The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 17

The Red Box

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

The team is called in to investigate the death of a school tutor named James Smithson. The crime scene happens to be the pool house of a well-to-do family, the Banks. Victor Bandino, who runs security for the Banks, is an old friend of Rigsby's. Patrick Jane checks out the body, noting the presence of a small box underneath Smithson's bed. Suddenly the seemingly dead Smithson jolts and opens his eyes. However, this effect is only temporary, as a rush of electricity stimulates the heart. Smithson is brain dead from lack of oxygen.

Jane sees dirt under the victim's fingernails and finds that there's a potted plant with a hole which would have fit the box. Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon speak to the Banks family. The father (Hooper), the mother (Jolene) and daughter Lainie, whom Smithson was tutoring. Lainie found the body when she went to ask about a homework question. Later, Rigsby, Bandino and Jane study the security cam footage, which only reveals a lighting change when the pool house door was opened. The murderer knew how to keep out of sight of the cameras.

Grace tries to do some research about Smithson but finds that there's nothing, which surprises Rigsby because Bandino is always thorough about background checks. Bandino tells the Lisbon and Jane that Hooper requested an old gun to use in a photoshoot. Later, Jane notices that their car is being followed. They confront the culprit, who puts on a southern accent, which Jane sees right through. The man is actually an Inspector from Scotland Yard, Francis Slocombe.

Slocombe is taken to CBI headquarters, where he explains that Smithson is really an art thief named Oliver Stans, who stole a ring from the British Museum. Slocombe explains that Stans was working with another man, Louis Anglet, in order to get money for the ring. As Slocombe is taken to interrogation, he escapes.

Lisbon confirms Slocombe's story, but that he's not working on a case in America, but on his own. Grace and Rigsby go to Slocombe's hotel room as Madeleine Hightower takes charge as the new HBIC. Hightower tells Lisbon that her goal is to make CBI the best law enforcement agency in the state, which means humoring Patrick Jane and giving him free reign to do what he wants. But if Jane manages to screw up too many times, then it's Lisbon's job on the line. Hightower also obtains a search warrant for the Banks home, to look for the murder weapon. No gun is found, but a picture of the gun Bandino got for Hooper is. And it is the same model which fired the bullet which killed Stans.

Stans is laying in a hospital room, on life support. Jane speaks to Slocombe, who turns out to be Stans's father. He says his son is no thief, but Jane notes that the ring grab was planned out and deliberate. Jane lets Slocombe go. Later, Hopper is interrogated, but he sticks to his story, insisting that the gun was only a prop used in a photoshoot. However, there's evidence on his computer that he was aware of the ring and actually got in touch with Anglet.

The team find out that Slocombe and Anglet are meeting and they take both into custody. Slocombe is told he is free to go if he heads back to London as soon as possible. Jane figures out that Stans was going to sell a fake ring to Anglet and give the real ring back to the museum. Anglet is released.

Anglet confronts Bandino about the ring, and the team is there to confront Bandino. Bandino had certainly figured out Smithson's real identity and was going to get in on the money from Anglet when the ring was sold to him. However, Stans got cold feet and wanted to back out at the last minute. Bandino got desperate, killed Stans, and framed Hopper by planting evidence.

Slocombe requests that his son be taken off life support so that his organs will be available for donation. Jane returns the real ring to him to bring back to the Museum. Madeleine admits that she knows about Rigsby and Grace's relationship and is going to have to have words with them both. Jane is suitably impressed with their new boss.