The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 20

Something Rotten in Redmund

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on CBS

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  • Be thou familiar, Patrick Jane.

    This ep had its usual mix of Patrick et al and as for leaving him alone at a school, when he'll get up to all manner of pranks, positing and persuasion! Calling him an actor, hey that was a wrong move, course he's an 'actor' and lots more besides. He's the CBI's one-man crime solving machine and he was on a roll here. Maybe he was at home here, seeing as his childhood was spent on a carnie circuit. Ahh Patty Jane what could have been...

    As always the murderer was guessed as soon as given screen time, obviously it had to have been someone connected with the play. "Frailty thy name is woman."

    Lisbon disappeared for a long while and there had to be cameras in the toilets since it was so pristine and clean, hey when were school toilets so clean.

    Grace helping out another needy girl, almost like her karma and she's trying to make things right after all that happened with O'Loughlin.

    So Rigg-sy is a dad, can't help but wonder if he really is the baby's father, or was it just some act to hold onto him.

    Great emotional part at the end when Patty tried so hard to ward off the tears in front of the team. He had to get away, what say you, he made a quick retreat to his attic hideout to have a good cry. Oh it's moments like this which keep this show so fresh. Seeing the baby photo reminded him of his own daughter and his profound loss and in an ep which had Hamlet, what a doubly sad tragedy was that.

    "But, break my heart, for I must hold my tongue."
  • I would tell you a horrific tale of murder, the most foul. LOL

    Great episode I really enjoyed this one. Nothing changes about the cases pretty much you already figured it out a little before the half mark. But the entertaining story of getting to that point is hilarious, Jane is a pretty good actor, well duh you figure lol. Rigsby finally has his baby which he pass pictures around, Lisbon noticed something in Jane tone when he said he was gorgeous. Probably a remembrance of his own.
  • Something Rotten in Redmund

    A solid episode of The Mentalist here tonight. Jane heading to the high school and slowly manipulating the kids and the teachers was a sight to see, as was his final performance on the stage. They managed to keep the case exciting, even if the investigation was deviated from the original crime for most of the show.

    Worth watching, but not one of the season's best.
  • Alas, poor ghost!

    Great, great episode. I found myself enjoying it not only because of its entertainment value, but also for personal reasons. I too have rehearsed those exact lines of Hamlet's and reenacted that very scene in school and I can't help but smile every time I hear them quoted.

    This episode was full of goodies, from Jane's creative pursuit of "bad kids" to the trick used to reveal the principal's secret and of course the Hamlet production. The guest writer, Rebecca Cutter, did a great job weaving together an interesting story that despite the obvious murderer kept me intrigued. Show, make sure to keep her around for next season!

    It was nice watching Jane play around like his usual self and his final rouse just brought a happy smile to this viewers lips as he looked through the curtains and it dawned on Lisbon what was going on. Van Pelt got some love for once instead of just being struck by whackos and general douchebags and I think she needed that after all she's gone through in this season. Hey, even Rigsby felt like his usual self this time around, and his little side story was cute all the way through. The end of it with Jane's expression was unexpected and heart-breaking.

    Highlights include the scene in the principal's office with Lisbon acting as a mother and Jane as a stubborn kid, the shoe scene and yet again, Hamlet.

    It seems this season will be going out on a high, since now only the greatest writers remain and when Mahony last week and this guest writer also managed to contribute, that makes it all the better. 9.5/10