The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 1

The Desert Rose

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2013 on CBS

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  • the desert rose


  • I like it so much

    I like it
  • The desert rose Write

    Good o love this page
  • The Desert Rose

    A good start to the season. A well-written case, and some good Jane moments, reminiscent of the good old days.
  • It's getting silly now

    It's getting silly now, none of the suspects have a connection to Janes past or are mind readers. Great ending though, a real cliff hanger which is why I scored it so high.
  • Good up to the last three minutes

    That was a really good episode, completely and utterly sullied by Lisbon turning into a complete and utter *** the last three minutes. Did the writers do that part while drunk/high/stupid? Did they outsource that part of the episode to some children? I mean, damn.
  • Contrived or what?

    What a disappointment and talk about contrived.

    It was obvious from the moment Lisbon contacted Van Pelt that by the end of the show she would be in the hands of Red John.

    Lisbon knows how clever Red John is and yet she acted like he was a run of the mill bad guy and that just spoiled the whole show. Why would she storm off on her own knowing anyone close to Jane was at high risk? Why would she go into a run down house when she is hoping to confront Red John?

    Jane seems to be the only person giving Red John the respect he deserves as the prime arch-villain.

    I also agree with the reviewer that said the 'reveal' in the diner was lazy and repetitive script writing. Plus I guessed Lisbon was wearing a cast on her right arm (I didn't know Robin had broken her wrist until I checked after the show) and either the reason should have been explained or a better attempt at disguising the fact was needed. Shaking hands with her left arm? Hold a gun with her left arm? What?

    I haven't watched episode two but the writing better get a lot sharper or I'm giving up on the show. :-(
  • Am I the only one who thinks the Jane character is just a Jerk

    I used to love this series but between the 'all knowing and powerful' Red John and the jerk Patrick Jane has turned into being enabled by great characters like Cho and Lisbon, I can't stomach the show anymore. I watched this episode after drifting off last season and nothing has changed. Jane is still a prize a-hole and the Red John thing has gotten more ridiculous .
  • Ridiculous close case again

    Is it too "wonderful" that Jane found the "fancy new sign on the highway" be a substantial clue ??

    Towards the finale, similar "case close" happens very often, it seems the writer getting lazy and lazy ?

  • Down to 6 suspects.

    This is the best premiere episode I have seen from The Mentalist and I have high expectations for the last season. From this episode it looks like we are in for a very strong last season. I was shocked that Red John killed Brett Partridge which meant the seven suspects went to six and I know Partridge was a strong suspect for Red John. I get the feeling that Partridge isn't going to be the only person killed this season and hopefully there will be a lot more shocks. I am also interested to see what Red John does with Lisbon and there are so many questions about Red John that need to be answered this season. The review below about this season being the same is wrong because this season is the real deal, Red John will be caught and he is going to bring down as much people as he can before that happens.
  • A clever, revealing episode (spoilers)

    I've been looking forward to the return of 'The Mentalist' since the end of season 5 and as a long time fan of the show, I wasn't disappointed. Although the investigation into the murder was brief (and a little lacking), the majority of the episode was focused on Red John, thankfully, so the brevity of the case can be forgiven. All up it was a good season premier.

    After the fallout from RJ's video, Jane and Lisbon get a case. Reminiscent of the first two season's openers, Jane solves the murder on the spot and the culprit gets himself killed. It was a well made scene, funny at times, mixed with the right amount of drama and the viewer can be forgiven for mistaking the painting in the living room as Jane.

    On the case Jisbon (ominously) run into one of the 7, Brett Partridge, and after some to-and-fro with Jane, Brett gives away nothing - whether it is because he is oblivious or because he is a master manipulator is unknown, Jisbon discussing it afterwards.

    Against Jane's wishes, Lisbon tells Van Pelt, who tells Rigsby, who tells Cho about the list, and so bugs get placed on each of the 7 suspects. Jane reads the team like a book, finds out about the bugs and gets into an argument with Lisbon, saying she's doing what RJ wants and that any info she gets will be fed to her by RJ. After the case is solved Lisbon gets a call saying an anonymous tip specifically for her team was reported of distress at an address - where Partridge's bug is currently located. Knowing that it was RJ feeding her info, she calls for backup and heads to the house. Backup fails to show up on time - again, most likely RJ - and he lures her into the abandoned house. The suspense was built up well and truly by now; Expecting to see a smiley face every time Lisbon entered a room, she comes to the final door and as she goes for it, she hears a noise from inside a cupboard. There she finds a mortally wounded Partridge, who mutters "tyger tyger" before 'dying', then someone grabs Lisbon.

    Reading the clues from the episode - running into Partridge who plays things 'too cool', Jane warning that RJ would play them, Partridge's Death - I believe more than ever that Partridge is Red John.

    The whole 'anonymous tip' was obviously suspicious and yes, while I admit that RJ could have thrown the trace, it seems to me that RJ wanted himself off the list and what better way than to fake your own death. Lisbon watched Partridge 'die' right before being kidnapped by RJ and in the final scene of the episode, Lisbon was out cold, so she still hasn't seen RJ. Partridge could easily have faked his own death (Jane has done it in previous episodes, ie. Cackle bladder blood, and while Partridge's was quite convincing, I would expect nothing less). RJ faking his own death would not only remove his name from Jane's 'seven', it would allow him to focus 100% on his game with Jane, where he could easily slip into another life after he wins. I think that Lisbon will be released soon enough, with a 'message' to throw Jane, but the real message will be Partridge's death. Whether Jane realises soon enough is a different story.

    If you ask me, everything fits together too perfectly and I look forward to seeing if I'm right :)
  • Same old, same old ...

    And here we go with another and sixth year of whosRedJohn. They promised this was the Year Of The Great Revelation, and that's good, but it comes too late, I can't be on the edge of my seat, dying to know, after so long and so many deceptions. Sorry, Mentalist's producers, I don't trust you anymore.

    This episode was your average Mentalist episode, massively oriented towards the infamous mystery man, with Jane basking in his usual superiority and Lisbon being her usual blockhead (how I wish the writers would take the time to add a little subtlety to that relationship, both Lisbon and Jane deserve better than her endlessly pouting and rolling her eyes at him while he snickers in his teacup arrogantly).

    Good ending cliffhanger, I will watch episode 2. Not to find out if Lisbon is dead, which she can't be (looking good there, Robin, by the way) but to find out if Partridge is.

    Granted, there are several plausible names on that list, but I like Jack Plotnick ever since he played in the sorely missed "Action" show, so I've always hoped he would be Red John. I hope he's dead in the way the judge is in And Then There Were None. And wasn't that his voice at the end?

    So, who's Red John? That question is too old to be really exciting still, but so is the disappointment of never getting an answer. The show is still quite viewable, the premiere was promising, so I guess, Mentalist season 6, count me in!
  • And then there were six

    Wow, i have shocked, when they killed off my main RJ suspect, and the end with Lisbon's smile was creepy.