The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 11

Rose-Colored Glasses

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on CBS

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  • This isn't even filler. A well educated woman pays money and murders just because of a prank she conducted as a child 15 years ago? Im supposed to believe that? Maybe the writers of this show need to remember that a plot is actually necessary.

    This episode was boring, predictable and so stupid Im sorry I ever even watched it. Janes coolness does not an episode make. The idea that pretty women are mean in highschool is tired. Not just tired. EXHAUSTED. Frankly as far as I can tell the more attractive people are typically kinder then those who have not yet found their look. One secret to attractiveness is confidence and self care. Both of those things are usually good indicators of being able to love and appreciate others, and to tolerate differences. If this show wasn't written to make Jane look smart I doubt he would be able to deduce his own address. Come on. Enough of this BS. Ne4xt time work out a real plot.
  • I knew it! I knew that Jane figured out the change in Rigsby and Van Pelt's relationship!

    He was just waiting for the right moment to use it to his advantage. Although I still thought he could have held out a little longer, but knowing Jane, the temptation was just killing him, he had to blurt it out.

    As for Rigsby, denying it only admitted his guilt. Instead of "I don't know what you are talking about" he should have said "Me and Van Pelt, I wish, but you know that's against the rules Jane". Anything other than how well he handled the 'black mail' moment. Shame on you Jane, the amount of things Rigsby did to either keep your butt out of jail, or even for you to keep your job, and this is how you repay him! I suppose I expected nothing less. He did keep his secret in the end, and I doubt he would have really told unless provoked.

    Did I sense a disconnection between Rigby and Van Pelt. Being ordered to sit down behind a computer screen, doing nothing but moving your finger tips, felt like a demotion for Rigsby. It was obvious the awkward eye glances suggested his dislike of his position, while Van Pelt got to do all the work, barely giving him any juicy details worth enlightening his then bored state. What did you think Van Pelt sat around doing Rigsby?

    I really couldn't be bothered with the case for this week, although it was a brilliant change for topic and surprising revelation, the only part I enjoyed was the dance between Lisbon and Jane. "More than words is all you have to do to make it real, then you wouldn't have to say that you love me, cos I'd already know..." Surprisingly that was Lisbon's favorite song, which meant that there is a softer side to her. I am certain Jane requested that music the very same moment, to mellow the mood between them. After all he just lied to her about Rigsby and the day off (pshh). That secret only meant he would forever have something to hold over Rigsby and Van Pelt's head, and he would collect once the opportunity came along.

    Although there isn't any advancement in 'Red John' and everything surrounding the case, 'The Mentalist' has a lot of excitement built within it and I love analyzing the way Jane thinks. He analyzes everyone but himself. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a 'smart ass' out there just like him, like a round off match to see who's wittier.

    At one point I noticed Rigsby's English accent slipping and a little Welsh got into the mix. I don't know if it was obvious or not, but Owain Yeoman was rather delicious in that suit, anyone could have eaten him up.

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  • A married couple is killed during their 15 year highschool reunion, and its the CBI's job to suss out the killer(s).

    I thought this was a decent episode for the show but it was nothing remarkable. It seemed rather like padding to further the season without really furthering the character driven plots for the show overall. Some moments were cute but nothing worth repeating. This episode was rather tame, and shockingly enough in only the second season of this show it seemed rather formulaic. The previews for the next episode seems to herald a non-padding show, so perhaps this was merely the writers biding their time. As for the end dance between the main characters Jane and Lisbon, it did not seem overly romantic and was rather forced. This episode lacked the charm and sophistication that has made this show a hit. This one was lackluster and annoyingly simple.
  • Filler.

    Very filler episode of The Mentalist tonight. Outside of Patrick Jane suggesting that they replace the Pledge of Allegiance with the Macarena, or at least change it to a dance song, I do not think there were any memorable lines here. Just a bunch of fluff and pointless Rigsby/Van Pelt teases.

    This show has really been hit or miss this season and this was definitely a miss. It was not funny, it wasn't dramatic or suspenseful, it was just a really predictable storyline with a more predictable ending.

    I am a big fan and supporter of this show, but this was a mediocre episode at best.
  • The team seems to be back on track after the tragedy of Bosco's death.

    This was a well-played episode and the storyline seems to be going along the line of the day-to-day grind of solving cases. This case was rather unique in it's setting, but progressed along the Jane-ish approach as expected.

    Bonus points for Lisbon taking Van Pelt over Rigsby to the crime scene. Ribsby seemed rather suprised/annoyed, but his eventual appearance at the reunion was very entertaining. Maybe his newly learned skill from Jane will pay dividends at a later date.

    A little more information about Lisbon's and Jane's past came to the surface and their dance at the close was quaint yet reserved.

    Cho's restrained intensity was visibly evident in his facial expression with the board in his hand as he fended off the attacker. There was a hint of experience in that whack!

    The "red" theme was obvious throughout. The episode's title, "Rose-Colored Glasses," the red-headed murderer, and the name of the high school, Rancho Rosa[Spanish for (Rose-flower) or (Pink-color) Ranch]. Looking for the "red" is like playing "Where's Wally(Waldo?)." It might be fun to start a forum game to find all the references to red in each episode.

    This series continues to be top-notch and is maturing as any long-running show should in order to remain sustainable.
  • The Mentalist is off to a good start for the new year

    "Rose-Colored Glasses" is The Mentalist's first episode of the new year, and I gotta say the writers over at The Mentalist sure know how to start the year off right.

    My highlights: My highlights of the episode was when Jane instigated the fight without really (even when he's not trying to get into trouble or start a fiasco, Jane still manages to do it). I loved it when Cho whacked that guy in the face with the board. You gotta love Cho and his bone-dry humour! I liked the scene where Jane gave Rigsby an ultimatum by telling him that if he didn't go along with the plan, then Jane would tell Lisbon that Rigsby and Van Pelt are having an affair. Rigsby's reaction was hilarious! I also loved the final scene where Jane and Lisbon shared that dance together. I am not a Jisbon fan and nor will I ever be one, but I have to admit there cute together, and Simon Baker and Robin Tunney have great on-screen chemistry.

    My Complaints: My only complaint with this episode is there wasn't enough Cho, but other than that it was an all around perfect episode.

    Prognosis: This was a great episode of The Mentalist certaintly a solid effort from everyone involved. And from the looks of the promo aired at the end of this weeks episode, next week looks pretty fantastic, aswell.
  • You see, THIS is why I have avoided my high school reunions!

    Whomever wrote this episode?...I swear they went to my high school and knew the characters in my class! I could put real names to most of 'em!

    Jane was Jane of old; the guy I like to see in the writing. The man who is quietly intuitive, daringly inventive in the executive of his traps, and apparently, not even a little above blackmailing a colleague!

    I fear for Van Pelt and Rigsby as a couple, which makes me sad. And much as I like Rigsby I am disappointed in what appears to be his jealousy over the "girl" getting to take on the field work while he stayed back to do the research; though an excellent job he did. And Jane did teach him some new tricks for his investigative arsenal.

    The murderer (murderess?) was no surprise, though it rarely is on this show. The fun is how Jane and Co. prove it.

    The ending was cute with the Jane/Lisbon dance: they just 'fit' somehow. Good episode.