The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 16

There Will Be Blood

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on CBS



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    • Rigsby: Hey, what do you think Van Pelt's up to right now?
      Cho: It's 5 a.m. She's sleeping.
      Rigsby: You know what I mean.
      Cho: She's at a computer training program. She's probably using computers.
      Rigsby: I should have signed up for that.
      Cho: You barely know how to turn a computer on.
      Rigsby: What do you think they teach you there? Duh.

    • Lisbon: You're putting your trust in the mistress of a serial killer. She's playing you.
      Jane: Playing me? How?
      Lisbon: You're blind. You're involved with her. It's clouding your judgment.
      Jane: There's no involvement. I feel nothing for her.
      Lisbon: Now you're really lying. I'm gonna make this very simple. I will not be a part of this anymore, and neither will you, if you wanna remain with the team.
      Jane: An ultimatum? Someone's playing a little too much poker. I confess. I-I may have some feelings, but if I have crossed any lines, it is not because I like her. I will do anything I can to get to Red John, but you have known that since the start.

    • Lisbon: Jane. I know you broke her out of prison, and you know I know.
      Jane: And I know you know I know.
      Lisbon: This is not funny. If they find out, you could be charged as an accomplice to murder.
      Jane: Well, if they find out. Th-they won't, unless, of course, you sing to the coppers.
      Lisbon: Which I won't, and that makes me an accomplice to murder as well.
      Jane: Well, only if you look at it like a very persnickety lawyer.

    • Kirkland: Her arrest continues to be a priority for Homeland.
      Lisbon: I've heard you say that in the past, but you've never said why.
      Kirkland: Lorelei Martins is a known associate of Red John. She escaped from prison. She kidnapped your colleague Patrick Jane.
      Lisbon: Which are all valid reasons for the CBI to be involved, but Homeland? You deal with terrorists.
      Kirkland: We have a wide range of investigative interests.
      Lisbon: I have to learn that trick.
      Kirkland: Which?
      Lisbon: How you speak without saying anything.

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