The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 24

The Crimson Hat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Red John must die!

    Seriously? How much longer must we suffer with this psychopath in the picture!? Kill him off, dead, gone, fini already! Please! I've been a fan of Simon Baker from the first episode, but if they don't end this creepy saga during the 1st or 2nd episode of season 5, I will have to sadly say goodby to the Mentalist. I love Simon Baker and the whole cast and truly want to keep watching. I have a short list of shows I watch on a regular basis-this being one of them, but it just has to end. Writers listen up...I iimplore you all...lets see more of Jane's irreverent playfulness in solving bizarre homicides, maybe have him finally hook up with Lisbon, and I'd like to see more of Cho ( such a cool character ).... but have John make a fatal mistake quickly!