The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 9

The Redshirt

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • it was OK

    it was OK but very predictable. from the first moment it had to be either agent or manager. Also, if they allow other characters to have more screen time it would have made it more interesting. I like when Jane and Cho work together, they seems to be really good pair.
  • It's actually good episode!


    This episode is downright filler...but a GREAT filler!

    Jane's gambits were good; I only caught the suspect at the end. So much red herrings and twists and turns that it feels like Season 1 Jane, which I have to admit is the best Jane ever has been. But I digress.

    Yes, the story actually takes time to prepare the revelation. That photograph of Rigsby, that coffee stain, that arrest of bootleggers...Slow, but pays off.

    Some of the scenes are also genuinely funny. That psychic set-up, that Cho sleeps and Rigsby rattles, that sudden change of one of the guy's girlfriends, that Wainwright wants autographs...Well! Worth chuckles.

    Yes, I do like the characters in the episode. Rigsby's new gf isn't bad, Wainwright is cool as ever, Doc's transformation is worth applaud, and the end...hahahahahaha

  • Nice standalone with a twist, however a tad predictable. (Episode spoilers ahead)


    I still have no major complaints about Season 4, however this episode is more of the good than the great. The case idea of a live murder victim would have been original had it not already been done (in reverse) in Season 3's "Red Hot" and the killer was a bit too obvious. Oh, so it was the jealous former football player who pointed towards the red herring. What gives?

    To review this episode, I am actually going to put the case aside a bit to look at the rest. First of all, we have Doc Dugan's character arc. It's actually quite interesting to watch him descend from his personal cloud from which he's hitting on van Pelt, down to earth where he embraces Anna, and the theme behind it is philosophical, as reflected upon by Jane and Lisbon in the final scene. Would you like to see what people really think of you when you're dead?

    We also get the side story with Rigsby and Sarah, and here I have a little thing to point out that I've noticed often in this show. When the main characters are in a relationship with someone (mainly Rigsby-Pelt, Pelt-O'Laughlin and now Rigsby-Sarah) there is a tendency never to show any of the good sides and only focus on the bad. The Rigsby-VP relationship came off to me as rather problematic for this very reason. Now we get our first inside look into the current relationship and guess what: The first thing we see is them fighting. Yes, there needs to be conflict to keep it interesting and yes, there is a limited amount of episode time, but in order for the conflict to BE interesting, we also need to know that there is something good at stake. I hope they take this into concideration in the other two love stories we've been promised this season.

    Jane this episode. That is some character writing I applaud. Jane is up to something in every scene he's in and it really does bring back Season 1 memories. Instead of only Lisbon, he interacts with VP and Cho and he keeps coming up with new tricks and traps whenever a new character appears.

    And Wainwright's reaction to Dugan being alive: Awesome.

    Kudos to the writer.

    Boo to the director. Lights, PLEASE!!! You've been doing great this season. Don't screw that up.

    All in all, however, the good outweighs the bad and I give this episode an 8/10. Really looking forward to next week's episode that should be great by default. And until then, there's ice cream. :)