The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 2

The Scarlet Letter

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on CBS

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  • It was a good episode, showing the writers' intention of being more inclusive in their actors' screen time. Let's hope the changes last and lead to the show evolving further.

    Second episode of the new season, and I'm still not sure which direction the writers are going to take with the show. It's too early to tell. However, there were obvious signs of improvement in this episode. First of all, the Bosco-Jane confrontation continues, and Jane is definitely going to make things worse by tapping Bosco's office. How long before Bosco finds out? Or before someone handling the case file will look for the missing bug? Then all hell will break loose and the department will turn into a battlefield for these two. On the other hand, they are both smart, devoted and personally invested in the RJ case, and Bosco has obviously made some kind of breakthrough. Seeing which one of them is right will be very exciting to watch!

    Secondly, the team got some initiative and some extra screen time this week. I hope it keeps up, because a strong police show needs a team with solid characters, likeable and capable of solving cases on their own. Portraying them like a bunch of rookies who wait for Patrick to solve the case for them will quickly bore the viewers. The scene with Cho and Rigsby betting on where to find the suspect, as well as the interrogation scene with Van Pelt were examples to be imitated in future episodes. You got a group of good actors, why not use them. And the Chief got some extra screen time as well, which was good because so far he doesn't stand out much as a director of a whole department. This is a very good actor who held a key part in a whole 24 season, so again, use him.

    I also liked the case, the Senate was a first for The Mentalist. Of course I guessed the father had a relationship with the dead girl, but the lesbian Senator and the corpse in the interrogating room were nice touches.
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