The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 22

So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2012 on CBS
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The investigation into the death of a surfer reunites Lisbon with her former fiancé. Cho is beginning to question why he's with Summer.

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  • So Long And Thanks For All The Red Snaper

    Wow, Cho snapping at Summer, it was not the kind of thing you usually see from this show, but I liked it. Edgy, but effective. The main storyline was also solid here tonight, with some good banter between Jane and Lisbon, but a boring ending to close it out. Still, for the most part an enjoyable Mentalist.
  • Cho and summer!!

    I think I have been watching the mentalist out of habit this season, there is really no passion in it anymore, its all kind of boring. There is no edge in it, nothing that makes me want to cheer for anyone. Accept for the relationship between wonderful Summer and hardcore Cho. I looove the way Cho allways seems to loose himself when he is around her, allways seems to fight inside himself to keep that stonecold control, but allways so close to spinn out of it. And beautiful flaky Summer that is the total opposite of control, the outer madness that seems to boil inside Cho every time he meets her. This episode was alive thru them, every scene with both of them was so amazing to watch. I really hope she will be back, that they will keep on building on their crazy unintended relationship. I would wait, i would keep my habit of watching the mentalist just for that...moreless
  • So Long and Thanks for all the Episodes, Ashley!

    "So Long and Thanks for all the Red Snapper" is Ashley Gable's final episode as a writer for The Mentalist, and she does go out on a high. This episode was good on first viewing, and even better on second!

    We have Jane being his playful self, especially noticable as he's hunting crabs in the cold opening; Lisbon having to do some thinking in seeing her old fiance and what's become of him compared to her; Rigsby in a delightful surprise actually enjoying being a father and becoming less inept as a result of that; Van Pelt trying to give relationship advice (hmm...); and Cho stealing the episode.

    The Cho/Summer parts were no doubt the high point of the episode, and the greatest source of drama whereas the rest of the case was light-hearted. This episode puts Summer's active, fun side in a new perspective, which while different makes a lot of sense. Her impulsive behavior has been a central point in every episode she's been in and that includes last weeks dog adventure and now it becomes clear what is really going on. It's sad to see her go and I hope we'll see her again somewhere down the line, but for now I think this was a great resolution to her and Cho's arc.

    Jane hunting for treasure was another delight, albeit as said more funny than dramatic. His listening to the old man in the bar and wanting to ride with the truck was all in good heart before what inevitably is coming in the penultimate episode next week. Not to mention we got to see some nice outdoor scenery.

    The police officer (Brett Rice) innocently acting out on his minority complex was another nice touch. The subtelty of his bursts of "revenge" made me smile everytime.

    Oh, and I didn't guess the killer. Always a delight!

    Ashley Gable, you will be missed. You gave us one of the best episodes ever in "His Red Right Hand" and THE greatest Lisbon episodes in "Red Badge" and "Red Hot". "So Long and Thanks for all the Red Snapper" is no decline in quality, but a solid stand-alone mirroring that of your first. So long and thanks for all the episodes! :)moreless
  • Great acting

    Good withering look from Van Pelt re: Cho's jab about "dating advice."

    Great illustration from Lisbon of the "wistful" couple of thumps from the biological clock alarm she has set to "off."

    But of course the runaway star of this episode was Cho of the formerly deliberately virtually expressionless cop face.

    The look of pain in his eyes (yes, I cried too) out-sads any amount of flailing and sobbing.

    My only complaint is that Summer is much too smart to have thought she could steal from a coke dealer without him noticing, without consequences.moreless
  • The best episode yet!

    Made me cry...GREAT episode!
Brendan McCarthy (III)

Brendan McCarthy (III)

Lance Gladstone

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Claire Rankin

Claire Rankin

Greta Marshall

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Kenneth Johnson (III)

Kenneth Johnson (III)

Greg Tayback

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Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Cho is searching the victim's room, he borrows a red-handled screwdriver from the landlord, Lance Gladstone. After loosening the screws from the cover to a vent, Cho hands the screwdriver back to Lance who places it in his pocket. But in the very next scene the screwdriver is back in Cho's hands as he removes the vent cover.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Lisbon: Rigs, you got something on your-- is that spit up?
      Rigsby: (looks at his shoulder) Mm. Yeah. It's from this morning. I was feeding him, and he was looking up at me with those big adorable eyes... and then he barfed.
      Lisbon: Kids, huh?
      Rigsby: Yeah. You know what? He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

    • Jane: Well, Greg seems very nice.
      Lisbon: I am not discussing it with you.
      Jane: Nice, solid, dependable. I can see why you dumped him.
      Lisbon: I mean it, Jane.
      Jane: All right.
      Lisbon: Seriously.
      Jane: All right.
      Lisbon: (pause) I didn't dump him. We both decided to take a break.
      Jane: Mm. The old "let's take a break".

    • Lisbon: So, why didn't you let me in on your brilliant plan?
      Jane: Oh, you were very busy with Greg.
      Lisbon: I am never too busy to solve a murder.
      Jane: Well, you seemed to be very busy with Greg.

    • Jane: Don't be wistful, Lisbon. Greg was never the right man for you.
      Lisbon: I'm not wistful, and no, he wasn't.
      Jane: You're far too intense and particular for a man like that.
      Lisbon: Excuse me? Intense and particular? What is that supposed to mean?
      Jane: Well, they're good things.
      Lisbon: In what ways am I intense and particular?
      Jane: Oh, please.
      Lisbon: Tell me.
      Jane: Well, what ever happened to that guy from narcotics?
      Lisbon: Jeff?
      Jane: Jeff.
      Lisbon: Oh, he bit his nails.
      Jane: See, that's particular.
      Lisbon: That is not being particular, it's a disgusting habit!
      Jane: There's intense.

    • Greg: You're strong now, you know that? You didn't used to be so strong. I bet you're really good at your job.
      Lisbon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay, I think.
      Greg: You seem happy.
      Lisbon: I am, yeah. I am.
      Greg: I'm glad we met again. You and me, you know.
      Lisbon: I'm sorry for runnig off the way I did.
      Greg: Hey, it's no biggie. Forget it.

    • Van Pelt: Sorry to be direct, but what's going on with you and (Summer)?
      Cho: She's my confidential informant.
      Van Pelt: Right... But we're not allowed to date C.I.s.
      Cho: You're giving me dating advice?
      Van Pelt: As a friend, even if she weren't your C.I., are you sure she's someone you should... be around?

    • Greg: Honey, this is, uh, Teresa Lisbon.
      Greta: This is Teresa Lisbon? The Teresa Lisbon?
      Jane: The one and only.
      Lisbon: Greg and I used to date when we were kids back in Chicago.
      Jane: Oh.
      Greg: Yeah, we were engaged, in fact.
      Jane: Okay. Uh, let me guess. You broke it off?
      Lisbon: I was way too young.
      Jane: Yeah, well, of course. Did she break your heart?
      Greg: I wouldn't say that.
      Lisbon: No.
      Greta: Yeah, you did. 'Cause he was still talking about you when we met.
      Jane: (laughs) Heartbreaker.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The title of this episode is a play on words from the title of the Douglas AdamsnovelSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. This is the fourth book in theHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy". The phrase was also used in the initial book in the series (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) when all of the dolphins on Earth disappeared leaving that message behind.