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  • you lost a huge fan

    I'd love the old crew, and the old shows. The new crew are not good at show don't even look like the "mentalist" anymore. I used to be a huge fan, but unfortunately that has change!! Simon will always stay my number one actor, but really I understand why they're at their last season. The show sucks do they have to turn the story around? It doesn't seem to turn around Jane anymore, but around all

    Of the new crew, which I'll say it again, I hate!! This is a shame!!
  • Ironically, RJ's Death Killed The Mentalist!

    For those of you whining about the end of The Mentalist, you have only yourselves to blame. Your constant bitching about RJ finally got to the writers, who allowed themselves to be pressured into a sloppy premature wrapup to the RJ storyline, leaving behind a rudderless show. RJ anchored Jane and gave the show depth and weight. Once that was eliminated, the show became adrift, and ratings tanked worse than ever before.

    Shame on Heller for caving to all the anti-RJ nonsense, and completely screwing over all the loyal viewers who were following all the specific clues laid out over a period of 5 years, only to see them evaporate into a cloud of absolute meaninglessness.

    Goodbye to Jane and the CBI. You're all a mere shadow of what you once were. No more smileys on the wall, and certainly not on the faces of the viewers.
  • All shows since Red Johns demise

    I quit watching after Red Johns boring death . Seriously , this man tortured people and he dies by a pathetic choking !!!
  • not a fan anymore

    the script new cast and FBI stories are boring, i also miss the original cast. Even PJ looks patethic
  • The creator ruined the show

    I love this show!Havn't seen any in season new episodes look so horrible!Because it dosn't take place in takes place in a diffrent they don't work for the CBI anymore,they now work for the is diffrent people on there new and Rigsby are usaully never still is a consaulted,for the and Lizben work in diffrent is diffrent people on their new are going back early next still over did it way to much on their new to many shows,they do it so is so much diffrent then the other why the creator is and idiot,and there is something horribly wrong with or she still,ruined the show,because they over did it way to the still shouldn't have the privealge,to own the runing the show i hope creator,Bruno Heller a horible they don't desverve the whole FBI,thing is a major ruined the whole was why it was on the bubble for so could easyly go they didn't at the end of were lucky it didn't get that they ruined,the show and did not change it,yet and it still got are so so would they do it?If you agree with me thank write in Creator Bruno Heller,should gave it a one for the episodes with the FBI,thing.
  • The heist

    Well this episode was like watching a really bad episode of Leverage. Two things have become apparent to me since the demise of Red John.

    1. The Show runners have no idea what they want to do or go with the show, the show lacks energy and seems tired and old even with the new cast members.

    2. Without a big bad and big picture story arc the series feels very flat and aimless. As for the new cast members don't know why they bothered replacing VP/ RIgsby, Abbott and Fischer offer nothing new they are just pawns in the little games Jane plays each week.

    We got a mildly entertaining heist case of the week but it all just seemed a bit silly and after 6 seasons of a possible Jane/Lisbon hook up we are suddenly faced with a possible love triangle? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to "spice" things up. I've been a loyal fan/viewer since the pilot so I'll stick by the show to the end but I fear the end may be very near because it sure seems like the people running the show are out of ideas.
  • Half a Show

    We'd love to watch the Mentalist but never get to see the entire show because some sports show runs over and the The Good Wife runs over. AUGGGGH. Frustrated Melbourne Florida
  • I think my review was flagged and deleted

    Really not going to waste my time on this site if this is the case. Maybe too many fanboyz here who cannot see that many of the plots here are defective and totally unreal.
  • Nothing Clever about this episode.

    WTH? Who wrote this tripe? Van Pelt first screams to let her capture know that's she's trapped and desperate, when in fact, she should have kept her freaking mouth shut. Then she wanders around outside the cabin she just broke out of and sort of wanders around like Snow White and asks some woman in a Cherokee for a lift? What? She's not the least suspicious of, like, everything??? If not, why not??? This is ridiculous. Then her husband, Rigsby, is shot, like, I don't know, ten times, but somehow manages to overpower the killer's sister and kill him before everyone is rescued [on cue] by a police helicopter. What happened to the killer's attorney? What about everyone breaking the law and just getting away with it, because, ya know, it all turned out great in the end. Nothing, and I mean, nothing about this episode worked. Pathetic. Really. Even Jane was an idiot for a change, which is not good when he's the star.
  • The Mentalist this Season is Drifting -

    The Mentalist used to be my FAVORITE show. I like all the characters, the casting, and the plots.

    The problem now is that the show is drifting. There are several implied 'Promises' from the writers that are being kept.

    Mainly, over the years, they hinted at a romance brewing between Lisbon and Jane. Its ok if that happens, or if they try and it fails but by not addressing it, the show becomes inconsistent. And FAR less interesting.

    Secondly, Cho is supposed to manage the team, I thought? But he does not seem like a manager at all. its not being handled well.

    Next, this is the FBI and in theory they would have important cases, and probably multiple cases they are working on - that could be done by the writers in many ways. Instead, each week, some random person is killed and Jane does his wizardry... the model is broken. its needs more complexity. Jane is not really challenged, either. The most recent show is slightly more interesting but overall they need multiple, concurrent cases and more complexity overall.

    Its possible that the writers or main producer have been with it so long they can't see it clearly now. They are locked into the Red John plotline and have nothing creative to say beyond that?

    Basically, what I am saying is that the show is UNECESSARILY drifting - the writers can do a better job. The problem is not the lack of Red John; its the lack of consistency and lack of creativity.

    Have you seen a new show, it had a short first season and is renewed, called The Bridge? Now that is gritty, well-defined, consistent... its a very good show. There is so much more that could be done with The Mentalist.


  • i miss interesting cases and The original team

    i'm very dissapoint lately, i like red jhon story, its was ok to finish that storyline,. i love also to see the original cast, solving crimes in each episode,, with or without RJ, but the new characters ,the hight profile crimes that Pj is with the FBI are boring. Wish the original team get together again solving crimes, i really enjoed the police cases, there were very interesting .... and do for me
  • Red John Petition

    If you are unhappy with the outcome of 5 years of the mentalist sign the petition. 254/419/054/we-want-to-see-the-real-red-john-episode/
  • Still dealing with Red Seriously?

    I loved the show during its first two/three seasons, but then things got so repetitive and boring I pretty much stopped watching. And the characters aren't developing.
  • Somebody save THE MENTALIST!!!

    This was a GREAT show and it still has the potential but for some mysterious reason they decided to hide Van Pelt behind a desk (instead of putting her pregnancy into the plot, dah) and turn Cho, Rigsby and Lisbon into totally one dimensional characters with no lines or effect into the stories. If Patrick actually had something going MAYBE it would still be OK but he hasn't! He is just TRYING (and trying and to remember while we are tired of waiting (and waiting and Such a shame really.
  • Mentalist and sexual sadism

    We're done with The Mentalist. We have liked the characters, most of the plots, etc. But tonight we turned on the latest (recorded) new episode and were soon assaulted visually with truly nasty stuff -- ugly beatings, electrocutions, etc. -- that played like sexual sadism. First, it simply wasn't pleasant. Second, there were kids in the room. It felt like the show has turned a corner, and we aren't going with it. You've lost us.
  • so over red john plot!

    this story line is getting SO BORING. hopefully the writers of this show read these reviews. we are all over him. story line is so WEAK. get on with the show for heaven's sake. im not watching anymore - i thought we were safe for the last few episodes - but oh no, here we go yet again - more red john - bruno heller enough already!!! im an aussie so naturally am a huge fan of simon baker - simon talk to the writers for heavens sake and let's get back to how good the show used to be!! because its garbage now. i agree with JohnHolmes about switching channels.

    put us out of our misery please
  • Enough of Red John Soap Opera

    Enough of Red John Soap Opera! I loved this show, but like so many other great shows you ruined it with the soap opera B.S., Go back to solving crime and being funny at it...

    before it is canceled
  • Dixie Lee Eubank

    Patrick need to grow some balls - He was so good in the other TV show he use to be in. (I can't remember the name of the show. After all, he's chasing down Red John who is a monster and the last episode he was in when the boat blew up. He ran down the blank like some sissy. Not very good writing!!!!!!
  • this show is horrible. it copied psych! it has the same basic idea and storyline, but it's not as good. not even close. it is not even funny but psych is hilarious!!! hystericallllll :d if you want a good show, watch psych! not the mentalist!


    the mentalist is completely mental. it copied psych, but it failed at its attempt to be better. psych was always better, still is and always will be. this show should be taken off or changed. it stinks! psych should sue. but they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too nice :) but they make fun of it in some episodes hahahaha.
    psycho forever!

  • A man with "great powers of observation" who used to be a fake psychic now fights crime (no he doesn't have tights and a cape... yet)

    Yes you have seen or heard about the premise before (most recently in Psych) but don't worry there is nothing that you haven't seen elsewhere before so you should like the show if you enjoy deja vu feelings.

    The acting in the pilot is below average. Simon Baker alters between charming puppy and sad puppy during the whole show with the charisma of a dead oyster. Robin Tunney really is miscast as the b!tchy FBI agent voted most likely to fall for the unlikely hero before season ends. The rest of the cast is utterly forgettable like their characters. The only bright spot were guests Zeljko Ivanek and Gail O'Grady but their level of acting seemed somewhat misplaced when faced with the staring apathy of leading man Baker.

    The direction was nothing special, surprisingly enough with a name like David Nutter on board.

    The writing is downright laughable. The main character alternates between arrogance and empathy every two minutes while he uses his "special powers" of well... noticing things that look pretty obvious to anyone who's looking and making logical leaps that would make Colombo cringe and that's saying a lot! The dialog is boring and flat and the ending makes you wonder why you stuck with it for so long!

    DOn't waste your time!
  • Great to have him back :)This show is awesome :))

    I give the show a perfect ten,I was just about ready to give up on TV because of all the silly realaty shows,this show is suspenseful an somewhat a comedy his looks at times are really funny an makes me lauph at the wierdess times in the show, which is unusual for me. I think they choose The perfect person for this show ,also it has a great cast, myself an even my mom enjoys it,its great to see him back and I hope this time he stays!! if you havent tuned in for this show try it once it really is awesome.
  • Bored

    Just watched RED LISTED, and have to confess that, after all these years, I'm totally bored with the Red John storyline bored with the incompetence and arrogance of the FBI, the CBI, the CIA, and whatever organization is out there NOT doing there jobs! Every last one of them, Jane and Lisbon included, are really getting on my nerves and will now wait until I read something on this site to let me know it's all over. Absolutely nothing believable and I hope it turns out that Jane himself is Red John!!
  • The show ...

    ... was darn good but time to put red john to bed. Turn the page, close the book and move one. Disappointed in the new episode as it's more of the old theme. Get some new writers.

    Just how long do we have to put up with the endless hunt for Red John. Seriously its no fun anymore and fortunately the remote is near at hand. Just the mention of Red John and I change channels.
  • a bad copy of castle and white collar

    used to be great, my favorite show and my favorite cast. No need of RJ, but i don't like the new storyline and the new cast. Miss the original one. I miss the CBI
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CBS cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.
  • Red John Sucks!

    I am getting so sick and tired of Red John! Enough already! I only kept watching this season because I thought Red John was supposed to be caught. Maybe some of the fans like it, but they are in the minority, I'm sure. The only ones I do watch now is one that doesn't have anything about him in it. Most of my friends have quit entirely. I keep hoping the writers will finally realize that the ongoing hunt for Red John is utterly boring, and move on to the good shows I know they are capable of.
  • White as the Driven Snow

    This episode jumped so many sharks I lost count. The FBI are now condoning kidnap and torture and offering jobs to the perp's? So the lawyer is just going to disappear? They have drones now to launch when ever or where ever at the drop of a hat? Wayne is apparently superman and can take a shotgun blast and pistol shot to the chest at <15 feet no problem. He then requires no surgery at all or blood or anything.

    This show tried to suggest a revamp with Dunbar as the hard ass by the rules FBI guy with his female minder agent. And yet a few ep's in and they're as complicit as Patrick et al. I'd say this show started on the edge of credulity but has turned into a 12 year olds level of balls.
  • Go back to CBI

    The team needs to go back to the CBI. The new FBI thing is a failure; dull, boring and Jane is not showcased as he was at CBI. So, resurrect the original team and take them back to California with Lisbon in command and Jane as consultant.
  • Time to stop...

    Now the Red John stuff has finished it's time to bid goodbye to The Mentalist. The murders are little more than 'Murder She Wrote' fodder and the actors are just going through the motions.

    Treading water until the inevitable cancellation. Time to end it before it's too much of an embarrassment.
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