The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 1

Scarlet Ribbons

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on CBS

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  • well done

    good start to a new season
  • long wait has been rewarded!


    It maybe just the fact that after all those months of watching re-runs i finally got to see how this mess of a season 3 finale will be untangled.

    I loved this show from episode 1, mainly because of the fantastic castaing, writing and the tremendous Simon Baker (come on, where are his globes and emmies?).

    As soon as season's 3 finale ended my jaw stayed dropped for quite some time. i was wondering how can he get out of this one,simultaneouslyknowing that he will not go to jail and that CAN'T be Red John. The pursuit was planned meticulously by the writers and i refused to believe that they would give us Red John so easily. i felt that this storyline might have been wrapped to quickly, but nevertheless it was a great start to a new season.

  • lol @ score of only 8


    Clearly fans of another show who think this one copies it (which it probably does) have been marking it down.

    I give this episode a solid 10, loved every minute of it.

    And i'm glad to see i was absolutely spot on about the last episodes ending where the majority just went along with what the show was leading you to believe *roll eyes*.

  • Poor writing without creativity ruins great Previous Season Finale.


    The last season finale of the mentalist was superb. Red John was dead with a great dramatic scene percectly closing up a long search. Patrick Killed his Nemesis and proved that he was comitted to his word.

    But this first episode of the new Season, not only completely ruins the superb ending of the last finale, but also turns Patrick into the first steps to become Dexter:a "serial killer" vigilante, (now that he has to kill red john, and has alread killed a man).

    I never saw so poor writing in this series. I don't want to "down see" any writer, but really? Do you lack so much imagination for finding a new motivation for the Mentalist, that you have to revive his first target??

    Didn't you think 1 second that maybe the audience was starting to get bored of that red john saga, and it was time to get this into closure? And worst of all, right when you bring a perfect closure, you spoil it all with this new episode?

    What will we watch now? A mentalist that killed the wrong man and became a kind of murderer vigilante, and will kill anyone who things who is Red John? Not so much of a Mentalist then? Couldn't you see that your Protagonist would loose respect by writing this??

    To conlude this review, I will blame the lack of imagination of the writers. A 6 years old could have find better motivations for the mentalist's new seasons, than bringing back the old enemy back to life. Shame on you guys.

  • Could it have been any more obvious? No. For one thing Jane must have been a real idiot to assume what we all knew to be false. If he had half a brain he wouldn't have killed that guy. That guy could have led him to where he needed to go.


    But no..clever, masterful jane does what he usually does. Something stupid that all the silly fans overlook. In fact everything he does is spretty stupid. And unlikely to work. One look at janes smile and people would be likely to put him away for life. He looks like a reptile. Cold, and cruel and immoral. And he is so obviously trying to play everyone. Thats one thing I would never believe. that jane could make any one, including a jury member like him. I hate him, and I generally like handsome men. Not that i think he is handsome anymore. Not after watching him treat about ten fathers of missing children like scum. I don't think finding their kids makes up for it. I don't see how it could. I wouldn't forgive him. In fct this whole kids are far more important then anyone else. Life depreciates rapidly at 19, so by the time someone is 20 they are not worth squat. But when they are 6 they are worth the lives and happiness of every adult everywhere is starting to annoy me.

  • 401


    Last season's final episode was great, but the followup was a little disappointed. We all knew Patrick would get off for the murder somehow, but they did not even go out of their way to create some loophole it was just that he had a good closing argument.

    Some scenes were good such as the prison poker and him outsmarting the widow at the end, but just a so-so for me tonight. Not bad, but we hoped for a little bit more.

  • great beginning


    the trama just keep getting bigger ... great show ... love it.

    really smart producer and great trama.

    i think from all shows about inteligence and dectective work.

    this is the best... it sum add the features of lie to me , castle and some others.

    the show is very complete .... thanks cbs for another great season

  • I knew it



    Ok so it starts off where we all thinkn it will with Jane being questioned and then put in jail.

    Simon baker was amazing in this, he really showed just how good and actor is and I'm so glad Lisbon actually believed him. Simon and Robin are great together in this.

    It would have been to easy for that person to be RedJohn I think and I'm glad it wasn't. It has so much more to give and I can't wait for more.

  • The Mentalist goes back to its roots while keeping the myth arc freshin one of the best episodes yet!


    Somewhere along the middle of Season 3, I felt that The Mentalist lost track of what it used to be and it came dangerously close to just becoming yet another mainstream crime procedural with no twist. Every episode had an investigation that only dealt with police work and no fun along with some unrelated subplot about main character x:s personal development. I kept wondering what had happened to the amazing world building and character showcasing from Season 1, and I dreaded Season 4 would continue the same retractive trend.

    The last season finale left me hopeful, delivering the best cliffhanger I have ever had the luck to run across.

    Andthis season premiere reaffirmed those hopes. We have here an episode that combines the mood and scripting of season 1 with the drama from season 2 and the plot advancements from season 3. The team is closer than ever and the lighting is no longer set to permanent darkness. This is what The Mentalist is supposed to be!

    The question of whether or not Timothy Carter was Red John kept you guessing all throughout the episode, and I'm personally very satisfied with the conclusion. I know a lot of people across the world wide web were unhappy, and I can understand their frustration after all setting their mind one one thing only to have it be what they all feared.

    SPOILER WARNING: The man Jane shot was not Red John.

    A lot of people seem to concider this a copout, but I beg to differ. Those people just need to realize that all this greatly advances the series myth arc. First of all, Jane now knows part of the implications of revenge, which might drasticallychange the outcome of Jane's and John's real meeting somewhere down the line. Secondly, nobody seems to have noticed the aftereffects of all that happened. It is still a possible interpretation that Red John was talking to Jane through Carter. Carter wanted to apologize and stop with all the killings. And what better way for a serial killer to do that than to fake his own death? After Jane's trial, everybody except Jane and Lisbon thinks Red John is no more.

    And to those who actually thought the real Red John was dead, I'm having trouble grasping the fact that all those called the season 3 finale closure. He just appeared, talked and died. There were still a lot of loose ends, and tying all of them up post-mortem would've been bad writing in my humble opinion. (Loose ends include Bosco's last words, He is mar, Red John's grand scheeme that would "blow Jane's mind" etc. etc. There is still a lot to round up, and I'm happy to see that the Mentalist has found its way back and is heading towards that conclusion without rushing it.

    Now let's just hope the trend continues through the rest of the season, and that it wasn't just a coincidence due to Bruno Heller's amazingwriting.