The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 17

The Red Box

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Where did the real ring come from?

    Did I miss something? In the end Jane gave the Scotland Yard guy the real ring ... but where did it come from? We didn't see Jane or any of the detectives actually find it.

    (Unless of course we are supposed to believe the improbable scenario that Jane tricked a seasoned professional thief and dealer of valuable stolen goods like Anglet by lying to him about having bought a fake ring. -Something which wasn't made clear anyway. And we are supposed to believe that Anglet would just take Janes' word for it without testing the authenticity of the ring in his possession before confronting the real murder who sold it to him, that indeed Anglet would not have first tested the authenticity of the ring before he first bought it, before forking out numerous sums of money for it. Anglet did not come across as an amateur.)

    Maybe the snore-fest induced by the introduction of new boss Hightower, caused me to dose through some of the more important plotlines.

    Hightower only servers the purpose of introducing artificial, badly-written, tension into the office environment of the show. When she informed Jane that he was an important asset but Lisbon was dispensable, Jane simply needed to response with, "If Lisbon goes, I go" –and like magic, there disappears this forced, artificial office tension.

    The writers are trying –badly so- to make Hightower appear as a threat to the stability of the team, another obstacle they have to overcome each and every episode in doing their jobs. Yet it doesn't work, as she is simply a toothless tiger, because she is reliant on keeping Jane around. She basically told him that for anything short of murder, he has a free pass. She is therefore powerless, if Jane so wills it.

    She would have greater power, if she threatened to get rid of Jane, stating that regardless of how successful he has been, if he steps out of line in future he would be out, or would be jailed if he broke the law.

    As for Rigsby and Van Pelt ... oh come on. It constantly annoys me that in Television-land as soon as two people fall in love, they can't keep their hands off each other, especially in the workplace, to the point of risking their very careers (even the beautifully crafted "Dexter" had this idiotic cliche last season.) The lovers will 'fight' over who should leave and change their career paths, arguing over whose career is more important and who should sacrifice theirs for the sake of the relationship once it is in the open, and yet then risk getting fired by continuously smooching on the job.

    An side: Hightower has threatened to deal with this as well –Oh the tension, however can I cope? My God what is she going to do to poor Rigsby and Van Pelt?

    Nothing, if Jane won't allow it. More forced, artificial tension by lazy writers.

    Here is some advice for the writers. Please concentrate on constructing a series about a police unit solving extraordinary crimes with the assistance of an extraordinary and talented individual who is able to provide insights beyond the average person, and less on turning this show into a soap-opera. In this regard, the shows "Castle" and "Psych" have "The Mentalist" beat hands down.