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Since 2002, Michael J. Fox hasn't been able to act much due to Parkinson's disease (insert sad face here). He's been able to guest-star and play voice roles, but that's just about it. That is, until this fall! That's right, he's staring on an NBC sitcom (insert smiley face here)! All is well, that is, for as long as the show goes on. Now that we're on that topic, how long will the show go on?

NBC has already given the show 22 episodes, and that was back in last August when they first heard about the show. So, needless to say, NBC is excited for the show, and I think the show will have to do very bad for NBC to deduct the episode order. And it won't do very bad.

Many people are very excited for Michael J. Fox to return to TV. Remember last season when Matthew Perry was in the new show Go On? Well, this is like that times three. Go On went for one season. One times three, for those of you who aren't good at math or who are too excited for The Michael J. Fox Show to do math, is three. So, three seasons, plus another season to reach enough episodes for syndication, is four seasons. And with the state that NBC comedy is in right now (Who knows how much longer Parks and Recreation will be around before they decide that they are done? And Community is likely done after this season. But to not offend fans of the show, it could go on for one more season after this upcoming one.) it could go even longer!

So, I think that The Michael J. Fox Show will be around for 4-6 seasons. No way is NBC pulling the plug on this show after one season. Feel free to watch the show without wondering "will it be canceled soon?" Because the answer is no, it won't be canceled anytime soon.

The Michael J. Fox Show premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9/8c.
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Sep 12, 2013
Totally agree. I think NBC is heavily invested here... and hopefully the show delivers the goods. Love the debate of how many seasons it could last, so adding a quick poll:

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