The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 10

Throwing Fire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2009 on CBS



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    • Young Jane: We're stealing from a dying girl.

      Jane's Dad: Yeah, we're all dying, kid. We're all dying. But what we're giving her, because yeah, she'll be dead by Tuesday and needs it more than most, is hope. Huh? Do you get that?

      Young Jane: I can't do it.

      Jane's Dad: Okay. All right. You're either with the show or you're not. You're a loser or you're someone who plays the losers.

    • (Jane is throwing leaves up in the air from a trash bag.)

      Jane: They say there's no seasons in California, but that looks like fall.

      Cho: No, looks like you need a doctor.

      Jane: I am kind of dizzy.

    • Rigsby: $20 million. That's a pretty good motive. For $20 million I'd kill you.

      Van Pelt: Oh, really?

      Rigsby: No, I mean, um, kidding. It was a... joke.

      Van Pelt: Huh.

    • Fitch: Leslie is stuck living in a world of hurt.

      Jane: (Holds an icepack to his head) Hmm. I feel it.

    • Jane: Hmm. So you played.

      Cho: I played a little.

      Jane: Pitcher? Controlling the action? Man with the ball.

      Cho: Ah, I stopped.

      Jane: Which you still have unresolved bad feelings about... Yeah, now I see it. That's why you joined the gang. Your parents thought you were wasting your time, so they made you quit baseball. Crushed your dream. You were angry about it, but you couldn't express it directly, so you joined a gang as an outlet for all that anger.

      Cho: Actually, I tore my ACL. Nice try.

    • (After Jane has been hit on the head with a baseball)

      Cho: Can you stand up? Can you talk?

      Jane: Ouch... Now that was talking.

      Lisbon: He needs to see a doctor.

      Cho: Yeah.

      Jane: Wow. I've never caught a foul ball before.

      Lisbon: Technically, you still haven't.

    • Snake Calidos: What's your talent, old man?

      Jane: Me? Uh... I read minds. And there's been plenty of times that I've misused that.

      Scotty Sinclair: Read minds, man? Get real.

      Jane: I am real. Just like most people read books, I read minds.

      Snake Calidos: Okay, what am I thinking?

      Jane: You're thinking, "Holy crap, I hope he can't really read minds, otherwise I'd be in deep trouble right now." Right? (Snake laughs nervously.)

    • Lisbon: Let's go see a doctor.

      Jane: Why? Are you feeling unwell?

      Lisbon: No, you are. Cho said you almost fainted.

      Jane: Oh, I was just pretending. I hate these kind of dramatic scenes. Poor kid.

      Lisbon: Liar. You just don't want to go to the doctor.

      Jane: Well, what's a doctor gonna say? "You banged your head. Be careful."

      Lisbon: You might need an MRI.

      Jane: Oh. Now you're really selling it. Sounds great.

    • (Jane has been hit on the head with a baseball)

      Jane: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm fine.

      Cho: (Holds up three fingers.) How many fingers?

      Jane: Six. Haven't we got a murder to solve?

      Lisbon: You were unconscious.

      Jane: No I wasn't.

      Cho: Jane, you were.

      Jane: I was not. (To Lisbon) Your turn. (Lisbon shakes her head) Okay, I'll see a doctor. (Sees the coroner who's about to take away the dead body.) Excuse me, doctor?

      Coroner: Hmm?

      Jane: I know. Real, live patient. I'm excited too.

    • Cho: We got to go. Lisbon want's you to take a look at the wife.

      Jane: You know, I'm still a little dizzy. You go. Really. I'll get a ride. People love driving with me.

    • Jane: Eh, parents. It's funny, isn't it? Big regrets in life people keep to themselves.

      Lisbon: I don't know. I tell people about you.

      Jane: Nice one. A zinger. High and tight.

    • Lisbon: Do you know who the killer is?

      Jane: What do you think?

      Lisbon: I think you said 'What do you think' to make me think you do so I'll go with you but really you don't. (Jane laughs)

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