The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 1

The Crimson Ticket

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • Nothing new, but interesting.

    Yes, I at first thought Officer Tom Yannick was acting kinda weird. But then the focus got away from him and onto Lorelei Martins......So I just figured that was his personality. But we should know they never, or rarely put in false leads no matter how subtle.

    With the Teresa Lisbon being grouchy, she went through a lot on her team between the Patrick Jane problems and Luther Wainright being murdered, you'd be grouchy too, lol She worries about Patricks' schemes backfiring and getting them in trouble. ..

    Will we see Agent Darcy again? Jane messing with Agents Gabe Mancini and Reede Smith was fun.

    Nice to see Gail Bertrum back. Didn't care for him until I saw him as Mike Costello on Unforgettable. I hear that will be back mid -season. He must be doing Wainright's job now? Bring back Hightower maybe, or has she retired?

    Putting Agents Mancini and Smith on the case of Mr. Norris was a good move for Patrick. Them taking Lorelei Martins away was not good. I thought well Mancini and the Officer who helped must be with Red John. But that is to easy, so it must be Smith. He was kinda in the back ground. Or could it be Agent Alexa Shultz??? To easy again?

    It is funny and has been gone over a lot, especially on the old CBS boards on how many people Red John has to control. But we may never find it out. But will we see Lorelei Martins again? Or will her body be found at another crime scene in future?

    All I can think of now.

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