The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 3

The Blood On His Hands

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

The body of Celia Jovanovich is found washed up on the bank of the Sacramento River. She turns out to be an ex-junkie turned a member of Visualize. Meanwhile, Red John's latest kidnapping victim, Kristina Frye, has appeared in public again. She calls into a radio psychic show, and the call is traced to an abandoned building containing nothing but a doll and Red John's signature smiley face written on the wall in Kristina's blood.

Jane knows that Red John wanted the message to be traced and found, but meanwhile he has to go to Visualize headquarters in order to help investigate the case. Jane speaks with Visualize founder Bret Stiles, who gives him more information about Red John than he does about Celia. The rest of the team find out that Celia was engaged to be married to Heron, a fellow cult member. And it turns out that marriages in Visualize are arranged by the higher ups in the cult.

Jane thinks that Celia had a crisis of dogma and had trouble accepting some of the cults core beliefs. They should try and find a former cult member, someone whom Celia would be able to turn to for support. Lucy Joel is wary of speaking with the CBI because she fears repercussions from the cult. She does say that Celia was having an affair, but she will only say that it was with a high-ranking member of the church.

Rigsby and Grace try to make amends, with Grace admitting that she is actually jealous that he's seeing someone, and that her previous response about it not bothering her was a lie. Rigsby notices that they're being followed so Grace tries to lose their tail. However, a cyclist gets in her way and the following car slams right into them. No one is seriously hurt, and the driver ends up being from the FBI. Agent O'Loughlin has been following CBI to see whether there's a mole in the group that's been feeding information to Visualize. Van Pelt and O'Loughlin seem to hit it off right away.

Jane thinks that there must be someone in the FBI in Visualize as well, so he manages to out the agent by blowing up a paper bag and causing it to pop, which automatically gets the agent to reach for his gun. The agent explains that cult members have to make weekly "vent videos", in which they privately confess their wrongdoings. If they can get a hold of Celia's vent videos, perhaps they could figure out who she was having the affair with. But the Visualize lawyer refuses to give them access. So Jane breaks into the storage room for the videos and figures out that Celia was sleeping with the lawyer, due to his insistence that the videos not be released.

The lawyer makes a deal with the FBI, but before he can do anything useful, Heron shoots and kills him. Meanwhile, Stiles gives Jane the address where Kristina could be found, saying that Red John is throwing a party. The team goes to the house and they find Kristina Frye in a catatonic state. A frustrated Jane tries out a seance in order to speak with her spirit, and Kristina is suddenly talkative, claiming that she enjoys her afterlife and that her previous life is unimportant. Jane asks her about Red John, but she says she doesn't remember anything about him. She continues to maintain that she is dead, even though she is merely catatonic. Since Kristina is useless to them, Jane ends up stopping the seance.

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