The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 10

Throwing Fire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • This episode was fantastic!

    Wow! I can't understand why the rating for this episode is so low. It was a great episode, and this is certaintly a mystery for Jane and the team to solve. Anyways, I thought this episode was fantastic in every sense of the word. I absolutly loved the flashback scenes, and thought the kid who played young Jane (Chris Brochu) did a spot-on job with his portrayal of a younger Simon Baker. I do agree with other reviewers that case in the present wasn't the most interesting and was slightly predictable, but what makes "The Mentalist" enjoyable isn't the cases, it's the characters and the character interactions, which we certaintly got plenty of this week. All in all, this superb and immensely enjoyable from start to finish and certainly not as bad as the current 8.7 rating suggests, which, I realize is a pretty high rating, but, with the ratings of all the episodes an 8.7 makes it one of the least poular episodes of all 33 episodes of the series, which, I don't think it's that bad.