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  • this show is horrible. it copied psych! it has the same basic idea and storyline, but it's not as good. not even close. it is not even funny but psych is hilarious!!! hystericallllll :d if you want a good show, watch psych! not the mentalist!


    the mentalist is completely mental. it copied psych, but it failed at its attempt to be better. psych was always better, still is and always will be. this show should be taken off or changed. it stinks! psych should sue. but they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too nice :) but they make fun of it in some episodes hahahaha.
    psycho forever!

  • He used to be psychic (actually he pretender to be psychic) but admitted he lied as he is very observant. He now helps police solve murders.

    Overall it could be great show if they have chosen different cast. Individually they are Ok but not together. Patrick Jane is now helping police as he is extremely observant and see things other people cannot. Lead detective, young women is just... don't know... Characterless I would say. Actually she is main reason why i don't watch this show. There is not chemistry between them at all. Other team members are OK, they are either likable or not but are in character. But overall it is just bit flat. Someone dies, police had working theory which is always wrong until Jane tells them what/how to deal with it. However he is very good and without him this show would not survive 5 episodes.
  • Decent but unorigional

    I watch this show occasionally but really only because my father likes it. nothing against the show but it just seems like a less humorous version of the USA network show Psych. Also i dont understand why they have Simon Baker faking the american accent when he is not very good at it. you can hear his native Austrialin accent come through any time he says a word with an "ou" (like hour). in fact i think the only actors on TV who can successfull pull of the american accent are Hugh Laurie and the man from Brothers and Sisters (i cant remember his name as i dont watch that show that often)
  • A man with "great powers of observation" who used to be a fake psychic now fights crime (no he doesn't have tights and a cape... yet)

    Yes you have seen or heard about the premise before (most recently in Psych) but don't worry there is nothing that you haven't seen elsewhere before so you should like the show if you enjoy deja vu feelings.

    The acting in the pilot is below average. Simon Baker alters between charming puppy and sad puppy during the whole show with the charisma of a dead oyster. Robin Tunney really is miscast as the b!tchy FBI agent voted most likely to fall for the unlikely hero before season ends. The rest of the cast is utterly forgettable like their characters. The only bright spot were guests Zeljko Ivanek and Gail O'Grady but their level of acting seemed somewhat misplaced when faced with the staring apathy of leading man Baker.

    The direction was nothing special, surprisingly enough with a name like David Nutter on board.

    The writing is downright laughable. The main character alternates between arrogance and empathy every two minutes while he uses his "special powers" of well... noticing things that look pretty obvious to anyone who's looking and making logical leaps that would make Colombo cringe and that's saying a lot! The dialog is boring and flat and the ending makes you wonder why you stuck with it for so long!

    DOn't waste your time!
  • Lost me

    I found this show interesting at first. It was sort of a less comical version of Psyche, and I liked the puzzle solving approach and the Sherlock Holmes like deductions. And the lead was quirky and interesting.

    After seeing the first episode I didn't watch it for a while. I liked it, but there was something else on that night I liked more. But later I caught some more episodes. Oddly enough, the Psyche approach seemed to have seemed to have been tossed out, making the show more of a standard cop/detective thing.

    But I still liked the lead, and I kept watching until this episode where some hypnotist has this army of the hypnotized do their bidding.

    It wasn't that I made a conscious decision to stop watching the show at this point, but I have a long history of giving up on a show when it does something really moronic. A super hypnotist would make sense in an episode of Batman or Superman, but in The Mentalist it struck me as being utterly ludicrous. The show simply turned out to be stupider than I thought it was, and I've never watched it sense.
  • Rip-off of Psych/Monk

    It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Not in this case.

    After giving the show a chance (watched the first two shows in their entirety), I found that not only doesn't it offer anything new in either plot and characters, but it relies on some of the worst acting I have ever seen on TV, not to mention using the most two-dimensional, characters (both second only to "In Plain Sight").

    If you combine the two main characters from "Psych" (Sean) and the eponymous "Monk", you'll get the main character of "The Mentalist", who, even his character admits, is, basically, a con man, who becomes an assistant to the police after his family is killed. One could argue that the premise even copies "NCIS", whose main character's family was killed. So, that makes three shows that were ripped-off, made more obvious considering that they are still running.

    As entertaining (if not realistic) as those other shows are, "The Mentalist" pales in comparison in every aspect. All the creators had to do was make the lead character "normal" (i.e., no family killed; no ersatz psychic tendencies), and I probably would have believed, or at least liked, the show better, if only for not being a blatant imitation. As it is, I watch it only if nothing better is on, which, unfortunately, is the case for that day and time slot (and which is the only reason I gave it a "5" rating), but, admittedly, I have slept through a few episodes or turned them off long before they ended (other than for the first two episodes, which I found no more interesting, but I felt I had to give them a chance). That CBS' "The Mentalist" is currently rated second (below and following that same network's "NCIS" show) in the Nielsen's (as of Dec 24, 2008) - - CBS' recent ads refer to "The Mentalist" as "the number one show", without qualifying what they meant by that - - is beyond my understanding, though I wonder if the fact that practically nothing worthwhile is on after "NCIS" has something to do with it. However, it also makes me cringe at the thought of who might actually be enjoying this poor imitation.
  • Ironically, RJ's Death Killed The Mentalist!

    For those of you whining about the end of The Mentalist, you have only yourselves to blame. Your constant bitching about RJ finally got to the writers, who allowed themselves to be pressured into a sloppy premature wrapup to the RJ storyline, leaving behind a rudderless show. RJ anchored Jane and gave the show depth and weight. Once that was eliminated, the show became adrift, and ratings tanked worse than ever before.

    Shame on Heller for caving to all the anti-RJ nonsense, and completely screwing over all the loyal viewers who were following all the specific clues laid out over a period of 5 years, only to see them evaporate into a cloud of absolute meaninglessness.

    Goodbye to Jane and the CBI. You're all a mere shadow of what you once were. No more smileys on the wall, and certainly not on the faces of the viewers.
  • Not my kind of show

    Lots of work put into the show, but I just didn't enjoy it. The acting is okay, but it's exaggerated violence for me.
  • Boring boring boring

    This show gets more boring by the minute ...

    I'm with Cho. Lisbon and Jane are like brother and sister -- mother and child, even. It's absolutely awful to make them into a romantic couple. I don't even know if I can even keep watching, it's so awful, so WRONG WRONG WRONG. It's like watching incest. Yuck. Cho always knows where it's at. His take on it is my only hope that the writers are going to have them find out it's a mistake -- as it always is when people try to turn a friendship into a love affair. Oh, lord. I can't believe the majority of fans want this. I'm here to say that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!!! And who wants a Jane who behaves "like a normal person?" His whole character is at stake here, along with all the humor and pleasure of the show, which all emanates from his non-normalcy. The way I see it, Jane has "implanted" on Lisbon, like a baby duckling brought up by humans will think a human is its mother. Lisbon "took care of" Jane and was absolutely there for him no matter what he did in the years when he was so grief-stricken. But now look at the way he turned into a complete child in his declaration of love. He's a man, an uncompromisingly strong man, who against the most powerful authorities of the state, dedicated 8 years of his life and was willing to spend the rest of it in prison for the sake of avenging his wife and child's murder. And now he's this wide-eyed little baby wanting to kiss mommy on the lips. Gawd, it's just awful to me. Please make it not happen, please, please, please. Thank you, Flatto and patrishdehler, for agreeing with me -- in essence if perhaps not in detail.

    Hoping for a Season 7 that gets us back on track. This has been by far my favorite show for all 6 years, but a Lisbon/Jane mating would absolutely ruin it for me. Mistake, writers, mistake.

    ... I'm coming back to say that I thought it was time for the RJ theme to end, that I thought it was ended to perfection, and that my enjoyment of the show is not in any way lessened by the loss of that theme. So, whoever is in charge, WE WANT JANE SEASON 7!!!
  • Phych most of the way but...

    It was bacically Phych only Phych is way better. The one little trailer, had me interested, mad, and bored at the same time. I was interested in th estoryline and the episode, i was made that the plot is so near Phych and i love Phych, and i was bored because some how i wanted to turn it off although it was not that bad. I don't know i will wait to see the pilot and then be the judge. Until then Phych definitly wins although there is a difference. Phych in one scene would have had you laughing atleast five times while this one had one joke at the end of the scene about being "Horney". Nice try i say. Maybe i will change my rasting later but the video clip wa not enough to say it was bad.
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CBS cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.
  • Red John needs to die

    I need to stop watching the Mentalist, formerly a favorite show. The Red John scenarios have outlasted long ago their interest and need to die a quick death
  • Pointless

    First off I really enjoy the show. Out of all the characters though the one I like the least is Teresa Lisbon she just isn't that great of a character, sure her emotions for Jane and what she would do for him can be interesting, besides that though there isn't much else too her. After years of working with Patrick she still challenges him on his ideas and still thinks he is wrong when he says someone isn't the killer even though every time he has been proven right and his plans worked (only exception being to Red John). What really proves that she is useless is the episode when Cho is put in charge he does a much better job than what Lisbon has ever done being the team leader. Also every other character is more interesting Cho is a quiet smart who gets straight to the point but when needs be can be a total badass, Rigsby his father is a criminal outlaw, he has a son, him and Van Pelt had a relationship and he brings some lighthardness to the group, Van Pelt shot and killed her fiance who was working with Red John, she has then proceeded to take down two more killers, She has issues that have made her harder and now leans more towards hard justice. Teresa is suppose to be a main character yet more often I feel she is just in the way of everyone else.
  • Great to have him back :)This show is awesome :))

    I give the show a perfect ten,I was just about ready to give up on TV because of all the silly realaty shows,this show is suspenseful an somewhat a comedy his looks at times are really funny an makes me lauph at the wierdess times in the show, which is unusual for me. I think they choose The perfect person for this show ,also it has a great cast, myself an even my mom enjoys it,its great to see him back and I hope this time he stays!! if you havent tuned in for this show try it once it really is awesome.
  • Jane now written as just a selfish SOB.

    Jane makes himself a hostage so Lisbon won't go into the house. Says he couldn't face it to lose his love again. And if he'd died it wouldn't have hurt him. Selfish jerk. It would have hurt her! She'd have had to live with the fact that he got killed so she wouldn't. It was bad enough when they did the cheap thing and put these two together. Now they are destroying the integrity of the guy we liked. Good thing it's going off the air.
  • New character coming in as Lisbon's and Jayne's boss.

    We are very unhappy with the new character acting as Lisbon's and Jayne's boss, Hightower? We did not feel that the show needed to make a statement with hiring a female, African American. We were loving the show prior to this but now it seems there is being too much time being put on this new character, who is being so over-stated and taking away from the actual episode. Honestly, we can't even remember who their old boss was... We enjoyed watching the team work together and not being so focused on this new, over-powered, egotistical, now marraige-troubled woman. It's getting way too scattered.
  • Getting Old

    It seems the CBI can't solve a murder without Patrick Jane. This is really getting old. It's amazing how Jane can solve every murder that the CBI investigates, but he can't figure out who Red John is. At least the Red John episodes are more interesting to watch than the same old "Patrick Jane solved the murder all by himself again" episodes.
  • I disliked this show for the first two or even three seasons. But now that they actually have enough good adversaries for Jane its become enjoyable!

    In the first few seasons Jane easily buldozed all sorts of people with cheap little tricks and it just seemed slightly absurd that no one saw through his rather obvious cons. The only exception was of course Red John, and I enjoyed their interaction. But now that he generally goes up against worthier people the show has become fun to watch. Styles is of course the best of the lot. But there are others! Good direction!!!!!
  • All shows since Red Johns demise

    I quit watching after Red Johns boring death . Seriously , this man tortured people and he dies by a pathetic choking !!!
  • Mentalist and sexual sadism

    We're done with The Mentalist. We have liked the characters, most of the plots, etc. But tonight we turned on the latest (recorded) new episode and were soon assaulted visually with truly nasty stuff -- ugly beatings, electrocutions, etc. -- that played like sexual sadism. First, it simply wasn't pleasant. Second, there were kids in the room. It felt like the show has turned a corner, and we aren't going with it. You've lost us.
  • Enough of Red John Soap Opera

    Enough of Red John Soap Opera! I loved this show, but like so many other great shows you ruined it with the soap opera B.S., Go back to solving crime and being funny at it...

    before it is canceled
  • Bored

    Just watched RED LISTED, and have to confess that, after all these years, I'm totally bored with the Red John storyline bored with the incompetence and arrogance of the FBI, the CBI, the CIA, and whatever organization is out there NOT doing there jobs! Every last one of them, Jane and Lisbon included, are really getting on my nerves and will now wait until I read something on this site to let me know it's all over. Absolutely nothing believable and I hope it turns out that Jane himself is Red John!!
  • Go back to CBI

    The team needs to go back to the CBI. The new FBI thing is a failure; dull, boring and Jane is not showcased as he was at CBI. So, resurrect the original team and take them back to California with Lisbon in command and Jane as consultant.
  • Very disappointed

    Sorry to see the way they are going with the show. Never actually explained the mall shooting episode in the next season opener, now they are coping another shows concept. "White Collar" has been using this concept of having the character work with the FBI or be put back in prison for rest of his sentence for last 4 years. Sorry to see show go this way.
  • bullshit

    this series is starting to piss me off. Episodes with nothing to do with red john are outright dreadful. it feels like a long con. we swallow crap episodes with the promise that there will be a red john episode and then there isn't. Last episode was awful. And yes I find simon charming, but after 5 years its wearing off. They've already lost a chunk of their audience and today they lost me. I'm not watching another episode unless I'm sure it's red john related. enough bullshit

  • Romance doesn't work

    I never saw any real chemistry between Jane and Lisbon as romantic couple - it just doesn't work for me. She has a boyfriend, new job and moving away and suddenly Jane professes his love and she drops everything. I've had a boyfriend like that - once he won you back, he lost interest. It called game playing. Quite disappointed - it's become a so-so from what it once was.
  • I just don't get why they call it "THE" tv sensation here, or in America?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't like the Mentalist, but I just don't think it's THAT great.
    I'm happy there's this story line in it about Red John, it doesn't keep me from not watching, although I missed a few episodes.

    I love Simon Bakers' humour in the show. Every time it surprises me again how he can act like a fool.
    One thing for sure: I really don't like Robin Tuney.
    I already didn't like her in Prison Break.. There is just something annoying about her and I don't know what.

    Unless the Mentalist gets REALLY boring, I'll keep watching this.
  • Not exactly original, but still good.

    This isn't an original idea, psych is the obviuous exapmle but it don't think that should really matter. Is anything really original anymore? how mant remakes are there? or British imports? the good thing about the mentalist is that the have developed it past a simple serious version of pysch. the characters are well developed and the actors are good. A good thing is that it doesn't involve the FBI or CIA or the PD foe once. The CBI is different enough that hopefully it will introduce some new ideas. Overall, the mentalist, has started well and hopefully with the introduction of the series bad guy,it will continue to do so
  • Review and wishes

    The Mentalist has incredible writers which keep you in suspence each and every week. The actors work so well together. The character Patrick Jane keeps the intrigue exciting and clever. I am however concerned that the night of the premere is on a Sunday night. There is nothing else much on Thursdays and I stay home just to watch it. Sunday nights it will be in great competition with many other shows that I watch. I voter to move it back to Thursday nights.
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