The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 15

White as the Driven Snow

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2014 on CBS
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Jane must use his skills to rescue Grace after she's kidnapped by the killer hunting former CBI members. The prime suspect looks to have an airtight alibi and time is running out.

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  • Van pelt is kidnapped

    Van pelt is kidnapped and its up to Jane and Rigsby to rescue her.
  • a ok episode, it could be done much better.

    the best of tis epsiode: the original team. But i miss the interaction between the team, more humor. I guess Simon Baker wants to finish with this as soon is possible. Hope u moke a good money Simon, I can't stand you know
  • dissapoint

    Is like they want to get ready of Rigsby and Van the original crew.
  • White As The Driven Snow

    This was a fitting farewell for Rigsby and Van Pelt and featured a good episode with a true, sadistic villain, a rarely used, but always effective, plottelling device on TV. They had me on the edge of my seat, and I can't say the last time a CBS drama did that.
  • could be better

    i really miss the original team. I miss the fun and the banter between cho and Rigsby. No the best episode of the mentalist. But this is the last one for me.
William Mapother

William Mapother

Richard Haibach

Guest Star

Lisa Darr

Lisa Darr

Hazel Haibach

Guest Star

Penny Peyser

Penny Peyser

Laura Dubin

Guest Star

Joe Adler

Joe Adler

Jason Wylie

Recurring Role

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    • Lisbon: I was really angry at you for doing what you did, but then I thought better of it. It was a stupid idea, but, hey, it worked.
      Jane: Whoa. Stupid? Not necessarily stupid. Simple. Not stupid.
      Lisbon: But I am still angry at you for not telling me what you were gonna do. I thought you'd gone nuts.
      Jane: Oh, come on, please. It's not like I haven't abducted people before.
      Lisbon: It's not funny. I was really scared.

    • Jane: Look at me. You know me. You know what I am capable of. So if you have done anything to Grace Van Pelt, I am gonna make you pay.
      Haibach: Excuse me. The law says you can't just charge in here--
      Jane: Oh, don't you worry about the law. You need to worry about me.
      Dubin: Is this man completely insane?
      Jane: And no matter where you go, I will find you, and I will make you pay.
      Dubin: Agent Abbott, in all my years, I have never witnessed--
      Agent Abbott: All right, that's enough, Jane.
      Jane: Uh, okay. See, what you don't understand about me, Rich, is I don't care. I've got nothing to lose. I've been playing with the house money for years. And if I go to prison for what I do to you, I don't care.

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