The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 24

Strawberries & Cream Part II

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on CBS



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    • Jane: Press redial. Tell whoever answers-tell him O'Laughlin is dead.
      Timothy Carter: (Lisbon hits redial) Hey
      Lisbon: This is agent Lisbon. O'Laughlin's dead.
      Timothy Carter: That's too bad.Never mind.You wins some you lose some.
      Lisbon: (to Jane as he notices Timothy Carter) He said never mind.You win some.You lose some.

    • LaRoche: You're a fascinating man, Patrick. Who knows what you might have achieved in this world, were you not quite so damaged.

    • Lisbon: (The team has set a trap for Red John's accomplice) This is beginning to look like a huge waste of time.
      Jane : Whenever you say that, success is just around the corner.

    • Jane: So, I have here in my hand LaRoche's four suspects.

      Lisbon: How did you get him to tell?

      Jane: I threatened to reveal his dark secret.

      Lisbon: Which is what?

      Jane: I have no idea, I was bluffing. But it must be something terrible.

    • Red John: Look at-look at me. I'm just a regular guy. I bet you-you thought I'd have horns, huh? Right? I'm not a monster. I'm not the devil. I'm just another human being with flaws and vices and problems just like anybody else. Forget about me. I'm not worth ruining your life over.

      Jane: Wherever you go, you delusional freak, I will find you and I will kill you. And then... then I will forget about you.

    • Lisbon: You're getting that crazy look in your eyes. Calm down.

      Jane: Perfectly calm. Red John is one step behind me, but he thinks he's one step ahead, so in effect, he's two steps behind, and he doesn't know it. He's gonna be overconfident when he walks into my trap.

      Lisbon: And what will you use as a lure for this trap?

      Jane: Can we move, please? Because I can answer all your questions in motion. I'm clever like that. Thank you.

    • Jane: Why are you telling me all this?

      Red John: Well...I think we have a connection that needs to be honored. I-I wanna say good-bye. I want to apologize...for any pain I might have caused you, and I want to release you from this curse you've been under.

      Jane: I'm not under a curse.

      Red John: Doomed to an endless, angry search for a vengeance you will never have. I would call that a curse, wouldn't you?

      Jane: I look on it more as a hobby, and I will have that vengeance.

    • Deputy #1: Ma'am, we were debating who it is who we're guarding in there. I'm thinking it's a celebrity.

      Lisbon: If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya.

      Deputy #2: (laughs) Fair enough.

  • Notes

    • This episode has 14.11 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Jahody se smetanou (Strawberries with Cream)
      Germany: Erdbeeren mit sahne (Strawberries and cream)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 19, 2011 on CTV
      The Netherlands: June 2, 2011 on SBS 6
      United Kingdom: June 10, 2011 on Channel 5/Channel 5 HD
      Australia: July 17, 2011 on Nine
      Sweden: October 5, 2011 on TV3
      Germany: November 13, 2011 on SAT 1
      Czech Republic: June 13, 2012 on TV Nova

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