The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 21

Ruby Slippers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • Bonolover and the Rainbow

    What a shame that someone capable of appreciating artistry -- loves Bono! -- is incapable of recognizing it outside a narrow set of rules. Female impersonators, homosexuals, and transsexuals may not be among your favorite topics, but judgmentalism, patronizing attitudes, and narrow-mindedness are certainly three of my LEAST favorite topics, especially in what otherwise attempts to be a review. Wonder what Bono would think of your "moral stance"? Your "art criticism"? Your obvious disdain of "those sorts of people"? "The Mentalist" manages to deal with sensitive, even painful, topics in a thought-provoking manner -- but all it provoked from some viewers, evidently, is knee-jerk reactions. Pitiful.
  • Just wow!

    The whole episode was going kind of strange because Jane wasn't really able to help much. Near the end I thought it was odd that Jane was so stumped. And then he reveals who Fefe Nix was! And the whole thing came together in a flash. This episode had so much lesson for all of us. Highly emotional in the end with that song.


    This show isn't even meant for your little sister. Not if she is protected from knowing the truth about the world she lives in. I'm no fan of cross dressing men but you can't deny their existence. A show that excludes certain types of people would never get any respect. So its not the show's fault that you have a hard time looking at people who are different from you. Giving a rating of 1.0 without even understanding how important this episode was, is just moronic and selfish.
  • The Mentalist attempts "Paris is Burning"

    Ok, if you like this kind of art. Homosexuals are out there. And they are having sex. And we just need to accept that. And I'm rolling my eyes. Awk-ward! Reminds me of that Star Trek The Next Generation episode "Symbiosis" aka "Drugs are Bad". Yet we should all embrace male prostitution and their unique "art".

    Soon as Jane started snooping around, questioning all the drag queens, I knew our young gay victim was still alive and that photo of Archie posing with Glennda made the connection kinda obvious. Too bad. I was hoping for a cat fight. That tear you see is for wanting to douse Fifi in gasoline and striking a match for crappy lip synching. Not my kind of art.
  • Great

    One of the best episodes ever. Touching, memorable and a great lesson to be learnt by all.
  • For the Archies out there...

    At the the end of this episode i came to the conclusion its not about how ***phobic the suspect were, but what awful humans beings they were.

    A young man abused by his father, maltreated by his lover and picked on by his co-worker, had to resort to fake his own death just so he can start over in a community that accept him. All the three suspects committed crimes against humanity, and that is what we should take from this. Whether you accept there are people different from you or whether u think they are against whatever you believe in, slapping someone around, chaining them, bullying them etc is not humane.

    The poignant end of the episode with young Archie singing "somewhere over the rainbow" made me cry a little because that song is about hope and this kid never had it.
  • Ruby Slippers

    It was actually not a bad case that Jane and the CBI were dealing with this week, but it was just really weird seeing these dancers, and the whole case involving individuals in drag. A little too unsightly, and that kind of distracted us from the case at the end. And then closing the show with that weird musical number was another head-scratcher.
  • Thoughtful & surprising !

    This goes straight into my personal top 5 all-season episode list. With excellent script and strong screenplay. Compliments!!
  • Magnificent! Fabulous! Outstanding!

    Through-out the episode, I was noticing tons of things I wanted to include in this review, all the way from an ensamble cast that actually interacted to great side characters to plot twists to hilarious facial expressions (Cho) to tears and well... everything! But in the end I decided simply to say this:


    Best. Episode. Of. The. Season! (/Show?)
  • EMMY nomination!!!

    An excellent show as usual, but more importantly one of the most sensitively written (and acted) portrayals of what life is like when, well ... when you're "different" than what society considers "normal" for men and women. The writers and producers of The Mentalist definitely deserve an Emmy nomination for this episode!!!
  • Might Be Best of Season

    Wow. I didn't see an episode like this coming. What a ride. Drag queens. Faked suicide. Multiple bullies -- er, suspects. A twist ending. A twist on the twist. And did I mention drag queens? Really fun stuff. Keep them coming.
  • Excellent!

    Excellent episode! Very well-written!
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