiresome... and the new time is not good for me. i'm NOT staying up till 11:00 PM. i have school the next morning. i have to watch it monday morning.
  • Funny With A Twist

    I absolutely love this show. Simon Baker is fantastic. I love the dynamics of the characters and the premise.

    Red John is the over-arcing storyline that drives the show, in my opinion. Episodes featuring Red John are much more interesting than 'murder of the week'. If they were to catch Red John, they would need just as strong of an arc to carry on in its place.
  • Fantastic begining of season 5

    I was very worried with the mentalist, but they have mantained quality and even increased it in season 5. I love it when the episodes are about Red John although i agree with the other comments he must be caught (he can always escape or help his disciples from jail like hannibal lecter).

    I think Red John should be more like profesor moriarty (the villan of Sherlock holmes) or hannibal lecter, and educated, inteligent, rich and powerfull man. This could give half a season of patrick trying to play him and reveal himself. Although the image the show has given me is of a poor but very inteligent and persuasive farm man .
  • Need to get rid of Grace Van Pelt and Red John

    I love this show but Red John thing has been stretched too much. It now seems quite unrealistic and hence damaging the credibility of the show. Secondly, there is absolutely no doubt aboout the quality of "direction", and if Grace Van Pelt can not act even under this direction, she can never act. I am now sick of her over-acting, she is totally out of place. I think she should be the last victim of Red John.
  • Enough of Red John Soap Opera

    Enough of Red John Soap Opera! I loved this show, but like so many other great shows you ruined it with the soap opera B.S., Go back to solving crime and being funny at it...

    before it is canceled
  • Love the Show But the RED JOHN angle is becoming Tiresome

    I loved the show from the first episode , I love the characters and enjoy the stories, but the Red John story was interesting whne it started and now the sun shines because Red John allows it ! Gimme a break. its sloppy writing and no longer fun, just plain ole tiresome. Yeah I still give the show a high mark but gimme a break with the Red John angle lets move on am not even interested oin knowing who he is or what happens to him.
  • LOVE the show!

    I absolutely love Patrick Jane. I think he's just hilarious. And there's something about Cho, that makes him a favorable character for me.
  • Red John

    Enjoy the mentalist for the exception of Red John, at 1st it was fine, the writers seem to get lazy and beat a topic to the death of the show.
  • Review and wishes

    The Mentalist has incredible writers which keep you in suspence each and every week. The actors work so well together. The character Patrick Jane keeps the intrigue exciting and clever. I am however concerned that the night of the premere is on a Sunday night. There is nothing else much on Thursdays and I stay home just to watch it. Sunday nights it will be in great competition with many other shows that I watch. I voter to move it back to Thursday nights.
  • Any and All The Mentalist

    I enjoy the episodes whether they include "Red John" or not. The cast works great together and I enjoy the "tricks" that "Patrick Jane" uses to manipulate people to tell the truth. With or With out Red John the show would be a hit with me!
  • The Mentalist

    The Mentalist is My favourite show because how each of the character's are good in their own way,how well each episode is written and most importantly the Red John storyline which makes you think because all the characters have their reasons for being Red John which makes it even more interesting.... I personally think that Red John is Bret Stiles the cult leader.
  • Red John?

    The Mentalist is really one of my favorite shows, I watch it all the time with my 14yo daughter who shares the same intrest in the show with me. While talking one day, she was wondering who, like some other fans of the show, Red John was. I may have overanalyzed the show a little bit too much, but I am fairly certain I know who he really is. One thing that sparked my mind while talking to my daughter was the fact of how long this show has gone and how much longer it can go before others figure out who Red John is.
  • losing patience.........cant wait anymore..........

    freaking awesome show.......patrick jane-what an awesome doubt, script is been written smartly........keep going.....

    only fear i have is that, this show may lose its popularity once the audience know who is actually RED JOHN...........well thats what the biggest suspense which drives me crazy..................
  • Great Job All

    I just love this show , it is one of my favorite shows , if they catch him what would Jane think about then? ox
  • Great tv show

    This is a great tv show with a great cast , I watch alot of tv shows , it's in my list of top 10 tv shows. By the way i think we have seen red john in season 1 , he played in just 1 episode.
  • change of time slots

    okay once again an idiotic programmer decided to know or think he knows better than the rest of us. moving the mentalist to sundays at 10pm which of course is the kiss of death because no one watches tv on sunday because they have to go to work the next day. point in case csi miami. why oh why when you have an entertaining show you have to kill it by putting in this time slot? I like this show so do others so what do the morons at cbs do kill it by changing the time slot and day. as usually cbs has their head up their asses as usual.
  • no loyalty

    I can't believe that after 1. the first season sucked, bad acting,etc, 2nd season was better each season getting better the last was actually really good the redjohn climax. Now the network is putting it in the dead and dying slot. Why are the networks limiting shows to 5 years, greed probably they all get paid way too much. But if a show is successful and fans like it it's so screwed up.
  • Love this Show but,....

    I indeed think it's time they show red John's face. Even if they don't really catch him.It's been four seasons already, and not one slight chance of Jane meeting him.

    Plus Jane and Lisbon are playing cat and mouse. Common Jane sleep with her already. we know you both want that. the sparks are flying high.
  • Tired of Red John

    I enjoy The Mentalist for the light hearted way in which Patrick solves crimes. However, the recent seasons are no longer as light-hearted and have become darker. The producers/writers have over-emphasized on Red John. For me, the attraction of the show is the humour and the creative ways in which Patrick solves the crimes, and not the mystery surrounding Red John. In fact, I only enjoy those episodes without Red John.
  • Not my kind of show

    Lots of work put into the show, but I just didn't enjoy it. The acting is okay, but it's exaggerated violence for me.
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