The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 24

The Crimson Hat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • The Mentalist finales NEVER disappoint.

    Ever since the very first season have the finales been the backbone of The Mentalist and they have yet to disappoint. Next season I may have to adjust my personal rating system, because I've given three 10 star reviews this season and at least two of them pale in comparision with this.

    This one has it all. Romance, humor, suspense... Oh, the suspense. Obviously I was enjoying this episode with some snacks and as dramatic as it may sound I literally dropped whatever little pile was stocking up in my hand at least three times. Those who have felt bored during earlier episodes this season will not be repeating themselves with this one.

    One of the strongest scenes is right at the beginning when Jane and Lorelei first meet. At first it serves as a follow-up to show us what has become of Jane during the six months that have passed and an introduction to a charming cocktail waitress. On second viewing it will be seen in a whole different light.

    Next we see Lisbon and the gang. What at this time seems like another irrelevant case stalling for time in this myth arc episode still managed to keep my interest, at first by showcasing the characters feelings about Jane's disappearance, then by introducing a very energetic witness and then again by being one of the first cases solved without Jane's help. And to top it all off, it turns out the serve a very necessary part of the main plot.

    There is beauty in more than two ways when the adorable Emmanuelle Criqui shares her second scene with our main character. I'm still not sure whether the scene is meant to establish character or establish her cover, but when they lie in the motel watching animal channel and she keeps looking away to eventually find eye contact with Jane there is definitely some unique direction. Lisbon's walking scene following the same set-up is another plus. Chris Long has done a great job on this episode, same as Bruno Heller and all the actors.

    Then we found out about Lorelei's true motivations, interestingly enough played right in the open. This might just be one of the most interesting Red John accomplices yet. The way she talks about Red John as though just another casual topic is spooky, yet intriguing. Lorelei doesn't feel quite as messed up as former in her line, and that just serves to make her seem more messed up than any of them. There's the way she nods when Red John is talking in the end, the way she immideately goes for Jane's most important finger when to cut one off and the way she keeps calling him "lover" in the end. Like there's nothing to it. If they had to choose one accomplice to stick around and it couldn't be Timothy Carter, I'm glad they chose this one.

    There is some closure to this episode, with this particular arc of the Red John saga actually being over. It doesn't like last year end on a cliffhanger so much as the CBI finally getting the advantage. Next year's premiere will probably be about Red John attempting to kill Lorelei and the fact that she's signed on for five more episodes tells us he will not succeed. Fans wanted solid information on Red John. She will probably give it to us. While we didn't get more than hearing his voice again (which is great in itself) in this episode, the season ends on the promise that there will be more next time.

    I'm going to wrap this review up by commending all of Season 4. This has been a great season from beginning to end and my second favorite after Season 1. The way it ended on a nine episode high leaves me with high hopes for what is to come in the fall. See you all then! ;)