The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 1

The Crimson Ticket

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • AMC was showing "Charlie Chan in Egypt," from 1937, opposite this.

    I tried channel-surfing between the two. But, ultimately? The old Charlie Chan movie was way more interesting! Whereas, the Season 5 premiere of "the Mentalist" I would have to label...a boring shark-jumper.
  • What a disappointment :-(

    I was so hoping they could bring the Mentalist out of the inverse reality spiral it's been in since Jane's magical release from prison after the killing of the fake Red John in the food court last season, but sadly, no. What a yawner, the most underwhelming season opener I've seen in a long time.

    The murder case for this episode was interesting by itself (hence a 3.5 instead of 1) and could have been expanded to make it even better but of course it was hijacked by the Wizard of Oz story arc yet again.

    Alas, Lorelei magically disappears from lockup with all the paper work in order ... gee ... didn't see that coming from a mile away.

    I'll try one more week in a last ditch hope for a turnaround of my once favorite show, but more than likely, it's going to be tiger, tiger good night for me.

  • The Mentalist is back.

    The episode continued from the end of last season where Wainwright was killed by agent Darcy and Lorelei the accomplice of Red John was captured Now in this episode Jane tries to get Lorelei to talk by going through extreme measures to get her to tell him who Red John is Things get more interesting when at the end of season 4 Red John told Jane he had a friend in the FBI and in this episode the FBI attempt to work with the CBI but at a crime scene they started fighting and things only went worse from there when they take Lorelei into their custody and if Red John has a friend in the FBI like Jane says she will escape or be killed We are introduced to three new characters and there is a good chance one of them is Red Johns friend or if not its agent Darcy It was funny when Jane tricks a judge into getting custody of Lorelei they go to pick her up and they see that the person that they are given isn't her and the officer says there is no other Lorelei there I am really excited about the season with all the characters returning and the 100th episode which is soon and even maybe a chance of Red John being revealed.
  • Too predictable

    Both, the case and Lorelei were just way too predictable. And the show and Jane both got too depressing. If the main character is about nothing else than Red John anymore, and all about Red John is just the same old every season, it starts to get really boring. Because the character doesn't care about anything else anymore and so do I in watching him.

    Jane was always in it for Red John, but if this gets so deep, that it feels like a waste of time for him to solve any other case - and all about Red John feels just like a rerun of what we saw already in the past - there is no satisfaction anymore. Either Jane should start to care more about other things than Red John again, or the Red John case needs to advance a lot more. As with this episode, it felt like if I had seen the exact same already before and the actual case just felt like a waste of time for Jane and for me.

    Even worse, the actual case was just keeping him from doing the important things. So I cared even less. He knew what was coming and so did probably every fan of the show.

    I still like the show but this was a disappointing season opening for me.
  • The Crimson Ticket

    Why do we only get Red John development in the season premiere or the season finale? It's always fun so why not give it to us year round?

    Either way this was a solid start to the season. I liked the FBI vs. CBI feud, and think this could be an enjoyable arc throughout the coming months. The case was alright, but the ending and the further mystical power of Red John continues to be the reason we tune in.
  • Boring?

    I always find something to like about each episode, but this one was a little boring, especially the "case" and especially for the season opener. The Red John/Lorelai part was exciting, but predictible. and while I know sometimes in a show like this, our credibility has to be expanded, but the more it is true to life, the better it is....and the new crazy FBI guy is just totally unbelievable. No FBI agent is going to get into a fight with local police at a crime scene and/or throw a bottle of water at Jane in front of his boss and a judge. and I hate that it's now on Sunday nights. going to continue to be disrupted by football. but I'm still looking forward to next sunday,. JayinFlorida
  • Nothing new, but interesting.

    Yes, I at first thought Officer Tom Yannick was acting kinda weird. But then the focus got away from him and onto Lorelei Martins......So I just figured that was his personality. But we should know they never, or rarely put in false leads no matter how subtle.

    With the Teresa Lisbon being grouchy, she went through a lot on her team between the Patrick Jane problems and Luther Wainright being murdered, you'd be grouchy too, lol She worries about Patricks' schemes backfiring and getting them in trouble. ..

    Will we see Agent Darcy again? Jane messing with Agents Gabe Mancini and Reede Smith was fun.

    Nice to see Gail Bertrum back. Didn't care for him until I saw him as Mike Costello on Unforgettable. I hear that will be back mid -season. He must be doing Wainright's job now? Bring back Hightower maybe, or has she retired?

    Putting Agents Mancini and Smith on the case of Mr. Norris was a good move for Patrick. Them taking Lorelei Martins away was not good. I thought well Mancini and the Officer who helped must be with Red John. But that is to easy, so it must be Smith. He was kinda in the back ground. Or could it be Agent Alexa Shultz??? To easy again?

    It is funny and has been gone over a lot, especially on the old CBS boards on how many people Red John has to control. But we may never find it out. But will we see Lorelei Martins again? Or will her body be found at another crime scene in future?

    All I can think of now.

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  • Okay episode

    8.0 wasn't a bad episode but it was kind of weak for a season opener. The case was utterly boring and I just couldn't bring myself to care about it. But the case of the week was never why I watched the show, it was Patrick Jane and his search for vengeance, his interactions with the team and his progress in starting to care for other people again.

    This episode provided some nice moments with Lisbon and Jane. But the fighting about who gets to interrogate Lorelei and who solves the case first was annoying and too predictable and not what the show should be about. As well as the "twist" with Lorelei suddenly not being in prison anymore - we've seen that before. I hope we get to see some more interesting episodes this season than this one and please some progress with the Red John storyline.
  • Still love this show

    The chemistry of the cast flows so beautifully now. I find Jane to be just as enjoyable as ever. LUVIN Cho's big biceps in his short tight shirts, woo hoo! That's a fine man.
  • A Different Look

    If you stopped watching after season 3 and only started again last week, you basically missed nothing. Season 4 looked like a classic attempt of the show trying to buy itself more time and more future to prolong the show because nothing happened really with the Red John story line. While it was all fun and good, this show realized they couldn't just repeat what last year was like and had to change directions. And boy did they.

    You can tell already this is a far different season. Simon Baker isn't all fun and games, you can tell he really is obsessed with this REd John riddle that it is slowly devouring him. Teresa Lisbon is much different, alot closer to season 1-2 than what she was the past few years. I'm not sure I ever saw her so mad at the team as she was a) at Van Pelt(for no real reason) b) for them fighting with the FBI. The Lisbon-Jane relationship isn't going to be joyful and fun spirited this year, you can already tell and it should make things interesting. Things really are getting serious. One thing that was kind of disappointing was we didn't get enough showing from the side characters on the CBI in Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt. Hopefully this is just a one episode thing not a season long trend.

    What will be interesting to watch is where the show goes from here. How far do they accelerate and continue pursing this red john story line? Last year, we would have an episode with some Red John info and then 4-5 episodes with nothing about him. If the direction of this show appears to be what it is, I don't think that happens again but we shall see(next week already doesn't look Red John related). We're supposed to get big Red John clues this year.Will they come mid season and the 2nd half of the season develop off them or will we have to wait until the end of the year? Will we not see Lorelei again for another 5-10 episodes or will she be back soon? I'll be fascinated to see how they accelerate the story line, my guess is that things will continue at a fast pace.

    I really like this CBI-FBI rivalry idea. It makes the theme still centralized around Patrick Jane but does a good job involving other characters. Plus it's really really interesting to see them duel it out and the Red John accomplish X factor that is the in the CBIs mind. Again, let's see how they develop this but things could get really interesting pretty fast because the rivalry is only at a tipping point as to how nasty it will end up.

    Some questions that the show has left us with

    1) What happens to the FBI agent that Jane planted the red bead in? Does he get suspected with working with Red John or is that story line just thrown under the rug? It'd appear that he won't be an accomplist working with Red John since everybody could see where the red bead came from, but this show always is known for making things not look as they you thought they would seem.

    2) The news of the Red John accomplist in the FBI has spread via Patrick Jane to a judge and Bertram and the rest of the CBI team, how do they react and how seriously do they take it? In particular, the judge already showed suspicion. Will the rest believe him and if they do, what's the next step? Also, logic and common senses seems to suggest that there is truth to what Red John told Jane about this, but the show always has a twist up its sleeve that can complicate things.

    3) And the big one, what happens with Lorelei? She is supposed to appear on at least 5 episodes this year so she's not dead, that would be too easy for the writers and frustrate fans. That wouldn't be Red John progress. Has she escaped prison? Or did she just get transferred so the CBI couldn't get access to her(a move pulled by the FBI)? There is no doubt patrick jane is intrigued by her and it's clouding her judgment. The way she talked to him and the way she was halfheartedly crying out to Jane to not let her be taken when the FBI took custody of her really suggest she is playing him to some extent. That she is in control of the situation and not really attached to Jane. Which would suggest that she wanted to get transferred to prison so she could set up the escape. There's a very solid chance in some way that the FBI is involved in this. How interests me but even more interesting is how Jane goes about uncovering it, what he makes his team do, his plan, and the reaction to whatever they find. Lots of potential from the first episode, the show has clearly changed its direction, let's see what they can go with this. I don't think they'll do this, but don't pull a last season and after the first two episodes go 5-10 straight episodes without any real development and a season without any real Red John progress or attempts to catch him.

  • good episode

    I found it very funny to watch Jane playing with the FBI and Lisbon getting a little bit jealous :-) And the scene at the beginning, which led to the CBI and FBI fighting, was also very amusing. Let's see where this Red John thing leads us. But this episode, I liked.
  • Patrick is Red

    Patrick himself is a potential suspect. Given his complex personality and his tough childhood he might have become a psychopath (Red John). Of course he met a man wearing a mask who was THOUGHT to be Red John but he also killed a man who claimed to be Red John but he wasn't. Patrick as Red John could have hired all these people with out even showing them his face, he has built a great network of friends and connections thanks to his days as a traveller psychic boy and later as a psychic. His wife finds out about his second personality she loves him so she doesn't go to the police but instead asks him to get help from a therapist. Patrick with his great mind engineers a plan to kill her by talking on TV about Red John and so that he could move himself from the suspect category to that of the Victims and then when everything is ready he kills his wife and since he didn't have a mother himself and understands how hard it can be for a child without her mother he decides to kill her as well. When he wakes up in the morning he can't bear what he did so he goes crazy and he gets hospitalized in a mental asylum where he develops his second personality the good one. But he still shifts between personalities without even remembering a thing about his bad personality when he is good, however when he is bad (Red John) he remembers everything about his good CBI consultant personality. So when he is Patrick Jane of the CBI he doesn't know that he himself is the Red John and therefore tries his best to catch this 'Monster' but how could he?

    This is a brilliant idea for season 6. Take it, I won't sue.
  • Great start for a unique and new mentalist


    Predictable trick and case especially if you're a loyal worshiper of the show, BUT a great start for a unique season.

    CBI vs FBI battle, high intensity Lisbon which we never seen before (excellent job on Robin who stepped up her acting, it looks really natural) that's new and make sense to me especially after what she's been through since last finale.

    Lisbon perfectly portrayed her character as Jane's best friend in a unique and interesting way (unlike any other shows, believe me I watched tons of show). And with Jane x Lisbon relationship escalating to a different level, this is new and interesting to watch. Also Jane calling her 'boss' it's really cute, something different.

    The mentalist has the most complex character in television history I believed that, and right now we are in the heart of it.

    Overall I think the crimson ticket shows the mentalist from a different angle. I feel different emotions watching this episode. Great script as usual. "Its sort of general purpose apology, use it for your top issues" best line of the eps.