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  • Season 2 Episode 8: His Red Right Hand

  • Rigsby begins to sing Amazing Grace during the toast to Bosco. Amazing Grace was written by John Newton in 1779. Newton's early life was rather sordid as a sailor and captain of slave-trading vessels. It was during a fierce storm at sea on March 10, 1748 that Newton "cried to the Lord" for help. He then began a rather hypocritical journey through Christianity. Newton eventually publicly admitted he was wrong and became a strong force to have slavery abolished in the British Empire.
    Traditionally, Amazing Grace is played on the bagpipes at funerals for military and law enforcement personnel.

  • The placement of the dead doctor with the arrangement of yellow flowers is allegorical in nature. Jane makes the statement that "he was posed like this, not just dumped here willy-nilly." In the floral business, different colors represent different emotions or statements. In this case, the yellow flowers "symbolize new beginnings, happiness and friendship." This is the message that Red John is sending to Jane. In mocking fashion, he is telling Jane that he is looking forward to having Jane back in the chase.

  • In the security room, when Rigsby puts his hand on Van Pelt's shoulder to comfort her, you can see a wedding band on the right hand ring finger, although he is not married in the show (but is in real life).

  • Jane and Cho go to retrieve the male murder victim that had been buried in concrete, who was the husband of one of Red John's victims. When they arrive at the morgue, they discover that the body has already been taken by a female CBI agent named Rojo. Rojo is Spanish for "red."

  • The musical piece that is playing in the doctor's office where Agent Hicks is found is from "Well-Tempered Clavier," Prelude 1 in C major (BWV 846), by Johann Sebastian Bach. In the Season 1 finale, Jane finds out from Rosalind Harker (Alicia Witt), that Red John's favorite composer is Bach, and she plays that piece for Jane on her piano. It is also the background music that is playing in the final scene from Season 1 when Jane plucks the orange from the tree.

  • In the scene where Van Pelt is in the security office checking the camera footage, right after the security guard leaves the office, you see Van Pelt put her head on her hand, but then the camera view changes and she is sitting up straight as if she never moved.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Red Bulls

  • Red is a predominant color in all episodes of The Mentalist. In the closing scene of "Red Bulls", Jane is seated on the couch reading a red covered book. This is fairly obvious; however, a more subtle allegorical representation of red is the book that the camera pans across just prior to focusing on Jane. The book is Communism and Development by Robert Bideleux. Not only is the cover of the book decorated with a series of red flags with different symbols of communism, but red is also the official color of the Communist Party.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Red Scare

  • The background music playing while Rigsby and Van Pelt are kissing is the same one used for when they kissed in the Season 1 episode "Russet Potatoes".

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Red Menace

  • Goof: When Jane and Lucas Hodge are in the car driving, Lucas'seatbelt isn't on, but when they pull into the driveway, his seatbelt is on.

  • Goof: When Lisbon and Jane are outside the Bikers bar, you can see Lisbon pulling the bar's door towards her to enter but on the next scene before she enters the bar, she's pushing the door and not pulling it.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Red Badge

  • The scene in Lisbon's apartment gives us interesting insight into the character. You see a baseball in a glove on the shelf and a red sports shirt with a 17 on it along with some trophies which could indicate that Lisbon was in a successful baseball team at college or high school. You also see a lot of post-its on the wall and a basket with knitting stuff along with a lot of books about "Leadership". The photo of her three younger brothers seems to be older, which could indicate that Lisbon doesn't see them very often anymore.

  • In the last scene, Jane gives Lisbon a bag with donuts. Lisbon takes one and bites it while Jane speaks, but when the camera shifts to focus on Jane again, the donut Lisbon has in her hand is intact.

  • The drug Dr. Carmen used on Lisbon, Lorazepam, is in a group of anti-anxiety agents known as benzodiazepines. They are mainly used for short-term treatment of anxiety disorders or anxiety associated with certain forms of depression. However, Dr. Carmen was using the drug for one of its known side effects-memory loss.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Redemption

  • As Jane is reading the book about the future of the fax machine, he comments that the author is the "Nostradamus of office equipment." Michel de Notredame (1503-66) a.k.a. Nostradamus was a French physician and astrologer. He prophesied extensively of future world events.

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Red John's Footsteps

  • In the final scene where Jane is walking past a stand of orange trees, he stops at one of the trees and plucks an orange which he begins to peel. This is a very visual allegory concerning the "tree of life." It implies that possibly Jane is considering Lisbon's earlier statement in the cellar about choosing life over his own self-destructive quest for Red John. Although the tree of life is prevalent in many cultures and religions, this particular tree is most likely the tree of life mentioned in both the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible. Considering that Lisbon's cross is plainly in view when she confronts Jane in the cellar and that the background music playing when Jane takes the orange was composed by J.S. Bach (he wrote church music as an expression of his own religious feelings), the allegorical context is Judeo-Christian in nature.

  • In the cellar scene, Lisbon subdues Sheriff Hardy and begins to handcuff him with his face down and his hands behind his back. Later, Sheriff Hardy is seen on the floor of the cellar, face up and handcuffs in front of him.

  • In one of the final scenes when Sheriff Hardy and Jane arrive at the farm, Hardy pumps his shotgun once making it ready to fire. He then pumps it a second time in the cellar with Jane. This was unnecessary since he didn't discharge the weapon after the first pump.

  • The piano piece played by Alicia Witt (Rosalind Harker) is "Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Prelude in C major" by Johann Sebastian Bach.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Miss Red

  • Gaia, the name of the company in this episode, is an alternate spelling for the Greek goddess of the earth, who bore Uranus.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Red Sauce

  • When Lisbon, Van Pelt and Cho arrive at Jenny Didrikson's house and get out of the car, you can see that only Lisbon's badge is clipped on her belt. However, in the next scene when they decide to go into the house she's wearing her gun and holster on her right hip.

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