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  • Best show ever !!!

    I disagree about how long the show has run i could never get tired of patrick jane. I wish they would keep the show going longer. Invent a new serial killer, i love everyone in the show u guys can do no wrong ;)
  • I love this show

    I like this show
  • The best. Thank you Bruno Heller.

    This series was by far the best tv show I have ever seen. It tops any other series such as prison break, breaking bad etc. which were aswell brilliant tv series. Firstly, the character Patrick Jane played by simon baker who is now my favourite ever actor, was absolutely brilliant nobody ever could fit the role better. Simon Baker is probably the most underrated actor on this planet, its ridiculous. Secondly, the red john storyline is gripping. It started at the very beginning and took 6 seasons to finally reveal who it was. Tbf, for everyone saying that the red john reveal was bad, the amount of anticipation to find out who it was must of been really hard for them to satisfy all the viewers wants, personally I thought it was good but I can understand why some people disliked it. While your watching the mentalist through you just simply cannot wait for one of them red john episodes that come up. Not only are the episodes without red john good but the ones with him are even better. Its just brilliant. I love the actors, I love the storyline, I love the anticipation and I love patrick jane (simon baker)(Im not gay btw).

    However, there are some slight criticisms that I could possibly make. The seventh series was good but not great. I can see why some people lost interest because there was no red john but you would have to witness a miracle if the series was still good after that. The mentalist ran its time, it was just time to end it or else it would of been spoilt. Literally the only criticism I have.

    I honestly wish I could go back in time and watch it over again. I dont think I will watch anything as good in my life again. I would strongly advise anyone reading this who havent already seen it to watch it. Please. Plus, I would like to see more of simon baker in other things.

    Thank you Bruno Heller.
  • like where do they get these ideas from?

    watching mentalist is liking getting jealous of the writers like where do you get these ideas from?

    literally must watch. ... for the trouble makers

    hahaha .
  • I have a question!!

    I'll get to the question at the end. Hey guys so I just finished the "red john" episode. This show is amazing. It's crazy how they held off until middle of season 6 to bring a close to him. I have a question for those who have seen the entire series. Does Lisbon, Jane and the team ever get their CBI jobs back and become a team again? I hate the vibe of the show right now with everyone split up and having to answer to the FBI
  • Going to miss this great show

    Just watched the series finale, and couldn't be more satisfied. The show came full circle from where it began, it started with a serial killer and it ended with a serial killer. It started with Patrick Jane losing his wife and child and ended with him having a new wife, and a child on the way.

    I have loved this show from the Pilot, and am going to miss it terribly. There were a few bumps along the way, I thought the Red John reveal could have been handled better. Also the Kim Fischer character the second half of season 6 didn't fit in at all. But for the most part this show has very rarely left me disappointed. I really liked the way they handled the Jane and Lisbon relationship, it felt very natural and organic. Simon Baker and Robin Tunney have had great chemistry since the beginning, and I'm very glad Jane and Lisbon got their happy ending.
  • Red John's Character

    How about a season or two about red john? I was thinking like some episodes on young rj and some about him in action like recruiting, plannings and stuff like that. We can also see how he was always a step ahead of Jane. Maybe do some episodes and answer the questions the fans are asking.
  • The end of Mentalist :(

    I don't want this series to end :( Jane's character is really fun :) Can't we see them getting old? Like a boyhood concept :D
  • Don't let this show end

    This is the best crime show you or any of the other networks have. Why is it going off the air? Is that because only bad shows survive?
  • happening here people??

    Great episode, good acting, true out the whole season 7. but i am shocked the killed Vega. I mean I really see no reason???!!!

    I dont like this bit at all.
  • This show was awesome.. change is a good thing

    Seriously, I saw the jane and lisbon thing coming from a mile away. The fact that it surprises people, surprises me.. Seriously in the very first season there's various times patrick has insinuated that he had strong feelings for lisbon, and they've been dancing around that idea every season, so you people need to open your eyes, it was going to happen.. As for the Red John thing, it was great while it lasted, however you can't sit there and pretend that was the only reason to watch the show... IT was freaking hilarious, the reoccurring characters , my favorite being Laroche and Brett stiles were awesome, the chemistry of the cast was great.. And i honestly don't know what all of these supposed "fans" of the show were doing when the previous episodes aired that didn't focus around Red John .. Because i still loved it...
  • Nothing But Blue Skies

    Enjoyed the episode very much - Glad to see The Mentalist back even if it is for a short time

  • CBS pulls a Siffy

    The badly named "SyFy" channel is notorious for cancelling their shows just when they get good (and popular). Now CBS is pulling a trick from their bag.

    The Mentalist reboot after the death of RJ has been a breath of fresh air in a series that was getting stale. The light humor is back, like it was in the first few seasons. I thought last years finale was one of the best eps ever.

    CBS, reconsider!
  • Mental

    I like this show because most of the time you can't even tell who did it, or how they did it and then when Patrick Jane explains it at the end, it all makes sense! All the episodes are interesting and they are all different. I like how there was 1 link for most of the episodes which was Red John, but they still had other cases as well. I really think this show deserves a few more seasons. As for Lisbon and Jane- why not.
  • The Mentalist

    Come on---thinking of canceling The Mentalist ! With all of the crap that's on, what with the "naked" shows, the wanna be stars, so called reality shows "they" would seriously consider canceling a show that actually entertains. How could any show survive with football as a lead on ? Even trying to record it was a chore, not knowing when it starts or ends
  • Help!

    How do you watch The Mentalist, please help ;(
  • WHY!!

    I love this show. But even though the first 8 episodes was some of the most exciting in tv history i wish they would use a little more time on red john. Theyve spent 5 seasons taking it insaly and then in only 8 episodes they really rushed to get him out of the show. I too thought that red john would be a little more difficult to get. But yeah. Lisbon and Jane?! Really! Terrible! I could see jane with Kim after the whole mexico thing. And she seemed interested. I should've seen it coming with all the comments on "have they ever been a thing, romantic and whatnot" I think it ruined it a bit. And they didnt go into the list of tiger people at all. Dissapointed. Its like Dexter and Debra. Not good
  • Love this episode

    I don't really like how it ends with Red john coz i thought red john would be someone who is more powerful and smarter.

    It is a pity that Risby n Van pelt left the team. But the whole new FBI team seems to work out great; especially Abbot, love this guy.

    As for the ep22, so touching i cried when Jane said I love you to Lisbon. Finally can see Jane n Lisbon being together after all theses years. They are perfect match. I mean ya, maybe Lisbon is not as clever as Jane, however, they are a good fit being together. They have something special between them n I dont really think there is any other woman suits Jane. Just love this two so much.

    I just wanna say, this is the best TV series ever. I'm so in love with it n waiting for the Season 7. Hopefully there will be season 8,9,10 LOL!

    MOREOVER, just let you guys know that the Mentalist has a lot of fans in China as well. And they want keeping this show going.

    I'm with Cho. Lisbon and Jane are like brother and sister -- mother and child, even. It's absolutely awful to make them into a romantic couple. I don't even know if I can even keep watching, it's so awful, so WRONG WRONG WRONG. It's like watching incest. Yuck. Cho always knows where it's at. His take on it is my only hope that the writers are going to have them find out it's a mistake -- as it always is when people try to turn a friendship into a love affair. Oh, lord. I can't believe the majority of fans want this. I'm here to say that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!!! And who wants a Jane who behaves "like a normal person?" His whole character is at stake here, along with all the humor and pleasure of the show, which all emanates from his non-normalcy. The way I see it, Jane has "implanted" on Lisbon, like a baby duckling brought up by humans will think a human is its mother. Lisbon "took care of" Jane and was absolutely there for him no matter what he did in the years when he was so grief-stricken. But now look at the way he turned into a complete child in his declaration of love. He's a man, an uncompromisingly strong man, who against the most powerful authorities of the state, dedicated 8 years of his life and was willing to spend the rest of it in prison for the sake of avenging his wife and child's murder. And now he's this wide-eyed little baby wanting to kiss mommy on the lips. Gawd, it's just awful to me. Please make it not happen, please, please, please. Thank you, Flatto and patrishdehler, for agreeing with me -- in essence if perhaps not in detail.

    Hoping for a Season 7 that gets us back on track. This has been by far my favorite show for all 6 years, but a Lisbon/Jane mating would absolutely ruin it for me. Mistake, writers, mistake.

    ... I'm coming back to say that I thought it was time for the RJ theme to end, that I thought it was ended to perfection, and that my enjoyment of the show is not in any way lessened by the loss of that theme. So, whoever is in charge, WE WANT JANE SEASON 7!!!
  • Jane & Lisbon Together Makes Sense

    Jane & Lisbon getting together is a natural progression of their relationship. No one would go along with Jane's various schemes for so many years, giving him so much leeway to bend the rules and law strictly out of friendship.

    The whole confession of love was well done and their chemistry was great IMO.
  • End of series love

    I like the cast on the show, Especially Simon Baker!! the love of Lisbon & Jane was unexpected, as I thought the pair worked well together, with Jane winding Lisbon up & cracking cases just by observation & intuition!!

    I hope there's another series later in the year, now the two are together & solving more FBI cases..............
  • I'm happy with the renewal, but the last one. :/

    This is the most clever series I've ever saw; THE MENTALIST CANNOT DIE!. Patrick Jane isn't just an intelligent, smart and creative guy, but also hilarious. I just love Simon Baker and the way his character puts everything together just with his huge sense of observation without loosing the humor, making the little details count and making it so easy, we don't see TV shows like this nowhere. After RJ died the "new beginning" was refreshing and encouraging for the TV show in general, no strings attached for Jane anymore so the inevitable love between Jane and Lisbon would finally take place. I think the tie has always been there, didn't happen all overnight, it took 6 seasons to make it happen; but for obvious reasons it wasn't a viable path for Jane at that time; his whole family was murdered and he needed to catch the killer, something completely understandable. I'm so happy Jane and Lisbon are finally together and double happy 'cause we'll able to see more of those two in this final season.
  • Stupid love crap

    Lisbon and Jane. No way.
  • Why it's the same script every week

    "By rkpayto, May 12, 2014

    How do they get away with the exact same script every week? Jane tricks the bad guy into confessing, what a surprise!"

    It's a cop show/procedural. The show is called 'The Mentalist'.

    How else *would* an episode end? This is the basic premise of the show. The show has a good fan base because people want to know *how* Jane does what he does.

  • Renewal

    I've just read on the BBC news website that this great show has been renewed for another season. Great news.

    12th May 2014
  • Hitting its stride

    There has been some big changes on The Mentalist this season. It has taken a little while to re-establish itself again in terms of the new characters and new location, but I think it's definitely found its groove and I've been really enjoying it. It will be such a pity if this series gets cancelled just when it's found a new lease on life, creatively speaking.

    I always enjoyed the Red John storyline and wasn't one of those crying for it to be resolved because Patrick Jane's character was inexplicably tied to his pursuit of RJ. I felt wanting RJ caught was a bit like wanting 'The Fugitive' cleared and no longer on the run. My fears were confirmed initially as the series seemed to be a little lost for a while but this second half of the season has been excellent. *Sigh, I guess if they're going to cancel it, I really hope Jane and Lisbon get together in the last episode.
  • Love the mentalist

    I love this show please keep it going hope u guys are reading this and how can the fans keep this show going
  • Please renew the show

    I love this show, and i love simon baker, i am waiting for this show for every week. Don't take it away from my life, I have told all my friend to watch this and the way to solve case were interesting in some episodes.
  • Renew the series - change nights

    The Mentalist and The Good Wife are my favorite shows, but I miss their shows the most, due to the common delays airing the shows due to sports and specials frequently aired on Sundays. Both shows had a better viewer rating when they were on different nights, other than Sunday. I keep seeing that the Mentalist is on the cusp of cancellation. Renew and change to another night, Please.
  • silver wings

    I loved it. I think the show just keeps getting better. I want more JISBON. SIMON BAKER is the sexest and most talented actor on tv.
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