The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 13

The Red Barn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2013 on CBS

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  • great episode

    Although the Red John thing has been going on for a long while, it's still interesting. This ep was exciting and also had its funny moments and many revelations. For a moment I thought Lisbon would leave after Hefner's (was that his name) offer. And at the end I so wanted Lisbon to ask Jane if he had ever shaken hands with Hefner ! !
  • The Red Barn

    They did a good tease in the end, even though we know the end of Red John is nowhere near, but the episode itself, the case they were dealing with and everything related to Visualize was just really dull and ever so CBS-esque.

    Good cliffhanger, mediocre episode.
  • Love this show

    I really love this show. But sometimes Patrick really creeps me out. He finally let Lisbon in the room to see what he was working on. The board with all the information on it about Red John was creepy and shows even though Patrick is a smart guy he is still a little mentally unbalanced when it comes to Red John. I hope he is close to finding out who he is because I am really getting tired of the RJ subject. I wish they would nip the RJ stuff in the bud. It has gotten old, and uninteresting.
  • red john as red line?

    i wonder if there will be mentalist-serie after red john has been caught. for me, i would love that, cause i am also interested how life will go on after this, but i am afraid, that the makers of the mentalist... will keep the caught for the final final episode and then serie is over. am i right? dont like that!

    i wonder why nobody took a sample of that blood-face on the wall... to find out whoms blood this was!

    i am sure, that red john was never member of visualize... but he has certainly some connection, maybe he is blackmailing them from time to time.
  • The barn

    This was one of the most exellent episodes that i have ever seen because it allows us to see part of red johns past which was that he was a member of visualise. When we see him hiding with the bodies hearing him breath shows that he is a professional and knows what he is doing, while Jane shortens his list to 400 people.
  • A murder connected to Red John and visualize

    This was an interesting episode where we learned about Red Johns past The CBI find a barn with three dead people inside from the 80s with a Red John face on the front of the barn The three dead people turned out to be members of visualize but one of them was killed by a sixteen year old girl who was protecting her mother and when they went to put the body in the barn the other two members was already dead The girl said she knew she was being watched and we could hear Red John breathing as two women walked in on him killing Even though they didn't get Red John Jane believes that he has taken a massive step forward into finding Red John because he originally had over 2000 suspects and then he narrowed it down to men,then men who he has stayed in contact with which got him to about 400 but when he narrows down the farm it will make him really close Jane shares this with Lisbon who asks for the suspects at the top of the list and unfortunately we don't get to hear who the suspects are.