The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 18

Ruddy Cheeks

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • Addictions

    Not a whole lot going on, you would probably know who did or the type that would do this to a ill man. Than you'll solve the case so not that much brain buster their, the point was on Cho addiction to pain killers that almost got his friend killed. Because Cho took some pain killers on a stake out lol, but Cho realize it's a problem. Also, we learned Cho a little more deeply how strong will Cho really is, incredible.
  • Great Season One'y Episode

    Erika Green Swafford never ceases to amaze when it comes to writing like in the good old days. The characters lie in focus, and as much as I want to know who the killer is, I also want to know how the innocent parties will cope with their loss. Jane's relationship with Liesl is heartwarming and especially the way he actually manages to be the lone ranger in the end, "Thank you" reaching but an empty chair.

    Also proven is that Summer really is Erika's character. Her best appearances in my opinion are those in "Pink Tops" and then this one. She knows what she wants and she gets it, in this case making a divided impression as both a strong and flawed human being, the way characters are supposed to be. "I have pain" does make you wonder. Cho's storyline at this point seems a bit clichd and I actually hope for a relapse just for a chance to add some depth to it.

    This episode manages a good balance between action and interrogation, which keeps it from getting boring. When there's been a few world-building scenes, we get Rigsby charging into a suspect's home without backup or Jane smoking out a con woman from her home. Eden's escape scene was also rather intense. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time in The Mentalist a running suspect has ever gotten away.

    As for cast interaction, there still needs to be some serious improvement. Luckily this time around, Jane's interactions with Lisbon are good enough on their own, but I don't think Jane appears even once in the same room as his other co-workers. This is a recurring problem since Season 3, and I sincerely hope the writers catch up on this and fix it.

    Another flaw nowadays is Rigsby. I don't think it's the writing so much as Yeoman causing it, though. I think he's started taking his character a bit too seriously, because when he has his discussion with Cho in the kitchen, all the lines are there, but it feels so distant as if he's just saying what's appropriate to say. "Okay", he ends it with, more like an "Okay, whatever" than an "Okay, if that's how you feel", and moves on.

    Recurring flaws aside, this is another great episode of The Mentalist, thanks to an interesting case and an equally interesting miniature universe. 9/10.