The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 24

The Crimson Hat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • woow good


    The Mentalist
  • Next Season

    Well... I liked the epiosde for sure. It had everything, Suspense, Romantic and Red John ! But truly spoken I would have wished for that Jane would change the sides. xD I mean it would just be interesting to see the battle between Team-Theresa and Team-Jane [only one member xD]. I wonder who would win. So you see I'm really anxious about a kinda Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Season. ~sigh~ but my wish wasn't granted.

    Anyway, I will continue watching The Mentalist for sure.
  • One of my fav finale

    This finale leaves you with feelings beyond satisfaction
  • Jane has an advantage over Red John

    A fantastic episode starting 6 months after the previous episode when Jane was fired.In this episode we find out that Jane hasn't hit rock bottom but its a trap for Red John and for once Red John falls for it with this been a big chance for Jane to finally catch Red John.Thanks to Red Johns friend in the FBI he found out that Jane hadn't really killed Lisbon or Rigsby which is what Red John wanted him to do and this resulted in the death of Wainwright and Jane nearly having two of his fingers cut off but they get the advantage over Red John by arresting Lorelei who no doubt Jane will be talking to in season 5 which is a season i can't wait for.I also think that agent Darcy is working for Red John and that she told him about the trap.I know Red John apparently wants her dead but does he really why would he tell Jane who he was going to kill.

  • Did Jane fake a breakdown?Or did he fake that he was faking?

    On a cold,wet Summer's day,it wasn't only the weather causing chills!I'm beginning to think that Patrick Jane is a closet psychopath.Certainly if this episode is any thing to go by.That last menacing comment to Lorelei,so quiet with his hands around her neck,telling her that she would break.It was a not so thinly veiled threat.The acting from all was superb and so was the script and direction.On edge the whole way through.The CBI members cast putting over subtly that perhaps Jane is not to be completely trusted anymore.A person that they must watch and be wary of now.The way that Simon Baker can switch from "cheeky chappy"; to an immensely damaged one in the blink of an eye has always impressed me.Since watching this episode today I am even more impressed.What is really hidden behind that broad grin and twinkling eyes? The way things are heading do we really want to know?Or is it too horrific?Awaiting developments in the next series with bated breath.Oh, and just a thought.I know it's been mooted before but IS Patrick Jane actually Red John? A con man conning himself?
  • Red John must die!

    Seriously? How much longer must we suffer with this psychopath in the picture!? Kill him off, dead, gone, fini already! Please! I've been a fan of Simon Baker from the first episode, but if they don't end this creepy saga during the 1st or 2nd episode of season 5, I will have to sadly say goodby to the Mentalist. I love Simon Baker and the whole cast and truly want to keep watching. I have a short list of shows I watch on a regular basis-this being one of them, but it just has to end. Writers listen up...I iimplore you all...lets see more of Jane's irreverent playfulness in solving bizarre homicides, maybe have him finally hook up with Lisbon, and I'd like to see more of Cho ( such a cool character ).... but have John make a fatal mistake quickly!
  • That is it

    While on par with other episodes the character develop was good, the story was lacking. As another reviewer writes how long do you milk a dead cow. I would love to see them catch Red John only to learn he is under someone or a group far worse. Thus giving story development and growth. Its time for a new shadow to chase. This episode leads me to believe Red John is the true Mentalist, and Jane should give up. I mean after 6months of planning and it still falls through.
  • Oh common!

    I have been watching this show since the beginning, and i have really enjoyed it, for a while there it started to feel a little bit like Frodo and how the ring made him feel: outstretched. But i forgave that because of the wonderful ending last season. Finally a great ending to that neverending feud with red John. But no! The writers apparently dont belive this show can survive without the shadow of a smiley face, as long as its there Jane still has a purpose for existing. So what they did infact was to create a scapegoat, someone who they could kill off just for the sake of it, and yet again we would feel, oh how smart that red John is! I mean this show should infact be called Red John, not the mentalist, Or maybe i have misunderstood the meaning of mentalist? Maybe it means someone that is utterly fooled in the end of every season? So common! how long can a cow be milked after its dead? STEP BACK FROM THE COW!!
  • The Mentalist finales NEVER disappoint.

    Ever since the very first season have the finales been the backbone of The Mentalist and they have yet to disappoint. Next season I may have to adjust my personal rating system, because I've given three 10 star reviews this season and at least two of them pale in comparision with this.

    This one has it all. Romance, humor, suspense... Oh, the suspense. Obviously I was enjoying this episode with some snacks and as dramatic as it may sound I literally dropped whatever little pile was stocking up in my hand at least three times. Those who have felt bored during earlier episodes this season will not be repeating themselves with this one.

    One of the strongest scenes is right at the beginning when Jane and Lorelei first meet. At first it serves as a follow-up to show us what has become of Jane during the six months that have passed and an introduction to a charming cocktail waitress. On second viewing it will be seen in a whole different light.

    Next we see Lisbon and the gang. What at this time seems like another irrelevant case stalling for time in this myth arc episode still managed to keep my interest, at first by showcasing the characters feelings about Jane's disappearance, then by introducing a very energetic witness and then again by being one of the first cases solved without Jane's help. And to top it all off, it turns out the serve a very necessary part of the main plot.

    There is beauty in more than two ways when the adorable Emmanuelle Criqui shares her second scene with our main character. I'm still not sure whether the scene is meant to establish character or establish her cover, but when they lie in the motel watching animal channel and she keeps looking away to eventually find eye contact with Jane there is definitely some unique direction. Lisbon's walking scene following the same set-up is another plus. Chris Long has done a great job on this episode, same as Bruno Heller and all the actors.

    Then we found out about Lorelei's true motivations, interestingly enough played right in the open. This might just be one of the most interesting Red John accomplices yet. The way she talks about Red John as though just another casual topic is spooky, yet intriguing. Lorelei doesn't feel quite as messed up as former in her line, and that just serves to make her seem more messed up than any of them. There's the way she nods when Red John is talking in the end, the way she immideately goes for Jane's most important finger when to cut one off and the way she keeps calling him "lover" in the end. Like there's nothing to it. If they had to choose one accomplice to stick around and it couldn't be Timothy Carter, I'm glad they chose this one.

    There is some closure to this episode, with this particular arc of the Red John saga actually being over. It doesn't like last year end on a cliffhanger so much as the CBI finally getting the advantage. Next year's premiere will probably be about Red John attempting to kill Lorelei and the fact that she's signed on for five more episodes tells us he will not succeed. Fans wanted solid information on Red John. She will probably give it to us. While we didn't get more than hearing his voice again (which is great in itself) in this episode, the season ends on the promise that there will be more next time.

    I'm going to wrap this review up by commending all of Season 4. This has been a great season from beginning to end and my second favorite after Season 1. The way it ended on a nine episode high leaves me with high hopes for what is to come in the fall. See you all then! ;)
  • Now that's what I call a good finale.

    This season's finale might not have been as suprising as last years, the last couple of scenes in the Mall and thinking "How is Jane gonna get out of this one?" were brilliant. But we all probably suspected there was no one in the back seat of that ridiculous limo (by no one I mean NOT Red John) AND I kinda knew that Wainwright is either on Red John's side or just not on Patrick's. Nevertheless, even if it was predictable, the finale was very and entertaining, from the sudden revelation that Lorelai was sent by RJ to the chase at the end. Right now I am fully alert and suspecting everyone, trusting no one. Rigsby and Cho may as well be Red John's friends, so can be most of the CBI precinct.

    Even tho I know that as soon as RJ identity is revealed the show will go downhill I am still hoping that we will at least see his face at some point.

    How sad was Lisbon when she asked Patrick to repeat that heartbreaking "love you" before he shot her? I am sensing some major drama next season, now that Patrick has taken a lover - even if she might be a cold blooded's psycho.

  • Three Words: Jump the Shark

    Have given this show four years and 95 episodes of my life. No more. The show should have stopped after last season's finale. Was obvious after watching this year's premier that Heller and Co. were more interested in perpetuating yet another CBS procedural cash cow than in giving their fans closure and finishing their series with any shred of dignity. Even so, I stuck with the show for Season 4, thinking that there was no way that the producers/writers would have the audacity to insult our intelligence and string us along for yet another year. But alas, I was wrong, and they have. And so it is that yet another initially clever and original American television series has gone the way of the pedestrian, run-of-the-mill exercise in redundancy for the sake of turning a buck and keeping actors/writers employed. Again, 95 episodes in the books, and the brilliant "closer" Patrick Jane is still bumbling along, unable to get anywhere near the elusive Red John. And like the X-Files, virtually everyone at the federal, state, and local government level is apparently in on RJ's conspiracy but Patrick and his four little clueless minions. Once again, though, they did come close to catching Red John this time, only to have yet another FBI or CBI mole show up at the midnight hour and pull the rug out from underneath Jane's plan. Sad. Heller's managed to turn one of the more interesting television characters to have come down the pike in a few years into a stumbling buffoon. I say go and look up Keith and Veronica Mars. They'll come in and seal the deal. After all, in their brief three-year tenure, they were 3 for 3 at taking out story-arc perps. So far, Jane's what now...0 for 4? Sorry, this is where I jump off the proverbial Merry-Go-Round with a reverential "It's been fun, but I'm done." Great show for three years. So-so this year. And apparently being moved to Sunday nights for Season 5. What does that tell you? Time to pull the plug, Bruno?
  • Always saving the best for last

    These season-ending episodes are the best.

    When I heard that the final story would be a two-part episode, I set up the DVR and waited so I could watch episodes 23 and 24 back-to-back. What a ride! This series has produced some truly memorable moments, but at times it lulls into a formulaic routine. I was almost waiting for them to break out "Patrick Jane and the Mystery of Smuggler's Cove" or some baloney like that (to be fair, the writing on this show is consistently good, with only a couple lame episodes.)

    This episode totally shook up the show, took it in interesting directions and makes next season's premiere seem a long, long way away.

    Simon Baker did an outstanding job in this episode. I think it's easy to overlook what a tremendous talent he is. He covered a lot of ground emotionally, and played the breakdown to the hilt. The chemistry between he and Robin Tunney is tremendous Lisbon has the perfect way of using her tenderness to get through to Patrick despite emotional baggage. Patrick hooking up with Lorelei threw me for a loop, but in context of the ruse it was nice to see Patrick get some action (finally, ha!) and express his feelings for Lisbon. The final shot of the two of them holding hands was tremendous, and a big part of why I'm looking forward to next season.

    I frankly don't care who Red John is because I am enjoying the hunt for him so very much, but this episode revealed some very tantalizing clues. I really liked the way the writers attempted to make Wainwright a sympathetic figure by having him approach Lisbon about reaching out to a presumed-off-the-rails Jane (a stark contrast from the previous episode which occured six months prior to the events of this episode) and then having him perish as a pawn in another of Red John's games. Well, I guess we can cross him off the list of Red John's informants, ha!

    Cross off Agent Darcy as well? Maybe not. She was the first person I thought of when Red John said he had a "very good friend" inside the FBI, (not that I recall a lot of FBI characters aside from her being that well fleshed out yet) and the fact that she likely shot and killed Wainwright does not disqualify her from being that friend. Red John threatened her and she's still there. Maybe she struck a deal. Perhaps the same kind of deal Red John wanted to strike with Jane, but Jane refused. Maybe killing Wainwright was her "gift." Her reaction of horror at seeing Wainwright's body was well-played.

    Aside from that speculation, the final observation I want to make is that now Agent Darcy and Patrick Jane each know what it's like to kill "Red John" -- only to find out that had murdered someone else. Each already has a previous "relationship" with Red John, and now each has taken a collateral life in the pursuit of him.

    Well, at least CBI is off the hook for faking their own deaths to set up a failed trap for a person that must be the most prolific, capable and influential serial killer in the history of the world. Ha! How would you score that in real life? They got their boss killed by being about as shady as they could possibly be. I think the real achievement of this episode was blurring the lines between legal and illegal, right and wrong to such an extent that if they begin next season and they're all fired I could totally accept that -- and if they receive absolutely no punishment I could accept that as well.

    What a mess. Can't wait until next season!

  • The Crimson Hat

    I really thought we would see Red John at the end tonight, but once again he evades us and leaves us wondering if next year will finally be the year we see it.

    A strong season finale, not on par with last year's but still of high quality. I thought Emmanuelle Chriqui was solid as Lorelei, Red John's helper in the episode, but we knew he would not fall for Patrick's predictable trap.

    It leaves us wondering and this episode did kind of fuel my Patrick is Red John speculation, but we shall see how they handle things in Season 5.

  • what a finish

    WOW amazing I can't believe another boss dead .Red John is not smarter than Jane . Eventualy he will get caught .
  • "Teresa Lisbon? This is God, speaking!"

    Oh, man! That was the funniest line of the whole show. Something the late Director Wainwright of the CBI would regard as irrefutable proof that Patrick was a narcissistic sociopath. Perhaps, an even bigger one than Red John!

    Of course, I'm sure that most of you, out there, would dispute such a diagnosis. Or, at least, the second half of it. Because, right now, as far as Patrick is concerned, there is _no_ bigger sociopath on Earth than Red John. There's certainly none more cunning.

    I mean, look at the long con Patrick had to play, just to get sent a messenger! An aptly-named messenger, too, as "Lorelai" is a girl's name taken from an old poem (German, I think) about a Siren-voiced man-killer. And, am I the only one who noticed that she bears a slight resemblance to Lisbon?

    No wonder it only took 24 hours or less for Patrick to warm up to her!

    Yet, in spite of all his planning, Red John still managed to have an effective counter-measure in place. A bound-and-gagged Director Wainwright!

    But, at least I was proven wrong about this G-woman being another of Red John's Federal accomplices. I think the true double-crosser was this unseen "Bill" she cellphoned for arrest warrants. If so, then I'm now more certain than ever that Red John is a renegade ex-follower of the devious Mr. Stiles (brilliantly and recurringly played by Malcolm McDowell).
  • Bad guys wear "red hats."

    Exceedingly satisfying on all levels: this episode "caps the climax" of a powerful and evocative season, offering both shock and satisfaction for the series' loyal following. Even those of us who twigged to the fact that Jane was faking his breakdown were a bit blind-sided by discovering that Lorelei was yet another servant of Red John; his coterie seems never-ending. Viewers who maintained that Jane would NEVER desert or betray Lisbon were vindicated when the two met in church and the ensuing conversation revealed that there had, indeed, been contact of a sort. SPOILER ALERT: When Jane gave Lisbon a clean burner phone and instructed her NOT to contact him, but instead to await his call, viewers knew that the team would reunite either in this episode or in the opening episode of next season. SPOILER ALERT: The nameless suicide of the opening scene comprised a crafty bit of foreshadowing by the writer, providing both the necessary false proof of Jane's supposed perfidy and the vital cover for Jane's "abduction" of the supposedly murdered Lisbon. SPOILER ALERT: When Wainwright suddenly approaches Lisbon about reaching out to Jane, six months after Wainwright fired him, alert viewers felt a prickling of discomfort; Wainwright's attitude toward Jane has been steadily ambiguous, with flashes of genuine ill-will, so his sudden brotherly concern is more than a little suspect.

    SPOILER ALERT: Had Red John actually been present in that ominous black limousine, the episode would have transmogrified into melodrama, but we needed a punch, and we got one: Wainwright, bound, murdered, and wearing the speaker/phone through which Red John had been taunting Jane. Now we know how deep has been Red John's penetration of the justice system. . . and we eagerly await the next round of Jane's open pursuit after the summer's hiatus, with Lorelei as a fresh but stubborn source of new information. And Lisbon would very much like to hear Jane repeat those three little words which he uttered just before he "killed" her. . .