The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 15

War of Roses

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • I do not like that woman!

    Was a good stand alone episode of The Mentalist.

    Generally I've enjoyed the last few episodes. The chemistry between Jane and Lisbon has been great. The Red john story is moving slow, but interestingly. I loved the Cho/Summer thing, as clear as it was from the start - it's much more enjoyable than the awkward Van Pelt/Rigsby story.

    I knew it would end like it did, it was sort of in the cards. And I tip my hat to for making Erica Flynn such a loathable character. I can't wait for Jane to catch her, and it is actualy nice to have another "villain" out there, other than RJ.

    The Rigsby and Sarah moments were a bit teethgrinding though. 8/10 from me.
  • Lacking Logic or Reality

    The show is definitely taking Jane's usual manipulation to an extreme. Before he was somewhat controlled, but lately, its getting unpractical for government operations and completely unrealistic portrayal (more than it already was). The fact is that Jane could have solved this murder without Erica, and in the middle when Lisbon said "let's send her back", (when jane was sitting on the couch), he said no I need her.

    The episode made it seem like Jane was on-top when the lawyer was caught, but then an immediate turn around. The only way that this whole thing makes sense is if there was a deeper purpose and Jane was ok with her escaping. Perhaps, if he feels she can help him with Red John or something crazy like that. If the story is just about her, then its just a failure which doesn't suit Jane's character in my opinion.

    The fact there wasn't a hi-speed chase, again shows how disconnected from reality this was. They put agents on her, but they couldn't have put an alarming anklet or something physical to guarantee she won't make it far?
  • Disappointing

    Although I hate Erica, this episode could have been interesting IF Jane hadn't been so disappointing (and no, I'm not one of J/L shippers though I respect their opinion). It doesn't suit his character to be attracted by a criminal; I know this concept of "being attracted by someone evil" is generally interesting but not with Jane, in my opinion. I do hope Erica won't come back again UNLESS this return gives Jane the opportunity to be stronger and to "wake up" instead of falling for her.
  • I didn't like it

    I found this episode completely stupid and predictable. First, I don't like Erica and then I knew she was gonna escape so I can't see how useful it was to bring her back. I don't think she'll ever come back again unless she goes to jail once and for all and I hope so. The kiss was a complete joke. It's the first time that I really dislike a Mentalist episode and I hope I won't be that disappointed again.
  • no surprises

    I didn't like this one! So silly....allowing her to just go in the limo.....the lack of security for a person convicted of manslaughter. I KNEW she would escape. Even when they showed her lawyer being hauled off.....I told my husband ...she's still going to get away....and (sigh) she did. Very obvious when when she got in the police car.....then another one would pull up shortly after. OMG>..they realized she got away and had PLENTY of time to chase her down in the real police car that came to pick her up. The actresss is a beautiul woman and I love the first episode she was in....mainly because Jane WOULD NOT fall for her because he knew she was a cold blooded murderer. It just did not fit when he kissed her THEN when he was happy she escaped. BIG let down on this one writers. I would like to see her come back ONLY if Jane catches her and she's put away!! Hopefully this actress will just stay on Homeland. She is a good actress
  • Worst episode ever

    It might sound unfair but I didn't like this episode as I hate Erica. It was already a bad idea to make her come back in that season so I definetely hope she'll never come back again. The only good thing was the Rigsby moments.
  • Jane and Erica

    Very cool episode really enjoyed it. Jane and Erica share a moment while trying to solve the case of a woman that was killed when she was about to meet her secret lover. It was well written and I enjoyed it it was nice to see Erica Flynn, she has a great personality and I see it kind of gets to Jane in a way. Rigsby and the person he got pregnant don't look right for each other, that shows when Rigsby ask her to marry him. He seems forced to do it, and even after she said no they were both relieved. In my book he doesn't love her he love Van Pelt, this show always hinted that even if their not together. I like to see more Jane and Erica that was very interesting and seems the only other person interest in him.
  • War of Roses


    When you get a great actress like Morena Baccarin working beside Simon Baker you get one of the best episodes of the season. A well-crafted mystery that was actually overshadowed by the indefinable chemistry between those two. It was compelling and I certainly hope we get a "Round 3" between those two down the line.

    The episode was well-done from the A storyline to the B storyline and is definitely worth checking out.

  • Unexpected character development and an Irene Adler to Jane's Sherlock. (Spoilers abroad)

    Did Erica Flynn pull one over on Jane or didn't she? He might've seen it coming or he might have not. Either way, I didn't (Not the way it happened, at least).

    Lots of things had time to happen this time around, from Jane's sparks with Erica to Cho's snark to Van Pelt to Lisbon's channeling emotions onto a suspect to Wayne's hilarious yet emotional journey towards fatherhood and even with all this development, there was still a solid and interesting case going on, not in the background but up front. Yes. Just yes! This is what The Mentalist is supposed to be. Ken Woodruff gets it! That's two brilliant episodes from him this season.

    A special mention goes to Simon Baker's acting in the hotel scene. The promo made me worried CBS was just trying to decieve us, but they actually went through with it and what an aftermath. The "Believe" theme playing in the background and Jane pulling back with that broken face. He still has a long way to go, and yet the very fact that he didn't shy away earlier means he's actually taking steps forward.

    There is promise that Erica is coming back yet again somewhere down the road, and I really hope she does. Both her and next week's Bret Stiles are both of that deceitful, yet lovable type that just makes you want to keep watching (much like the main character himself, mind you).

    Great, great episode!