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  • The Mentalist captures everything great you want in a detective drama. Twisted crimes with a satisfying & resolute ending to most episodes. Humour is available in abundance and the characters really grow on you especially Patrick Jane.

    The Mentalist captures everything great you want in a detective drama. Twisted crimes with a satisfying & resolute ending to most episodes. Humour is available in abundance and the characters really grow on you especially Patrick Jane. The best thing about This show is that it has an underlying storyline to it as well. Its not just solving crime after crime and getting no further. Jane's past plays a significant part to the tale of progression. Every now and then we are given what I call 'story episodes'. With other shows you can watch a few episodes here and there and be none the wiser if there was any major developments. With The Mentalist you want to watch all the episodes. All in all The Mentalist gives a good mix of non relevant yet entertaining episodes & Story building episodes, enough to keep you hooked for more. If your reading this, don't procrastinate, download it or something. You'll Be happy you did!
  • LOVE the show!

    I absolutely love Patrick Jane. I think he's just hilarious. And there's something about Cho, that makes him a favorable character for me.
  • End Red John Already !!

    So sick of this Red John story. Enough already. Seriously why do they keep dragging this on for so many seasons? There is a better show past this stupid Red John storyline. Every time they say "red john" now I cringe. Other shows have been able to move past the initial set ups and make the dynamics work, like Castle, which is better than ever now with them as a couple. Simon Baker is so charming and can be funny, but this whole dark, heavy story needs to go. This show is best when it is clever and shows off his scam artist skills and charm.
  • The Mentalist

    This has been a brilliant show from the beginning and now Jane is getting closer than ever to Red John and as season 5 is going on I'm starting to get the feeling this could be the season we find out who he is I think Red John is either Bret Stiles or Gale Bertram but this show is so good so the writers could make it anyone.
  • The best TV show.

    The Mentalist is a "TOUCH OF GENIUS", full of ideas and concepts that make the mind think. Many in depth psychological aspects of the show are brilliant. The mythology of the show is unlike any other drama onTV, one that involves and grips the viewer. Its characters are painstakingly drawn out and full of personality and complexity, that one thinks they are real. The acting of Simon Baker is astonishing, he brings so much depth and layers to the Patrick Jane's character. "Flawless cast, awesome cases and interesting plot", I love it all. I am truly addicted to the show, and can hardly wait for the next episode! And I am not alone!

    The Mentalist is a Global Hit TV Show and not like any other show that has ever been produced. The main character, Patrick Jane aka Simon Baker has become an international Star, an incredible phenomenon of our times for 50-60 million people watching the show around the world. In France Simon Baker is considered a "God" like figure. People in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan watch the show!!! It is truly the most brilliant and the greatest TV show that has ever been created. "The Whole World is Watching, and They Love It", look at the IMDb Message Board. "This show connects with all People and Cultures around the Globe, and could be an 'archetype' for the future of TV on Planet Earth".

  • Any and All The Mentalist

    I enjoy the episodes whether they include "Red John" or not. The cast works great together and I enjoy the "tricks" that "Patrick Jane" uses to manipulate people to tell the truth. With or With out Red John the show would be a hit with me!
  • Very Different

    I love this show because I can't get enough of Patrick Jane. He has a funny personality that everyone can get drawn too. Five years ago he lost his family to red john, Jane has been searching for him for years to get revenge. He solves a lot of his cases using his abilities as an excellent observer to details, people behaviors. This show is very unique and most of the times some funny action pack episode. Half of the cases are pretty easy to solve if you pay attention to detail, this show is made for hard cases. It's more watching a story unfold, and the series is wrapped around Jane's development. This show is a much watch in my book just because its different from other investigation series.
  • Pay no attention to the show ratings, this isn't like Psych at all so people need to stop whinging.

    It's a shame that the ratings are so low just because people are worried that it sounds like "their show" where in reality, it is very different from Psych. I love Psych myself, but the fans that vote this down for no good reason just give it a bad name. If I had to compare this show to anything I have seen, it would be Dexter, with Psych coming in 3rd at the highest. Give this show a chance, because if the rest of the series is as good as the pilot then you won't be disappointed. I can see that this will be more like a dramatic Monk, where every so often Patrick finds a clue as to who murdered his family. Hopefully this show gets to run its course so it gets a proper ending and that a potentially great thing isn't ruined by people who judge a book by its cover.
  • A deftly modern reworking of the Sherlock Holmes crime-solving formula with nice chemistry between the main characters, humorous interaction and some nice plot twists that keep the reader guessing, all with enough cop jargon to satisfy viewers.


    This show hooked me pretty quickly. As a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, the structure really appeals to me. Patrick Jane, former pretend psychic and television personality, assists the California Bureau of Investigation in their search for the murderer of his family and any other case it is called upon to solve.

    There are a few missteps in some of the episodes, as the tendency when re-working an idea is to borrow from it at times, but all-in-all, the writers and directors have done a nice job with this show.

    Patrick Jane is a riveting central character, and his interplay with colleagues Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt is quite good. I appreciate the way they have developed a team bond with the characters, and the way they've taken time to develop each of the characters as individuals.

    This subtle balance is so well-done, that it's almost unnoticable unless it is lacking, as it was in the second-to-last episode of season 3 in which the writers and director didn't have a good feel for the characters and portrayed Jane as some kind of clown and did a huge disservice to Lisbon's strength as a character.

    I'd rate it 8.5 in terms of execution combined with potential, in that it takes a writer with some skill to maintain that subtle comraderie and depth ... and since this show is written by a number of people, there are going to be a few weak episodes.

    They're going to wish they could have a "do-over" with the premiere of season 4 though. Kind of a misstep there, but the show has returned to being fun to watch as this season goes along.

  • Red John Returns?

    Three episodes to go. The Red John closure was so lame that I have wondered it the show would go out in a bang and Red John would resurface.

    Basically Patrick had not killed Red John, rather one of his minion. Then the show could explore other story-lines while Red John lay low.

    Now that the show is coming to closure we can have the 'reveal' of the real Red John with resolution in the grand finale.

    Now that would be a way for The Mentalist to go out on top.

  • Love the mentalist

    I love this show please keep it going hope u guys are reading this and how can the fans keep this show going
  • Please renew the show

    I love this show, and i love simon baker, i am waiting for this show for every week. Don't take it away from my life, I have told all my friend to watch this and the way to solve case were interesting in some episodes.
  • Best Show Ever

    This is absolutely my favorite show. I think the character of Patrick Jane is very intriguing and I really want to know who Red John is. I'll follow it until the very end.
  • the perfect combination! Hot guys and an intensive drama !!!! loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it!

    el show tiene muchos casos en la cual patric resuelve con solo usar la vista.cuando el pone mucha atencion en las reacciones de la gente y cosas que son obvias se da cuenta quen fue. el no tiene reglas que seguir ya que la persona que es culpable lo deja saber de muchas maneras. tambien esta red jones quien le mato a la mujer y a la nina por dejarle una leccion a james. por eso entro a la policia para ayudarlo a encontra a red jones. a lo que resuelve los casos tambien se encuentra con mas pruebas de red jone.
  • pretty sweet show :D

    well i just started watching the mentalist this season...but i watched s1 too...anyway lately i have been watching a lot of cop shows and a lot of them are kinda the same...but this one stands out somehow..probably cuz it takes place in sacramento and i live there but also i think jane brings something special to the show..hes got a unique personality but i love the whole team..they got really good chemistry together so maybe thats why the show is so interesting...and i love the way jane plays mind games with the suspects you just never see it coming anyway great show hope it sticks around for a while
  • Who thought of this show? Because I want to give them a great big hug. The best show on TV that I never get to watch.

    Two shows this season caught my attention more than any other: The Mentalist and Fringe. So it really sucks that both of these shows are on at the same time. And, unfortunately for The Mentalist, I watch Fringe religiously.

    Still, when I can, I catch an episode of this AWESOME show with the perfect cast and curse the powers that be that scheduled the best new show i rarely watch at the same time as the best new show i rarely miss. I keep hoping for a time slot change, even though i love watching NCIS and then tuning in, if scheduling allows, to this great show.

    The Mentalist for the win!
  • Not your everyday run of the mill cop show.

    This great show started right off with a bang. Just when you think you could not possibly watch another cop show. CBS makes amends for the countless (CSI/Numbers/Criminal Minds) cop shows with this new twist on an old genre. "Patrick Jane" (played by Simon Baker) is a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation. He once made a living as a psychic medium, which he admits was a scam. Now he takes those same skills of observation and reasoning to help law enforcement solve cases. Baker's charm, sense of humor and quick wit greatly add to this shows greatness. He ties the whole cast together with great interaction making it easy to watch.
  • Great new show!

    Didn't think this show would be any good. But I was wrong. This one is great! First episode and then I was stuck.

    New story in every episode, so you can miss one and don't get lost. Thats also great.

    And I just love the team. But sometimes it's becomes a bit too easy, I like when you must think a little. Sometimes the episodes give you too much info on who the bad person is. Thats the only bad thing about this story.

    If you have not seen this yet, do it now. I'm sure you will enjoy like I do.

    5 of 5 points!
  • 'The Mentalist' improves on the pitfalls of its sub-genre.

    The crime show is an age-old television genre. It has seen iterations ranging from the standard police department ("Dragnet") to police department plus the legal system ("Hill Street Blues," "Law and Order," "NYPD Blue"), from specialized FBI branches ("X-Files," "Without a Trace," "Criminal Minds") to forensic specialists ("CSI," "Bones"). But the newest trend in crime TV is the crime-fighting unit + eccentric consultant genre, and it is in this latter category that "The Mentalist" falls.

    While many crime-consultant shows sacrifice the dignity of the regular detectives to exalt the consultant, "The Mentalist" manages to exhibit Jane's observational prowess without making the rest of the CBI appear utterly inept. This is to the show's credit; the detectives with whom Patrick Jane works come across as intelligent, three-dimensional people. The same cannot be said for contemporary shows like "Monk," "Psych," and "Castle." Though these shows have their own merits (to varying degrees) and are certainly enjoyable, they each make local law enforcement appear useless without the amazing powers of the specialized consultant. Of course, "The Mentalist" doesn't show the CBI solving cases without Jane, but the CBI agents bring a lot more to the table than the police departments in the three aforementioned shows. Furthermore, the supporting cast adds much interest to the show, which cannot be said for "Castle," a show whose regular viewers would be hard-pressed to remember then name of a single detective on the force other than Beckett, Castle's nemesis/muse/love interest.

    So, while "The Mentalist" is one more in a long-line of crime dramas on television, it continues in the tradition of the best crime dramas, not the worst.
  • Simon Baker is, in a word, superb as The Mentalist, but the plots leave something to be desired. Still, the show is a solid structure that allows for an effectively entertaining character piece.

    To be perfectly clear, I enjoy this show; I watch it when I can and DVR it when I can't. The reason is simple: Simon Baker (as Patrick Jane) has fleshed out an original character with a complex spectrum of emotion. His character is softly mysterious with an air of amusement as event unfold around him. His poker face bests the police, the suspects, and the killer; you never know what Jane knows until he reveals it, often in a showy style that suits his own smiling outward demeanor. But at the same time, there is much tension and toning to this man.

    Other than the Mentalist himself, though, the show doesn't shine. The supporting cast, well, simply supports him, and the plots themselves don't compel the audience. Much like the show "House", the audience is intrigued by the character more than any story development, but, again, much like "House", Patrick Jane himself is enough to keep the audience tuned in.
  • CBS pulls a Siffy

    The badly named "SyFy" channel is notorious for cancelling their shows just when they get good (and popular). Now CBS is pulling a trick from their bag.

    The Mentalist reboot after the death of RJ has been a breath of fresh air in a series that was getting stale. The light humor is back, like it was in the first few seasons. I thought last years finale was one of the best eps ever.

    CBS, reconsider!
  • Hitting its stride

    There has been some big changes on The Mentalist this season. It has taken a little while to re-establish itself again in terms of the new characters and new location, but I think it's definitely found its groove and I've been really enjoying it. It will be such a pity if this series gets cancelled just when it's found a new lease on life, creatively speaking.

    I always enjoyed the Red John storyline and wasn't one of those crying for it to be resolved because Patrick Jane's character was inexplicably tied to his pursuit of RJ. I felt wanting RJ caught was a bit like wanting 'The Fugitive' cleared and no longer on the run. My fears were confirmed initially as the series seemed to be a little lost for a while but this second half of the season has been excellent. *Sigh, I guess if they're going to cancel it, I really hope Jane and Lisbon get together in the last episode.
  • Awesome

    I just love this show
  • 1 of my favorite shows on CBS...

    If anybody remembers Simon Baker on the Guardian, that was should a dark and depressing show...OMG,The Mentalist did Baker a 360 from that! I love the cast. Thanks for renewing for a 5th season, 'cause I've been trying to catch all the old episodes on TNT.
  • Great show and nice choice of characters. the main story is very attractive though the viewer is fed with so little of during the series.

    I personally loved show. the character's personalty is so appealing and much of the dialog and interactions with other characters are great.

    my brother watched one or two episodes with me from season two. he highlighted one thing i wasn't thinking of, it how much the show is similar to scooby doo. for the fact that the theme of every episode is revolving around a crime investigation and at the end of each episode they unveil the killer as in scooby doo ending.

    i personalty loved the character and the main story in general. i recommended it t all my friends and family.
  • Great Show!

    I started watching the Mentalist on first day it aired. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I soon feel in love with the show. I have not missed one episode and I hope it is on for many years to come. For those who haven't seen it yet I would say give it a shot, you can not go wrong.
    It is very entertaining. The main character is easy to like. He is a funny and intersting character.
    I just hope the writers will continue to come up with clever ideas for each week's plot.
    Bottom line CBS has done it again. A throughly entertaining show.
  • A great show and Simon Baker is so cute. His facial expressions and mannerisms add so much to the character. One of the few Great shows on TV.

    The writers do an excellent job at making the shows so great. The plots of the episodes are great and fast moving, never a dull moment. All the actors and actresses do a great job. But I have to say that Simon Baker is the star!!! I liked him when he was in The Guardian and I am so glad he is back on. The Mentalist is a great character for him. His facial expressions and mannerisms add so much to the character. The other actors/actresses are well suited to their rolls too. Don't EVER think of taking this show off the air.
  • Just Gets Better

    I love this show i am die hard fan and i am glad that CBS picked it back up for a season 7 Simon Baker is the man and i hope this show gets another 3 or 4 seasons after the next
  • Simon Baker is the man

    I don't really like detective shows, but Simon Baker plays great in the show. It's all about him. This detective show I watch only because of him.
  • Love the Show But the RED JOHN angle is becoming Tiresome

    I loved the show from the first episode , I love the characters and enjoy the stories, but the Red John story was interesting whne it started and now the sun shines because Red John allows it ! Gimme a break. its sloppy writing and no longer fun, just plain ole tiresome. Yeah I still give the show a high mark but gimme a break with the Red John angle lets move on am not even interested oin knowing who he is or what happens to him.
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