The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 21

Ruby Slippers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The CBI investigate the death of a young man found outside a cabaret and who was bullied by everyone on their suspect list.

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Carlton Wilborn

Carlton Wilborn


Guest Star

Nicholas R. Grava

Nicholas R. Grava

Archie Bloom Jr.

Guest Star

William R. Moses

William R. Moses

Archie Bloom Sr.

Guest Star

Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong


Recurring Role

John Troy Donovan

John Troy Donovan


Recurring Role

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    • Jane: Well, that's a big haul today. Solved a murder. You booked three scumbags, as you coppers like to say. You should be very proud.
      Lisbon: I don't think I've ever been so depressed about a case. I can't get that kid out of my head.
      Jane: You want some tea?
      Lisbon: I don't think tea's gonna do it.

    • Lisbon: Well, Glennda's prints don't match any of the prints at the crime scene, and I did background checks on the drag queens. None of them stand out.
      Jane: Don't let them hear you say that.

    • Jane: You just called Glennda she.
      Lisbon: So?
      Jane : You didn't before. (beat) I have to go.
      Lisbon: Where?
      Jane: I just had a thoughtless impulse or an inspired hunch. I'm not sure which. I'll let you know.

    • Jane: (sniffs the air)
      Lisbon: What?
      Jane: Are you wearing perfume?
      Lisbon: (sarcastically) Right.
      Jane: Well, you've been standing close to someone that is.
      Lisbon: That would be Glennda. She's very fragrant.

    • Jane: Uh, we have some suspects in the murder investigation. I was hoping that you could come in and pick out the killer from the lineup.
      Glennda: I can't do that. Uh, I might make myself his next target. Enough people hate us for who we are. I'm not going to give them added incentive. I thought I made myself clear about that.
      Jane: Well, what you have made clear here is that you know how to celebrate what's different... And Archie Bloom was different, and he was burned alive for it.

    • Lisbon: We've got three prime murder suspects, all of whom are guilty of other crimes.
      Jane: Well, thanks to the evidence you were provided.
      Lisbon: Uncovered, not provided.
      Jane: Semantics.

    • Lisbon: Can I ask you something? Do you always go out like this? In drag, I mean.
      Glennda: Whenever I get dressed, I try to consider where I'm going, who I'm going to see, and how I can blow them away.
      Lisbon: Let me escort you to fingerprinting.
      Glennda: (cheery) A police escort. How could I refuse?

    • Jane: Is that a tear I see?
      Lisbon: Yeah right... just keep watching.

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