The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 24

The Crimson Hat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Bad guys wear "red hats."

    Exceedingly satisfying on all levels: this episode "caps the climax" of a powerful and evocative season, offering both shock and satisfaction for the series' loyal following. Even those of us who twigged to the fact that Jane was faking his breakdown were a bit blind-sided by discovering that Lorelei was yet another servant of Red John; his coterie seems never-ending. Viewers who maintained that Jane would NEVER desert or betray Lisbon were vindicated when the two met in church and the ensuing conversation revealed that there had, indeed, been contact of a sort. SPOILER ALERT: When Jane gave Lisbon a clean burner phone and instructed her NOT to contact him, but instead to await his call, viewers knew that the team would reunite either in this episode or in the opening episode of next season. SPOILER ALERT: The nameless suicide of the opening scene comprised a crafty bit of foreshadowing by the writer, providing both the necessary false proof of Jane's supposed perfidy and the vital cover for Jane's "abduction" of the supposedly murdered Lisbon. SPOILER ALERT: When Wainwright suddenly approaches Lisbon about reaching out to Jane, six months after Wainwright fired him, alert viewers felt a prickling of discomfort; Wainwright's attitude toward Jane has been steadily ambiguous, with flashes of genuine ill-will, so his sudden brotherly concern is more than a little suspect.

    SPOILER ALERT: Had Red John actually been present in that ominous black limousine, the episode would have transmogrified into melodrama, but we needed a punch, and we got one: Wainwright, bound, murdered, and wearing the speaker/phone through which Red John had been taunting Jane. Now we know how deep has been Red John's penetration of the justice system. . . and we eagerly await the next round of Jane's open pursuit after the summer's hiatus, with Lorelei as a fresh but stubborn source of new information. And Lisbon would very much like to hear Jane repeat those three little words which he uttered just before he "killed" her. . .